Thursday, July 5, 2012

Robert interview with Corriere della Sera

"Here's the link of an interview with Robert for the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera (English).
He talkes about Soccer (Football): he says he has rooted for Spain Team and not for England.
He speaks of the duration of the concerts (minimum 3 hours) because he don't want to save himself ("singing is a beautiful thing, adrenaline")
He recalls with pleasure the Italian tours with a special remembrance of the Prayer Tour in 1989 (Faith Tien-an-men version...)
He lays against the monarchy and against the business behind the Olympics" (Thanks fmjews)


  1. RS is a long time Queens Park Rangers supporter. Always have been a hopeless football team. West Ham FC have always been much better. Anyway, the Royals still have my support.

    1. Simon is a huge Reading supporter, as most of us know by the flag he displays. Their nickname is The Royals :-)