Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Cold' in Asuncion

Cold (Asuncion, Paraguay 04/09/13) Thanks @anduyuns
Another great version here. And here. And the complete Pornography encore here.


  1. All kinds of awesome right there..

  2. Here you can find HIGH

  3. great vídeo! thank you.

    Everything as cold as life
    Can no one save you?
    As cold as silence
    And you never say a word...

  4. ugh clapping along. I know, the people there are happy and enjoying themselves, but for me, clapping along to any song is not only silly, it interferes with listening to the band. And they always stop after a few measures because they either can't keep time or get tired. So I wish they wouldn't start, but I am very glad they got to see the band and enjoyed themselves!!! Now, if they would just play "Just One Kiss" at every show until the whole world gets to see that one live... I just know they're not going to play it in the US and I will be sad to not hear it!

    1. clapping sometimes works well.

      Just One Kisssssssssssssss... I was there. ;)

  5. I quit watching exactly because of the clapping. My favourite song... wasn't made for clapping.

  6. Is there anything for Reeves to play on this song?