Thursday, April 11, 2013

Robert interview with Vorterix

Listen to the interview here. (Thanks @chrispatr)

"I want to tell you that Robert just talked on the phone with the radio Vorterix. It will be cool if somebody recorded the conversation for you to post it.
Basically they asked him about coming back after 26 years, second question is it's known that you are planing for over 3 hours, are you guys doing this for some times or is something new?. They asked what's the difference between the Robert of 1987 and the Robert we're going to see tomorrow, and they asked about why not stream live the shows of this tour. The last question was if he's planning to go out tonight and he said "No, that's another difference between the younger Robert and now, I'm more responsible, I probably I'll go out tomorrow after the show"." (Thanks Diego)

Here are a few excerpts that @Vorterix posted on Twitter:
"We have about 50 songs to choose from," 
"Actually had a great time in Argentina. Never was a reason why we did not return"
"This Robert Smith moves slower, but hopefully knows more than before. I still love what I do "
"I was afraid of becoming cynical. But I've become less cynical" 

"And I have more confidence in myself than before."
"I use makeup on stage because it feels more theatrical"
"We only care about the three hour show. Playing and having fun"
"I think I have retired seven times in recent years"
"Sometimes I think we have to stop. This is how I am doing what I do"
we didn't play for 2 yrs and I thought we'd never play again but suddenly it caught us and it became a necessity..."
"We decided as a band not to broadcast our shows in South America,We wanted it to be special but we know that is impossible because there is always someone filming"
"Now I take the show more seriously. I do not go out before a show"

(Thanks to @FranzS4 for help with translations)

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