Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Primavera audio downloads

Update (6/7/12): Complete audience recording. Here's the data: Sony MD MZ-NHF 800 + Sony ECM 907 > mic: Sonicstage > WAV > AUDACITY (split tracks, fade in, fade out) > TLH > FLAC (level 8). Recorded from the audience, left of the stage. (Thanks lapsang)

Update (6/5/12): Brent has put together the "Definitive live webcast audio" from Primavera.
*Original 360p .flv video file extracted from live You Tube webcast (not re-encoded) - thanks to 'Tomer Anonyless' for the video extraction.
*I have extracted the audio file from the original 360p .flv file to lossless WAVE, this is an extraction of the original audio not a recording!

(I've read on the You Tube Wikipedia that their 360p and 480p streams both have audio bitrates of 128kbps, so even though I have used the 360p video to extract the audio from it's still the same quality as the 480p stream audio, also the 360p stream did not have the huge speed problem the 480p stream had, so this did not need any speed fixing and is the best quality it was streamed at).

So this is the best audio you can possibly have of the original live webcast..
Full broadcast, no jumps or skips...
I did not need to normalise/raise the volume as the original live stream audio file is already a little clipped...

Finally I split the files and converted to FLAC...(Note: Actually, these are WAV files, not FLAC)

Please keep this text/info file with the audio files when sharing so people know it's the DEFINITVE version of this webcast...

(Thanks Brent/Bomber1978)

Some other options:

Source: Live Webcast / Length: 64 mins
Format: Lossless .Flac 48Khz 16bits / Size: 437MB
UploadHero / BayFiles

Source: Live Webcast / Length: 64 mins
Format: .mp3 320Kbps 44.1khz 16bits / Size: 146MB
UploadHero / BayFiles / DepositFiles / UptoBox / Filerio / TurboIt / IFile / Bitshare (Thanks JM)


  1. slow webcast...ah, that explains why robert sounded like ian curtis then!

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  3. Slow webcast as in the songs being played slower? Sorry but I think it's technically impossible.

  4. Brent, you shouldn't have done that; maybe Robert never intended for us to hear it at the natural speed!!!!

    ..........Totally kidding, but people have actually reacted this way to speed and/or pitch adjustments in the past. :) I seriously appreciate when people take the time to do this kind of stuff. Thanks!

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  6. No problem it was very easy to fix...

    I'm still not sure exactly how it was webcast so slow, 8.8% off speed is a huge difference, Robert sounded like a zombie! - I can't believe how people were saying "oh they're playing this one so slow tonight it sounds great!" haha

    I'm still a bit confused by it all, I have an original .flv from the 360p stream which is correct speed, but haven't found an original 480p .flv, but I think all the 480p streams had the speed problem...

    Surprisingly to me Wikipedia says You Tube audio bitrate for 360p and 480p are both 128kbps, I thought 480p would be a bit higher than 360p, and not the same...
    If that is correct then possibly the 360p stream is technically a better source than the 480p stream as it didn't need the speed adjustment...

    It's all a bit of a mess....

  7. humm, I have had this problem with audio in the past when you get something recorded at 48k and played back at 44.1 and vice versa, i think this is where the problem lies. I did rip the stream the following day and it took a day to covert the whole 10 hours to avi to edit it for a dvd, and the audio was correct speed but was sounding like it was all pitch shifted. anyhow I used the above audio and made a nice little dvd that Im now watching on my telly so thank you very much. The audio for The Chameleons Vox set was fine, though there set was filmed in 4x3. (I assume because the projectors on there stage were 4x3 most concert screens are). Ill shut up now...

  8. This definitive version sounds great! Thanks!

  9. Just realised I left the files as .WAV and forgot to convert to smaller .FLAC, so the file size is a bit big... - same quality anyway!

  10. thanks for all your work on this Brent - really really appreciated