Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Curse plays Vertigo's tonight

(Thanks Andythecurefan)

From The Curse ‏ @TheCureTribute - "We just added a show and it's less than 2 weeks away! Saturday March 17th 2012 @ Vertigo's Full Details coming soon...."


  1. Can someone help listing Cure tribute bands and where they're from ? I think that there are about 10 world wide. Curiosities in Belgium, who else?

  2. The Curse is LA based, The Xplodingboys are in Portland, OR, Fascination Street is Seattle, WA, Le Cure is Dallas, TX, Fire in Cairo is Ireland, Cureheads are London or Turkey?, The Accureacy is in Greece, and I know there are others that I'm forgetting.

    Thinking Andythecurefan might be able to help with this.

  3. Thanks Craig. I remember there's another one in Italy, one in the North of France and one or even several in South America.

  4. I think the one in Italy is Easy Cure. Can't remember the others.

  5. Vertigo's Ultra Lounge is in Los Angeles.

    I know there is:

    Obelisk (Terni, Italy)
    Concura (Italy)
    The Exploding Boys (Aguascalientes, Mexico) *note the E in Exploding

    There's The Cured in San Diego, CA but they are just terrible and I do not recommend them AT ALL. More of a joke/mockery.

    There's Japanese Baby in San Francisco, CA.

  6. 18 with The Remede in Lille (France) and The eXploding BoYs in Madrid (Spain). Impressive !
    Have you heard this lovely folk cover of 'Cut here' on youtube ? This litle girl makes me think that if Suzanne Vega would cover a Cure song, it'd sound like this.

  7. Why bother when the real band is still together? All it does is invite comparisons. I'll watch a Cure tribute band only after The Cure have long disbanded.

  8. JPX,
    Live your life. But I can't see how Cure TB can bother you if they don't lplay in your living room. Keep cool and don't read threads you're not interested in.

  9. Nobody was getting snippy about it, they're just talking is all.

    Andy, Japanese Baby is in the same category as The Cured.
    The Curse though is really good, but I am pissed off at them for not playing in San Francisco enough.

  10. Sorry Paul K. We would love to play there more. I even emailed Larry @ The Uptown in Oakland a few months ago but I never heard back from him. Maybe it ended up in his spam folder or something. Here's his email if you'd like to try too:

  11. @Paul K,
    I think Japanese Baby does it with more heart. Though they don't sound like them perfectly, they're still good. My preference remains with The Curse but I'm very open to hearing other tributes.

    I see your point but since The Cure don't play with such frequency, I really like that I'm able to get my Cure fix from a live band of excellent musicians and friends.

  12. I used to dislike the whole 'cover band' idea until I started to play in one... Couldn't understand the whole 'cover' thing, really. But I realised not everyone plays because they want to 'be' the original band, or want to replace them some way.

    When you gather some friends that enjoy the same band as you and you love music and can strum a little bit, and you have the chance to reproduce those songs onstage in a way that can make you feel how you feel when you listen to the band's songs, it's absolutely amazing. When that's shared by people who are Cure fans, it's doubly amazing.

    Besides, I live in a country that was visited only twice by The Cure. ;)