Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simon Gallup Ultra Bass out now

The Simon Gallup Ultra Bass from s is now available. Who's getting it, and who's buying me one? : )
(Thanks )

The new Robert Smith UltraCure-VI is also listed now, but think that isn't out until April.


  1. I like the shape and specs, not crazy about graphics on guitars though.

    Oh wait, is this supposed to be where the Schecter bashing starts? When will someone start bashing Jason in this thread?

  2. Jason made them use the Schecters by repeatedly bashing Robert over the head with his cardboard box snare drum. He also messed up the mixing on 4:13 Dream and married Ross Robinson. Not to mention that he put Boris in a cupboard, then fired Roger making every fan miss Keys and then fired Porl making the whole world miss the extra guitar.

    True story.

  3. Well, that should end it all before it starts, well said

  4. To be honest, I think any thread that attracts a large quantity of posts usually dissolves into that kind of nonsense.

    And, before anyone starts - I was at Bestival, front row right in front of Simon....And I was at the Royal Albert Hall, in the choir section, behind Simon. I'm also a Bass player. I can confirm that at least to my ears, his signature bass sounded as good as the vintage ones.

    Now that IS a true story.

  5. woo.

    ...had just as much fun playing a $97 bass (jap archtop) as on a $2200 bass (vintage Gibson EB-2), but with much less dignity... whatever the hell that is.

    i just don't think schecters are worth the $$ ~ i've tried REALLY hard to luv them ~ i REALLY wanted one of the RSX acoustic models ~ but after taking one for a test ride, i can't justify dropping $800 on something so disappointing.

    what's a poor girl to do?

    ...can't blame the musicians though since Gibsons/Guilds are now being made in china. they're prolly carcinagenic or cause birth defects or something, too.

    i'm just say'n

  6. completely random and old bit of curespotting - reading dj premier interviews

    TWV: What do you listen to in your spare time?

    DJ Premier: Rock. New Age. AC/DC, U2, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs. I like Iron Maiden, Pantera, classic Van Halen, Zeppelin. I listen to that a lot, more than Hip Hop, because Hip Hop is automatic. It’s like speaking Spanish. Like I can speak English one day and Spanish on another day. Hip Hop is my Spanish. Not everyone understands the language, but I do.

  7. @Filthypit,
    What archtop were you playing? I'm just generally curious. I like to hear about obscure models and the like; sometimes they really do hold their own, despite price tags that might imply otherwise.

    Also, does anyone know what the significance of the 1970 graphic on the Simon basses might be? He was born in 1960, wasn't he?

  8. Pretty sure it says 1979. You can see a clearer image on the white model.

  9. Yeah, it's 1979, so I would guess that's for the year he joined The Cure.

  10. The issue with the UltraCure is it's designed for really clean harsh amps (JC120 for example). Thus why it's missing a maple top. Through a standard tube driven amp it sounds dull and lifeless plugged in - the Duncan 59 pickups are too scooped and aren't helping the 'mud' flavour. Maybe the new version will fix that (rosewood on maple neck instead of the older rosewood on mahogany)

  11. entirely off topic question but seems the best place to ask.

    is mr. alphabet says a smith song or a severin song?

    having a "fight" about it and need to know the real answer.

    thanks all!

    (i rarely post here but have been lurking since craig started it. love you all)

  12. i got my ultra cure vi last week it was an early birthday present. its big, its heavy and beautiful !

  13. I kinda dig this bass. The shape looks stylish, and although the decals are a matter of taste, they're not too intrusive in my opinion and they fit the theme.

    Listening to this bass on the Bestival CD, End and Disintegration in particular, it almost sounds like it has a bad cough. Very raw and throaty. Not exactly the vintage sound, but very distinct nonetheless. It has personality, which is more than I have been able to say for other Schecter products so far.

    Of course, a bass like this is way outside of my budget range, so good or bad, there's no way I'm getting one. ;)

  14. Simon can make a piece of wood and a rubber band sound good.

    Robert's guitar is another story... that one sounds not good to my ears.

    And yes, I agree that Jason sounds terrible! who is his drum tech? or his soundman?

  15. Looks like we have our own version of Godwin's Law here. Perhaps we should give it its own official name. Cooper's Law?

    please listen
    the cure special

  17. Cooper's Law is perfect.


    Reductio ad Cooper (latin: "reduction to Cooper")

  18. @JOSH L~

    i've had 3 diff archtop basses from the matsumoko factory; 2 greco's and a univox.

    all were pre 1980, cost under $125 and fun as heck to play.

    right now i have a black "Gibson EB2"... custom made in china last year. VERY nice guitar for what it is. check if you're in the market. it took about 4wks to arrive after i ordered it.

    and thank you for asking!


  19. bass guitars and jason cooper? sometimes i hate that i learned how to read.

    fwiw that thing looks beast. my fave color combo.

  20. I checked out this bass and it is made with cheap materials and far over priced. I wanted this so bad but now I am good with out. I own many Schecter basses and this is kind of a dud

  21. @ sean ,
    I checked it out also, what are the cheap components?

  22. I was psyched for the Ultra Bass to come back, as I snoozed on them the last time around... but the decals are a deal-breaker, IMO. I'd feel like a tween wearing a shirt that said "rock star".