Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fight at Primavera 2012

The Cure - Fight (Primavera 2012) (Thanks Sven)


  1. robert but a gig on a guitar!

  2. Scared me ... when I loaded up COF it said The Cure Fight at Primavera. I thought it wasVegas all over again.

  3. There was a fight? hope nobody got hurt *boom tish* :)

  4. Thought the Cure were magnificent at Barce. Ninth time of seeing them and first time since Great Xpectations in 93! Plainsong, 100 years, Fight and slightly surprisingly Want were tremendous. Disintegration was the only slight disappointment as the whole song seemed thrown off by a botched opening with a clumsy backing tape of the guitar riff. Not quite sure why a guitarist of Reeves calibre couldn't play this. Simon was on tremendous form reminding me of the Kilburn Show I saw in 92. At over three hours the band showed they have lost none of their power, brilliance or intensity. Would have expected nothing less from an artist of Robert's conviction. Would love to see them again on this tour, the set is so eclectic and powerful. Few bands can touch this consummate festival performance.

  5. "CITIZENS NOT SUBJECTS" ... wtf? how can a man who wears lipstick harbor such anamosities for ER(the Queen)?... also, wtf is Roger doing on the wrong side of the stage?!!! ~ HE'S TRYING TO STEAL SIMON'S THUNDER! that's why I've gotten seats there for the past 30yrs - so I can get a good look (lust) @ Simon's hot butt! ...oh yeah, thanks Sven for posting!

    1. How can a man who wears lipstick harbor such anamosities for the ER? What? Not sure this makes sense. Does lipstick have something to do with the Queen?