Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Robert interview in the new NME

Preview of the article here. (Thanks ADM, Barry, John)
Buy a digital copy here. £1.75 and available now.
Excerpts at NME - "The band, who released their last album '4:13 Dream' in 2008, do not currently have a record contract, and Smith says they have no plans to record any new material. "

I've transcribed all of Robert's answers from the article:

- Robert confirms that there will be a 'Wish' deluxe CD release this year

- Robert confirms that the band are without a record contract at this time, and that he isn't even signed as a writer.
"We've been going for so long that I don't feel that urge to 'capitalise' on everything all the time. I mean we're headlining pretty much every major European festival and we won't have anything released. Anyone else would be tearing their hair out. They'll be like, 'You're idiots!' and perhaps we are. It's almost like we've gone full circle and we're back to the point where we're playing Reading Festival and I'm doing it solely because I want it to be a good day. Leeds too of course. I can't see our career arc anymore. I've got absolutely no idea. We haven't signed to anyone since the last record came out and the contract was up. I'm not even signed as a writer. To be really honest, if we're going to do something it has to really good. That sort of goes without saying, but our quality control is very high, and if I don't think that what we're doing is good enough then there's no point in putting it out. Why should I?"

- Robert regrets not making 4:13 the double album he intended, but was "worn down by the fucking idiots around me at the time".
"I shouldn't have. I should have stuck to my guns, released a double, it would have sold the same, and it would not make any difference to anyone except it would have been a better piece of art. Whenever I go back to them I'm missing something. And what I'm missing is some of the songs from '4:13 Dream', because 4 of the songs on that album were supposed to be on this album, and 4 of the ones on this unreleased one are supposed to be on that."

- He has 12 tracks, including instrumentals, that he wants to release, but only as part of a double 4:13 album.
"I'd love to resequence it and bring it out as a double album, and remix '4:13 Dream' and charge a single CD price so that no-one's being ripped off, and then you can hear it as it was supposed to be."
"And on top of all that, The group who made it doesn't exist anymore."

- He's excited by the new songs the current stripped-back band are playing.

- This is the NME writer, Hamish MacBain, speaking, not Robert: "So without a label, or any suitable outlet for songs recorded that they feel they cannot move on from without releasing, The Cure in recorded guise are, to an extent, in limbo. Thus Robert's recent output has been restricted to select guest spots."

- He has 2 more collaborations with "dance acts" that should be out at the end of May, but doesn't name them because "it's their thing and I don't want to spoil it."

- He is open to doing 'Not In Love' with Crystal Castles at Reading/Leeds. Didn't want it to be a distraction for himself at Bestival.
"I watched them do that song at Bestival from the side of the stage, and there were many raised eyebrows and back-and-forth meaningful looks. But I resisted the temptation to burst onstage and do a guest spot. I suppose I was very aware that it was our first big festival for a while and I wanted to feel right and ready for it. I'd only turned up an hour before, and I thought, 'If I go on now and make a mess of it, it's going to upset me for the rest of the day.' But I'll be a bit more in the swing of things by then, so I might do. There's a few people, actually, that it would be interesting to do something with. Maybe between now and then I might arrange a few things."

- Robert on doing so many guest spots lately: "I did stop and think to myself recently, 'I've gotta stop doing this', because otherwise that's what I'll be doing for the rest of my career: just doing guest spots on other people's stuff"

- Robert on trying to enjoy other bands at the festivals: "Sometimes it's a bit difficult, because you find people in front are watching you as you're trying to watch the stage."

- Sounds like we can expect a Bestival type set this Summer.
"We concentrated a lot on the more well-known songs and we went down well. There have been times when I've just played whatever I wanted to play and I have had absolutely no regard for the audience, whereas now I kind of consider that I'm part of an event. I'm aware that we're playing probably to a lot of people who would otherwise not come and see The Cure. We're part of the weekend. So it's kind of dumb really not to try and play tracks that are your most accessible songs."

- Robert on the criticism he took over his "No free music" post: "I was vilified by a lot of the mainstream media - particularly online where there's a vested interest - who tried to turn it into like, ' Oh, I don't wanna give stuff away for free because I wanna make money out of it,' which is totally at odds with what we do because we often release stuff that's entirely for charity. We have no interest in making money out of everything we do, we never have. My point is it devalues the art and I hold by it. To me it's worth something. I'm happy to pay for PJ Harvey's new album. And I think anyone should be because it brings me hours of entertainment and pleasure, so why should it be the one area of life where it's free? It doesn't make any sense to me."

- Robert on the sort of new guard/old guard mentality that might exist now like it did with The Cure and Robert Palmer in 1981: "The point is: we don't occupy the same position at all. Although we're now considered an 'older band', I don't think there are many younger bands who don't have some kind of respect or admiration for what we've done, and what we still do. I think that's the difference. We're not seen as having followed some well-laid path to success. In fact, in a lot of instances, we've actually pushed things forward, and allowed bands to come up behind us. We've changed the landscape a little bit in some ways. That old guard we were up against in the late-70s, they were seen as an industry. And that industry is still there, but the fact is that it's represented just as much by younger artists. There are a number of younger acts I could name who are equally as offensive as we found Robert Palmer at the time. Who just represent 'music as business'. And that goes back to why we're doing this. I want to be part of the experience when we play, not just some performer selling my wares to people."

- Robert on fighting his "Own personal battle, trying to keep what we do as something that's pure", with regard to branding and sponsorship: "I am aware of how grotesquely out of touch I am, but I'm willfully out of touch with the modern world. It's very difficult for me to convince a younger generation that it's wrong to sell things, to use music for adverts. I realise I'm in a fading minority of people who find it objectionable. And that's just because I can remember songs that I loved being used to sell shit and I think it devalues it. It's horrible. I don't wanna think of a car when I listen to Jimi Hendrix or Nick Drake. I hate branding, I hate labels, it's all just shit - it's everything we rallied against when we were younger. And it hasn't made any difference. The corporate beast has won...but only for the moment. There are cracks appearing. There must be a generation raring to go that stick two fingers up at it all and says we don't want to be branded, and sold to in this way. It has to happen sooner rather than later."

- Robert on their first appearance at Reading Festival: "We were perceived as the enemy by the mainstream rock festival crowd. We were part of this vanguard of upstarts that were trying to upset the status quo, and there was just an element of the crowd which was really anti any band that went on that was part of the so-called new punk or new wave. Which was fine. I realised that we were seen as a part of a movement that was trying to replace some of the old guard and I was quite happy about that, because I thought a lot of them were fucking awful! Generally, rock was not really our kind of thing. So that was the first and last time we really did a 'rock' festival, because we didn't have a very enjoyable time actually on the stage. In fact, the worst part of the day was our 35 minutes on the stage."


  1. Is that how Robert looks now? He looks amazing. I think I'll buy this.

  2. No, that's a very old photo. 1996, maybe? Can't remember. Pretty insulting that NME didn't use a current photo.

  3. someone could get a copy from me? thanks

  4. Thanks, Antti. Even older than I thought. Hmm, maybe they wanted to go with a Wish era photo, because of the 20th anniversary?

  5. Can you find NME in the states I wonder.

    1. They do a digial version if thats any good

  6. Or maybe Robert was just too busy to do a photo shoot before the issue went to press? Admittedly it's not my favorite picture of him but I'll take an NME cover any day.

  7. There's a preview of the article here http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php?blog=8&p=12000&title=world_exclusive_interview_with_robert_sm_17&more=1&c=1
    They actually used one of the photos from the most recent photo shoot there, not sure why they decided to use one that old for the cover though

  8. I like the picture on NME's blog. I'm wondering if we'll get real news, in particular about Wish reissue. But I doubt as recent interviews were... empty.

  9. I've just downloaded the digital edition and makes interesting reading. Doesn't look like we'll be seeing a new album any time soon though, which breaks the "4 year gap" we've had since Wish. Actually since Wish, they've released an album each year there is the Olympic games on.... :)

  10. Steven, any real news ? Wish deluxe release date or just stupid political stuff like in The Guardian's special Bestival?

  11. Glad they used the new photo for the main spread inside, it looks amazing! LOVE the old pics of them at Reading! Also there are some CoF people visible in the big pic from the O2 Arena show - how fun!

  12. So will we get the other side of 4:13 Dream or will we have to watch a decade or so longer for a re-issue? I imagine it would be hard to release it with the other side of 4:13 Dream, since it's from a label that the Cure is no longer apart of. I would still love to hear it if just as a second album.

  13. also i don't know what is going on with blogspot but it is being so.... not user friendly to me right now.

  14. more on topic: i am okay with them not putting out something new. kind of like robert says here - don't put out something out just for the sake of putting it out, wait until you've got something good. i'd much rather see a show than a new album. they have an extensive catalog of good music - while i always love a new cure song, i'd be lying if i said i wasn't content with what i've already got.

  15. I almost wish I didn't know about the fact that 4:13 should have been a double album. I know we had heard rumours at the time, but Robert talking about those songs makes me pine to hear them. :/

  16. nothing for a order player guitar ???perry or porl ! a opp one days wee will no??!!

  17. Thanks for giving us all the good bits, Craig..
    I don't think any of us can pass judgment as to what is going to happen next for the band and just be happy with the fact that 2012 seems to be a very busy and exciting time to be in The Cure!!

  18. I'm sorry but I don't agree with some comments here. It's not a good thing that The Cure won't release any old-new or brand new material. I've always been thinking that they kept evolving releasing new records even if commercially less successful or if some fans didn't like it. I really hope that Robert will decide to propose something new because reissues, Reflexions and playing always the same sets live... sounds like a band of dinosaurs.

  19. i don't understand why, if Robert wanted to remix and expand 4.13 Dream, he didn't do it during the long hiatus after the last tour, and release it himself. what does it mean the he's excited about the NEW songs that the new line up is playing? are they composing new songs? it contradicts the part where it says he can't move on from 4:13 Dream....

  20. Interesting read - would love to seee 4:13 as a double album, as it has too many tracks for a single album.

    Also good to read that he understands the Festival Crowd ie playing the hits (not my thing as mentioned elsewhere) but makes perfect sense.

  21. Looks like Robert have too heavy bagage of unreleased material that he's willing to put out and way too much side activities to focus on what's going on with the band right now.
    And why on earth there's no vinyl reissue of Wish?

  22. @davidaftertherain it's not to say that the band isn't always evolving or that i don't like the newer albums, i do. it's just that i don't necessarily find myself aching for more, when i have so many songs i already know and love to listen to.

    @fatpie1664 it must just be me, but the festival argument never makes any sense to me. if i were going to a festival for some band, and then i happened to go see another act, i wouldn't expect their set to be modified for me, the person who didn't really care. why not build your set for the people who are there to listen to you? this isn't the 80s... there are a lot fewer people, i think, who just listen to the cure for "the hits." it's not like they're being played on top 40 radio regularly.

  23. thank you for posting this. great stuff.

  24. Lindsey - I agree with you to a certain extent; however if you're playing to 30,000 & only 5,000 of those know Shake Dog Shake etc then the atmosphere quickly dies as the majority want the hits. It's a difficult balancing act & one that RS normally gets right for large Cure shows lasting 3hrs. Bestival worked as I think lots of people were there to see The Cure, but by the end, the size of the crowd had shrunk by 25%, that’s why I think Reading & Leeds will be 90 mins of hits.

    Personally I’d like to see The Cure announce a tour & say this will be a Greatest Hits night & this show will be a ‘moody one’ as it were.

  25. I want to see The Cure do a Trilogy tour, not where they play 3 albums but where they play 3 shows in thee same town (for eg - an out door show, a small indoor show & an acoustic show) - that would allow them to do a bit ov everything for everyone.

  26. Reading Rocks '79 can't have been that bad...

    "However, the fledgling Cure went down reasonably well with the crowd, who were perhaps already familiar with their debut single 'Killing An Arab'. Dedicating a song to Motorheads Lemmy (which was predictably greeted with huge cheers) also did much to endear them to the crowd and as a result they were brought back for an encore.

    http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/reading-79.html (Excellent site with anecdotes... the 1988 bottling stories brought back memories!)


    Last year Muse played a 2 hour set (went on at 9.30pm). Curfew is 12am.

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  28. Lindsay, sorry but it's the way I see things and appreciate an artist. I hate nostalgia and always felt suspicious, comfortable and dangerous to capitalize on what you've previously done. The Cure have always been revelant and if we want them to keep this spirit of exploring new fields without giving a shit to what fans, non fans and journalists can think about it, if we want The Cure to be a spot in this fucking awfull music industry, they have to take risks like they always did. I'm taking in consideration their all carreer. You see what I mean ?
    Of course I understand Robert doesn't fell the same necessity after 35 years, he doesn't have to prove anything. But the fact that he kept releasing real new stuff (I mean not the same repeated album again and again and again) avoid The Cure to become U2 or Deep Purple (thank God !). I don't want them to be seen as a kind of reuniting band who play a few gigs for money and glory. It's not what they are, I know it. I really hope that Robert will read this thread because, at least for me and I hope for over people, it's a very interesting conversation.

    The interview, for God sake, is a real one, this time. Not very clear about a second "4:13 Dream" release and new songs. It says without saying it that Porl is no longer involved, even if we all knew it. Robert is still and always much much much smarter than the average level one can cross in the music industry. I'd like to tell him that it's ok to play somme accessible songs for festivals but their catalogue is large enough not to play the same sets. I'm very glad that The Cure officially left Geffen who just wanted to make money on their name but didn't give a shit to their art and its promotion.

  29. a new second album with only one guitar and keybord i dont agreed with! very ugly sound , more guitar please!!!

  30. I have to say that I feel anger in this whole interview..., anger, regrets, sadness, etc...

    I hope the new remix for 4:13 is better than the original release.

  31. I won't give NME a U.S. dime for that digital copy. I want to see middle-aged, greasy, unkept, real life 2012 Mr. Smith on the cover. F#%@ing sensationalism...

  32. So Porl is officially gone? I don't blame him, the whole thing must have been a nightmare, no "Dream" Unfortunately the Cure are now a nostalgia act. They are going the way of The Moody Blues, Emerson Lake & Palmer etc..just touring for the dollar. It won't last long, they will be at 80's retro festivals before we know it and probably be forced to play Ballrooms and Vegas. Sad day, I am convinced they are over

  33. I am surprised by the way Robert is victimizing himself. 2004 The Cure should have been different. 2008 4:13 Dream should have been different. No record label. How come far less commercial acts (Sonic Youth / Bad lieutenant / Sunn O)))/ NIN) can release whatever they want???
    I don't claim to be the expert here, I just don't understand that the corporate beast has defeated the cure and has not defeated other less accessible acts

  34. BTW heading for Werchter with my 12 yo daughter who is into Skrillex....and the Cure!
    Hope for a spiced-up hits setlist with "what happened to"
    The Snakepit
    Siamese Twins
    This Morning
    Underneath the Stars
    Other Voices
    The Top
    The Kiss
    Return etc

  35. Considering they are headlining Reading and Leeds this year, they are most certainly still relevant. Give it awhile and I think we'll see a new album.
    If Robert was a clever man he's release it in the middle of summer when they are getting the press over these shows - thats something he has lost, knowing when to release records. 4:13 Dream was released 6-9 months too late and after the buzz over them in 2008 had died down.

  36. 1) Festival tour greatest hits is a good idea....they haven't done it before and I'm a Cure fan and I wish I could see them play that set live....tis a crowd pleaser.
    2) Wish Reissue will almost guaranteed be released on vinyl..all the others were at some point in time, so I'm sure this will as well.
    3) Ching Chang Chong better be on the reissue...just saying
    4) 4:13 Dream expanded should get reissued, but they should follow NIN and release it digitally with a limited pressing on vinyl...make it a fan based release. I bet the instrumental tracks were off the hook with Porl's guitar licks and Jason's drumming (being that he is wicked good). You know some record exec is being talked to right now at Geffen/Suretone about how they can do and who is going to reach out to Robert to make it happen.
    5) 2011 was an awesome year as a long time Cure fan..Robert's Collaboration with The Japanese Popstars was great, Not in Love with Crystal Castles was superb (great to hear Robert's voice on the radio again) and Robert's version of Small Hours was brilliant, if not one of the best tracks I've heard in years.
    6) 2012 has started extremely well...Reflections...Bestival (for charity people, for charity!), the new festival tours, Wish reissue, Entreat Plus released on vinyl in the states, hints from Robert of DVD releases (Paris??), Record Store Day secret 7 inch is being released next month and even more collaborations coming in a few months...well done!
    7) Joing the Dots better be on the radar for vinyl release..RDS 2013?
    8) I really need to get a The Cure tatoo...

  37. Thanks so much for posting. I went to the store to try to buy a copy and it hasn't been imported to Canada yet. I'm thrilled to hear that Robert agrees that "4:13 Dream" was poorly mixed and that some of the great, unreleased songs from those sessions are ready, but I do hope he finds a way to release such a remixed version of that missed opportunity of an album.

    I fully agree with Robert about how using songs for commercials ruins anyone taking them seriously. I think it's one of the main reasons I can't get into The Beatles and many older bands; their songs have been used to sell me products since I was a child and I can't hear the music for its own sake. U2 has screwed up majorly in that way. On the other hand, my cousin would have never hear "Pictures of You" without that Hewlett Packard ad, which made him listen to the song and then use it at his wedding.

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  39. As you say 'Pictures of You' (a nice mix of it) was used & I'm pretty sure 'Inbetween Days' was used in a Car Ad as well. 'Close To Me' (albeit a cover) was used for Nivea lotion

  40. fatpie1664, you may remember that Robert had been pushed not to say obliged to accept once (or maybe twice) by Universal. It was a kind of blackmail or some Deluxe wouldn't have been released. And from a country to another, laws can be less protective. It can explain the very few exceptions you're talking about. But we know that it's not a Cure habit.

  41. thanks for posting this craig. Makes me feel that the cure are in a difficult spot right now. Seems like nothing new but also not able to let go. Robert always said he would give up before they became parodies of themselves. Maybe that time is coming close.

  42. yes you're right, i think that paid for the bonus disc with the greatest hits.

    for the record i dont really have a problem with music being used in ads.

  43. Do a farewell tour already and please let it be the end of it.

  44. What a good interview :) Thanks so much for transcribing! I agree with a lot of what he has to say, except maybe staying out of touch with the modern world. I think there's a lot to be gained by knowing whats going on in the music industry now, even if you have to sift through the bullsh*t.

  45. About those Cure songs used in ads, here's what Robert told NME back in 2008:

    You've recently allowed your music to be used in advertising in America after years of refusal – why?

    “Anyone who knows The Cure knows that the only reason I had to agree to those adverts was because we were about to be out of contract with Polydor and I had to. If I was going to retain control over our back catalogue my trade-off was giving the one song to use for an advert with no vocals, that was it, so we gave them 'In Between Days' for Punto and Fiat and 'Pictures Of You' for HP in America. There was no singing and no-one knew it was us, and that was fine. There was no campaign around it, nothing came off of it, we didn't re-release ‘In Between Days’. I'm so against music in adverts, it fucking killed me even agreeing to that, but it was the only way. The money generated from those adverts went into buying me control on our back catalogue, otherwise it would have been like mortgaging the band. It sounds cynical, and it was at the time, but I suppose if I'm being really honest my ear was bent a little bit by a younger generation saying no one cares, no one cares, everyone does it, it doesn't matter any more, you're living in the past. Now I read that if you advertise this or use your music for that or you’re advertising the iPhone that's fine because everybody does it, but it's not, I still don't think it is, I think it is wrong.”

    Also, if I recall correctly, it was a deal struck with the label, so that he could release Join the Dots.

  46. @ freden
    Why should they?

    I don't get it why some think the cure is over?
    They are not to old or out of inspiration or whatever in my point of view.

    Your are never to old: Just see Leonard Cohen, did his best record at the age of 77 (I think), it never too late for anything. I'm looking forward to a new record, as always.

  47. Curefans are NEVER happy. Why do you guys bother posting such negative drivel.

  48. i agree Aaron...see why RS stays away from the web? can't stop freedom of speech, but then u don't have to listen (or read:)

  49. I think the Cure should quit because Robert has become a bitter, whining man who dwells in past regrets. And the last two records are extremely uninspired. The Cure are still a terrific act live though. That is why I am suggesting a proper farewell tour. And that is why I still check out this site to see the news when they arrive...

  50. The 4:13 remixed double album would have been awesome, I think the songs are the most inspired they have had in awhile, I love the album, but the production was not the best. I never understood the bashing by fans, it's not just The Cure, any fan site is full of a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks who think they can do better, these folks will never be happy and it is quite sadif you want to listen to someone who bitches and moans as much as you do, become a Pumpkins fan

  51. The band could have ended at many times over the years. As a younger fan I am grateful for anything which comes alone... A lot of the older fans have seen it all, and have different expectations which may not happen I guess.

  52. I agree, I am grateful for whatever they do, whether it works or not, I just want them to go out on a high and I think the double album would have been that, then they can play all of the greatest hit tours and festivals they want. I think there is alot left, the Stones are in their 70's and still going so who knows

  53. "...has become a bitter, whining man..."

    Hector Projector ;]

  54. And a proper 4:13 Dream (4:14 Dream?) would be awesome.

  55. What's truely irrelevant is 1989 fans who still cry over Boris leaving the band! I mean... By God, if you no longer care for The Cure, why in hell would you come here and post hate? Get a life! No, it isn't 1982! No, it isn't 1989! RS has gotten older. Yes, they're past their "prime". But to question their relevance??? As a fan, I'm simply grateful they are STILL making music, sharing their talents and continue being so generous with their fanbase! NYC was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Relevant? They're headlining most of the major European music festivals this year!!! What IS irrelevant are your rants! Give it up already!

  56. I totally agree with comments regarding it's useless, unfair and unconsistent bashing The Cure. If you're not interested, why keeping going on forums and vomit on the most inspiring and talented band of the last 30 years ? Yes, get a life. On the other side I maintain that it's important for The Cure to keep its faith in releasing relevant and new material even if it's not at the same pace. And yes their 4 last studio albums are brilliant and yes it's safe that Robert is able to critizise what he's done himself or what he's been forced or influenced to do. It's probably much much more difficult to drive a adventure like The Cure when so many fans are there, with so many people depending and earning their money through what you do, for good and bad reasons. The only thing I hope is that Robert will never be influenced by comments regarding his new songs because The Cure have always proposed interesting things through their entire carreer (hate this word!). I wouldn't like him to stop playing WMS, BF, TC or 413D just because people say their weak... They're not ! And people who doesn't like them, fuck u! Oh my God, it reminds me someone... Robert, bitter? Who can believe such bullshit?! He's never been happier with his band and can be extremely proud of what they achieved.

  57. The Cure is forever. They have changed so many times and here we all are. With all the arguments and the fact that we all agree to disagree they have touched us all with their music. No matter how far I've strayed away from the Cure and their music, i always come back to it. They have been such a huge part of my life that I can't help but rally behind Robert and everything he does. I don't always agree with it, but this whole thing is his baby, always has been. He's against using his music in adverts, he had to give in to retain control over his music...seems like a small tradeoff to me. I would do it in a heartbeat. The man is a genius. I've learned not to question it. To those of you going to the festivals, have a blast! I'm going to continue playing my Schecter guitar and continue trying to emulate their music. Long live the Cure.

  58. The Cure is forever. They have changed so many times and here we all are. With all the arguments and the fact that we all agree to disagree they have touched us all with their music. No matter how far I've strayed away from the Cure and their music, i always come back to it. They have been such a huge part of my life that I can't help but rally behind Robert and everything he does. I don't always agree with it, but this whole thing is his baby, always has been. He's against using his music in adverts, he had to give in to retain control over his music...seems like a small tradeoff to me. I would do it in a heartbeat. The man is a genius. I've learned not to question it. To those of you going to the festivals, have a blast! I'm going to continue playing my Schecter guitar and continue trying to emulate their music. Long live the Cure.

  59. Loved the interview, I got the digital copy (and a new wallpaper out of it to hahah!) and am trying to track down a paper copy. If anyone wants to do me a huuuge favor and snap me up a copy if you see one I'm happy to Paypal you to ship it to me.

    Regarding The Cure being in their prime, I honestly don't think they ever left it. I mean, how many acts from thirty years ago are still selling out massive stadiums on a regular basis and as many have pointed out, are headlining all the major festivals? Robert has steered his ship pretty cautiously and has always tried to stay true to his own integrity.

    It's sad to know that he let self-doubt get in the way of releasing 4:13 Dream as a double album, but I think missteps like that are thankfully, rare. Anyone who knows the story of Disintegration knows that he was under some fairly major pressure at the time, but look how spectacularly that turned out. I trust Robert to do the best thing for the fans and the band, and eagerly await whatever is next.

  60. i tell many time the sound of the cure is in guitar, a order new album now is not a good idea with one keybord and one guitar ,i know that robert know this!

  61. Rev & Maggie, email me re a paper copy, you got my address don't cha?

  62. I've finished reading my paper copy so if anyone wants it let me know. You can have the mag for free but a paypal contribution to cover the postage and packaging would be welcomed.

  63. If WMS & 4:13 had 10 tracks they would have been fine albums, rather than 6/10 material. I really like TC as it's got a raw sound that The Cure hadn't done before & Bloodflowers is sensational. Like others I look forward to new tunes and hope they keep going. Neil Young manages it well & can't see why The Cure can't

  64. Wohoo! Alright then. Taking Off is as good as Just Like heaven. Are we all feeling better now?

  65. Craig, you're killing the press by publishing the itw while it's still on sale, just saying.
    But why can't they help themselves to put an old pic on the cover?

    I find it perfectly normal that they rather play the 'crowd pleasers' at festivals where not everybody is here just for them and only know the hits. And keep the 'dark' sets for their own shows.

    4:13 poorly mixed, tracks that should be on it aren't, tracks that shouldn't are... Isn't Robert supposed to be in control of all this???!

    I hope they re-release 4:13 the way he wants it, with the Wish reissue and all the concerts dvds get available and so on, because I'm always wanting more unrelease material.
    Then it'll be easier they can move freely and concentrate on the next album.

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  67. i'm hearing a lot of reflection here about past decisions made and i don't think that's such a bad thing. i've never thought of robert as someone to be around many "yes" people, although i suppose i comes with the territory. who are these "fucking idiot" "no" people he's been listening to though? he's a man with an iron constitution! i wish he wasn't dissuaded, but i did enjoy 4:13 dream and would love to hear it how he intended. of course this talk of not being signed and not seeing the career arc scares the hell out of me. i don't want them to be a festival band. i'd love to see some forward momentum. the cure has always been about kinetic thoughts and ideas and never stasis. i guess the interview upset me a bit...

  68. @ freden again :)

    I just do believe they have one more Disintegration/Bloodflowers in them.

    And you're right: Taking Off sounds like a JLH clone. But "Going Nowhere", "Why can't I be Me", "Truth Goodness and Beauty", "Your God is fear", "Fake" & "This Morning" were reason enough to love them in 2004. So bad they were not (except GN / TGAB in Europe) on the record. Ahh, and missed "Anniversay" & "Before Three" and ... and "The Reasons Why" & "Underne...", yeah think you got it.

    This is of course just my opnion and your are welcome to have yours.

    The day when they will do a last tour, I just hope they go for the "Dream Tour" kinda setlists and one filmed concert of course.

  69. ah, and forgot to say: This filmed concert gotta close with "Faith", where is this "Reflections" Film anyway. We didn't wait for "Trilogy" that long, did we?

  70. Sofia, I just felt in love with you !

    Craig, I sent you a few internet links by email, maybe in your spam box.

  71. they should just sign with Depeche modes' label, finish their album, do a co-headlining show with them and rule the world once again (insert superfan cliche Cure quote here..To wish impossible things)

  72. ENTREAT, I just felt in love wirh you too ! I've always thought that Depeche Mode have been granted by a great support by Mute. They often talk about that and The Cure didn't deserved to be betrayed and treated the way they've been even if I perfectly know why it happens. The corporate beast just hates what they represent : generosity and fairness to their fans, integrity in their art. Yes, Mute and a fucking brilliant brand new record !

  73. "We split up and now the name The Cure is just a vehicle to be used or not; we could stop any moment, there's a very fragile bond." Robert Smith, 1983


  74. Was Mar,
    They didn't split this time and seeing them live proves they're really into it. Even if I still pray for a new album, I know that the end is closer after 35 years. But they're free and so happy on stage that it's a gift for us to still have them. They manage to avoid too long tours, being always together. That's probably why they're so good live since 2000... with different line-ups.

  75. "To release a single as a marketing tool to promote an album is really awful." Robert Smith, 1982.

    My only point was... don't read too much into interviews! They are only indicators of how people think at a particular instant. There is a slight case of over analysis going on!

    Disintegration was recorded 5 miles from the festival site and Simon is a Reading FC fan and lives just up the road. It's almost a homecoming gig :-D

  76. It's over for The Cure as a recording act. At this point I don't see any other option but to re-release 4:13 with the missing songs and continue to tour.

    Even if they signed a deal today, it will be a year before they get out another record. Robert will be 54. And then what? Another 5 -6 years before the next one? He'll be almost 60, lol. Not saying it can't be done, but realistically it's been 4 years almost since 4:13 with no new album on the horizon.

    If RS can't make it work now, it's only going to get harder for him.

    I think they should just put out digital singles from their own label. Simple as that. And tour.

    We still have a more full album shows coming I'm sure, and maybe a US tour. But a new album? Pretty pointless.

  77. Here is my plan for The Cure (if I was the manager)

    2012: Festival tour, already booked
    Fall 2012: Perform 'Wish' in it's entirety with all b-sides and lost wishes. That would be about a 20 song set. Play it in London, Paris, NY, LA.

    2013: Re-release 4:13 dream with the bonus tracks. Tour the US in the summer. Maybe put out a new single as well.

    2014: take the year off.

    2015: Tour Europe in the summer, release a few more digital singles.

    Fall 2015: 30th anniversary of HOTD, play full album shows for Top, and HOTD, with all b-sides and rare tracks.

    2016: Take the year off.

    2017: Play the full KMKMKM for the 30th anniversary with all b-sides, include Disintegration as well, and those b-sides.

    2018: Farewell tour. Tour the world for the 40th anniversary of The Cure. Include as many past members as possible. Go out HUGE.

    Then end it. Done. Robert will be 60 in 2019. Good age to retire.

  78. Robert himself has said in the interviu more or less (translation from a fan since the kissme album)...
    1ºthe cure are over as most of us do agree with that .They don't wanna release more records and so the are like deep purple and so many other old glories.so far is when in 2002 in a festibal Robert said that maybe jus the 20% of the audience could resist their setlist cos it was based on the dream tour and the most important thing for him "was"the fans and we wanted the dark Cure.
    After so many years everything has changed completly now he thinks it's stupid not to play in a festibal a greatest hits set.
    When he fired Roger and Perry and just Porl come back I knew there was something wrong,that time til 2009 no keyboards and a guitarrist playing the keys.
    Now it's the same but the opposite roger comes back porl is no longer in the cure but perry and anybody else plays the other guitar.
    Don't see all of you?he wants 4 members not for a new and interesting project.He wants 4 cos this way is less money to pay after de shows and that's all?it hurts me too much the cure are muy entire life but we have to face the real truth.
    by the way maybe we will never see the reflections show DVD....do you think that a reissue of the wish album is enough after the release of one of your worse cure albums ever?
    and you just want to re-release that album?again?but with 4 new tracks?and when Roger said that there were so many projects and interesting things in this year was false?
    if what robert says is that there's nothing left to write or to sing (new of course)for older fans and iam crying while I write this...It's better to say goodbay I know there are new and youngsters fans but this is not the cure all of us knew.
    for me the best present in the world could have been another "bloodflowers" style album and the farewell tour like in the 2000's.
    I's a pity to see the cure as robert never wanted to become...remember?Robert said "I'll stop when we just play greatest hits and we cannot do anything else"
    something like that said..so is this the end?I had 2 tickets for primavera sound so I'll try to bring my money back.
    now I am bursting into tears.

  79. Joseph 36,
    Are u doing drugs?! Less money to pay? I tried to calculate the turnover of The Cure during their entire carreer. More or less it's more than a billion and a half euros. And membres shared something that could represent more than 200 million euros. Less money to pay when they probably get several hundred thousands euros for each festival? You don't what you're talking about. And no, honey, they're not Deep Purple. And if you don't like then and and if you thing that '4:13 Dream' is not a good record, you should try Tokyo Hotel.

    1. Craig,why do you allow that this element or whoever or whaetever it is....is telling me that I'm taking drugs?and my God davidafter therain improve your English please cos nobody will be able to understand anaything; maybe that's why you love 4:13 dream(I'm joking....)
      and Did I say anything about Robert is not a good people and released Entreat for example for charity as well?
      but Festivals are just to make money and a lot of money and I'm pretty sure that this is the reason why they are a 4 piece.
      the best thing of people who are insulting me they are the same with story of jason's poor drumming etc...
      this is why Iam sad and I love all cure stuff but 4:13 dream cos it doesn't sound to the cure at all...if I am a fan for the past 25 years I can say all of this.Many people here is 2 years cure fan and they are the whole day bring back Boris!!but did the see Boris playing ever?This is just an opinion ok?

  80. Hey Jospeph 36,

    why the hell should they release "Bestival" for charity if it's just for the money from here on?!?

    And yeah, this year they do festivals, doesn't mean they don't do a world tour next year or the year after where they will not play "Greatast Hits" setlists.
    And maybe (just maybe) there is no guitar player who is willing to play with them right now. Why should Perry if (yeah if) he is still
    not over how he was made gone in 2005. And I don't think RS wants a new one who needs to learn a 35 year list of songs.

    And damn: I like their "new" minimalist sound and hope they do transform that perfectly into artform (record).

    It really gets me mad reading all the negative comments here: The Cure where always good for a change year in and out, and decade after decade some fans just don't realize how normal this is for this band, and how that made them always sound different and always sound fresh.
    Not everybody can like everthing, and some of us just have to wait for a time where "the" cure sound matches their expectation "again".
    And some of us just go with all they do. Not because we're blind or deaf..., just because our ears like it. Wether it's "Figurehead, Bananafishbones, The 13th, Homesick or Freakshow" ...

    Sorry for the long post, needed to get out.
    Hell Craig, why are you such a great cure fan to make me read this site through and through day after year after years. It's sometimes not good for health I'm telling you....:-)

  81. Joseph 36 - Wow! (and not in a good way). That was a most bizarre rant from a fan of 25 years.

    I like Dr. Fishbones ideas, but I'd like a lot more video releases too. All the promises from the last 5 years need to be kept.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. I Just posted this on Reeves Gabrels facebook "Hey Reeves, you were awesome enough for making Bowie creative and relevant again after the whole Glass Spider ("I think I'm Michael Jackson") mess. It seems Robert Smith is having a creative crisis, saying he feels uninspired to write and deliver new Cure music and is content with settling on playing festivals for now on. They are also in need of a guitarist, contact him and get the Cure rolling again. There are many Cure fans who rave about you on Cure message boards and I know Robert thinks you are one of the greatest guitarists..give it a go. I am sad Porl Thompson is gone again as he and you are a couple of my favorite living guitarists. Just a thought, one can dream right?"

  84. I saw The Cure twice last year - prior to that I hadn't seen them since the 'Swing' & Wish era.

    I enjoyed Bestival, but the fact is that some of the songs written for an expanded band just don't work with only 4 members. This is most obvious on the layered Wish / Disentegration stuff like Open / Fascination Street / End. Lullaby and 'Friday' also sounded thin and lacking key layers. To play those songs in a way that does them justice requires more than 4 personnel.

    Reflections was different. Most of the songs were written for a minimal band and so work well live when performed by 3 or 4. That siad, when Lol came on to add percussion to Faith there was a noticeable improvement to the depth of sound. Also, if you compare the recorded version of 'One Hundred Years' from Bestival to the same song on 'Trilogy', (played by the same band + Perry) the 'Trilogy recording has more detail & the second guitar is audible in the mix.

    The lack of a 2nd guitar is not an issue in the studio and may even make a new LP more focussed, but an extended line up works better live. One of the reasons the 'Wish' tour was so dynamic was that Porl/Perry could both switch from guitar to keys, so you could go from quiet stuff like 'apart;' to stuff like 'cut' / 'never enough' with 3 guitars in the mix.

    My ideal touring line up would comprise the current band + Lol + at least one other guitar. This might free up the recording version of the band to work on more minimal material, but ensure that justice was done live.... Reflections was an interesting experiment which could work well with other material.

  85. Joseph 36,

    Sorry if you didn't understand my humour about doing drugs. I meant that your comment/oppinion sounds very weird for a so-called fan who pretends to know Robert Smith. I'm sorry if I hurt you but I'm hurt by what you say too. I feel it much much more hurting when you're bashing Robert because he's playing festival for money. It shows that you don't know what he's made of. HombreLobo's comment is a very good start for you to figure out what's the real story, not the one in your head. I could try to prove you're wrong, explaining you what Robert and The Cure have done for so many charities even some that the public didn't hear about. But it's pointless because they know who they are, and fans know it too.

    Sorry about the mistakes while taping on my smartphone ; this time you'll understand, or at least read, what I was saying :

    "Are you doing drugs?! Less money to pay? I tried to calculate the turnover (i.e. gross sales) of what The Cure have been generating during their entire carreer. More or less it's more than a billion and a half euros. And members shared something that could represent more than 200 million euros. Less money to pay when they probably get several hundred thousands euros for each festival? You don't know what you're talking about. And no, honey, they're not Deep Purple. And if you don't like them and and if you thing that '4:13 Dream' is not a good record, you should try Tokyo Hotel."

    To end with this, earning a lot of money is not a problem for me, and it shouldn't be for anyone. The only important thing is the kind of relationships you have with money, what you do with money. That will be my last words to you : once again I tell you that it's really unfair and deeply hurting to say that The Cure decided to play festivals for money. And if you missed my humour, I missed yours : "knew there were something wrong" , "worse Cure album ever" "if we cannot do anything else". I invite you to re read what you wrote... it wasn't humour.

    1. ok If you say it was humour is ok.
      Agin and for the last time.I NEVER SAID THE CURE DID NOTHING FOR CHARITY!!!!!cos you name Bestival which will get no money at all cos nobody at the moment buy records in general and cure records less than others 4:13 Dream 200.000 copies is the best proof.Entreat was different cos despite it was alimited edition got 30 million pounds for charity.
      about money...are you working?I am sure your chief loves you cos you work for free!!!
      everybody who is involved in music cos I am is because arts of course and money and for the cure and after 35 years money is the most important thing for them cos they don't record anything the just play festivals and what about the greatest hits thing?Robert said that at ths point he just wanted to play the stuff the had never played before and as dark as possible...and no w says that it wold be dumb not to play those songs?in 2002 they were dumb so...
      If I love the cure I am not bashing them thisis cos Iam an artist as well and I know what a composer and guitarrist can feel and I don't show off being number 1.2 or 3 in the list of cure fans in the worls if you do better for you .It means you don't do enaything else in your life and you are not busy.
      That's all.My question was for Craig if he wants to answers nothing else.
      repeat fot Craig.Roger and you said "2012 will be a very exciting year for the cure dedicated just for the cure full of projects etc..."now I wonder after Robert's interviu if this is the same he was joking or what.
      Thank you everybody

    2. Joseph - The Cure are playing a bunch of shows this Summer, Wish Deluxe is being released, and there are probably more announcements to come, so, yeah, I stand by it being an exciting year for Cure fans. We are only 3 months into 2012. Be a little patient and lets see what else happens this year.

    3. Joseph 36,
      I work and earn money, a good amount to be perfectly clear, but I'm not a slave of it and always try to keep the distance. Once again, re read what you wrote and even if it's not what you intended to say, the way you expressed yourself let anyone think that you're saying that The Cure only play festivals for money. If you still believe that The Cure members need these summer date to earn their life, you didn't figure out what I wasn't telling you : 200 000 000 euros. I may be wrong, maybe it's only 100, maybe it's 300. But it's enough to leave your life on an isolated island doing nothing. "4:13 Dream" sold 400,000 copies, not 200,000. 33 million albums so far, probably 6 million singles, 5 million video tapes and dvds, more than 15 million people who've attended their gigs, movie soundtracks, TV and radio fees... Do you think they have to move a finger? Did you see Robert in Monaco at the back of limousine, explaining he spends 1 million dollar each month to be obliged to play gigs? I'm sorry but it's not serious. That's what I was trying to explain to you talking about charities and what on do with his/her money but you don't get it.
      And Craig is perfectly right : Robert didn't say he'll never release a new album, neither it wouldn't content some of the "4:13 Dream" session songs. We'll probably have other announcements and The Cure are free to play "Greatest Hits" sets and then "Reflexions" again and maybe another entire new record like they did in Rome in 2008. They're also free to change their mind, to delete some project if they don't feel it's good enough to be release and even with no explainations. FREE PRECISELY BECAUSE DON'T BELONG TO FANS, BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO IT FOR MONEY AND NEVER DID IT FOR MONEY. Full stop.

  86. remix 4:13 and add keyboards????

  87. I enjoyed the interview but can't help feeling a slight twinge listening to Robert's rather muddled tone regarding the business side of the industry. Robert is one of the brightest minds in music and whilst the anti corporate line sounds idealistic I'm not sure quite how anti corporate he is in reality. He has made millions out of running the cure as a business. The marketing, the PR, the merchandise, the tours, the extra shows, the multiple formats and so on. For Robert to sound off about the corporate nature of the music industry does not bear scrutiny. I accept Robert has never cashed in like certain acts like the Stones and admire him for that. Nevertheless The Cure are a brand and a business like any other major act. No band can exist without being managed like a business and Robert is being slightly disingenuous if he is trying to make out he has not embraced that fundamental reality if not with passion then certainly hard headed commercial sense. I think that commercial sense is evident in his comments about 'buying' CDs to help fund record companies which then professionally promote bands and discover new talent. Robert is perhaps more commercially astute than his anti corporate message would suggest.

  88. And on the point of the Wish reissue I really hope the band get it right this time. The kiss me reissue was a desperate disappointment. For such a cerebral literate act I would like to see much more written analysis of the album and its tremendous impact at the time. I felt the disintegration album notes failed to do justice to the magnitude of the album. I also do not understand why the Distintegration extra rarities were only available on the microsite. Why not include more CDs in different packages. I would happily pay for mixing desk quality recordings of live shows esp from the disintegration tour. Neil Young and Bowie are showing how reissues can be done. The Cure should do their backcatalogue and educated audience more justice this time around and not undersell themselves and underestimate the interest.

  89. I enjoyed the interview but can't help feeling a slight twinge listening to Robert's rather muddled tone regarding the business side of the industry. Robert is one of the brightest minds in music and whilst the anti corporate line sounds idealistic I'm not sure quite how anti corporate he is in reality. He has made millions out of running the cure as a business. The marketing, the PR, the merchandise, the tours, the extra shows, the multiple formats and so on. For Robert to sound off about the corporate nature of the music industry does not bear scrutiny. I accept Robert has never cashed in like certain acts like the Stones and admire him for that. Nevertheless The Cure are a brand and a business like any other major act. No band can exist without being managed like a business and Robert is being slightly disingenuous if he is trying to make out he has not embraced that fundamental reality if not with passion then certainly hard headed commercial sense. I think that commercial sense is evident in his comments about 'buying' CDs to help fund record companies which then professionally promote bands and discover new talent. Robert is perhaps more commercially astute than his anti corporate message would suggest.

  90. CortezZuma,
    I find your post interesting and share your point of you, but partly. The Cure playing in a enormous festival, like any other artist who's headlining, can't do it the exact way they did during more "confidential" and "for experts" ones. Lots of people who attend this kind of event are a bit more "mainstream". I'm using brakets because it's not exactly the words that fit but you understand what I mean. So they decide to play songs that the majority of the attendance would recognize and enjoy. In a way we're lucky to have several kind of Cure bands and gigs : 3 members playing "TIB" in it's entirety in 2011, 4 members playing small festivals with no singles, 6 members playing the Kissing Tour when the band was the teenagers' hype band... And the Cure Deluxe quality is higher than the vast majority of what is being re released, by far.
    Another thing is that nowadays kids are not into music like we did. I'm sad about that but music is something they consumme like any other product. They don't buy albums but download illegaly a few songs they like and maybe they'll throw them to the bin next week... The world have changed, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep the independant spirit I'm so fond of. It's true for music, for cinema, for everything. The famous corporate beast managed to kill that spirit but Robert seems to think that arevolution is still possible... Hope he's right...

  91. Do young people still listen to music like we used to? I hope so. Bands like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes have that x factor and artistic intelligence which I remember so vividly with the Cure. Music was much less accessible in the late 80s and early 90s and I remember the effort and expense of building a collection when I first got into music through Distintegation in 1989 when I was 15. Great music is still being made but artistic music is no longer the possession of the young. Rock is middle aged. Music is still a constant companion and I guess for me it all started with The Cure who showed me the true artistic and emotional power of intelligent music. Long may they run.

  92. If Robert remasters/remixes 4:13 Dream at a quiet level so I can actually listen to it, I'm all for it.

    The Loudness Wars spoiled 4:13 Dream for me.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. CortezZuma
    Something has changed. People use music like kleenex. The Cure and a few others opened the path for kind of like indie artists. I remember exactly the impact it had, a bigger impact than the punk movement in fact. I'd never have know so many talented bands in a very wide range of styles if The Cure hadn't exist. Of course it's a business. I'd be naive saying the controry as so many people depend on The Cure and Robert's activities. But the reason why they started and kept their faith is art.