Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cure 2012 promo photos

The Cure - London, Jan. 19th, 2012. Photos by Andy Vella.

From Southside & Hurricane festivals, and The Cure's Facebook.

From Rock Werchter.


  1. im outta the loop i guess. is porl out of the current line up? and roger back in?

  2. Yes. Roger officially rejoined after the Bestival show.

  3. Porl having left the band has been a public secret for at least a year now. Fortunately, Robert was wise enough to invite Roger back to the party, so keyboards are back again. Yay!

  4. So, Porl is not in the band now?
    What is going on? Most of The Cure's songs needs a second guitar! if not, it sounds bad!

    Since 1996 strange things are going on: sound problems, backing tapes, weak drum sounds (weak drummer), keyboard parts being played by a guitar, guitar parts being played by the keyboard!

    Too bad really!

    And Jason NEVER really looked well in the photos with the band. She plays as bad and bores as he look!

  5. @craig
    why wasnt there any official word on Porl leaving? why ever did he leave (or was asked to leave)?

  6. Don't worry Richard! They've solved the problem by using backing tapes with second and third guitars!

  7. Jason is looking as good as ever!

  8. I love how everyone complained when there weren't any keyboards, now Roger's back and there's still complaining!

  9. The Cure undeniably works best as a five-piece with two guitars and a keyboard, but when given the choice I'd much rather have one guitar with keyboards than two guitars and no keyboards. So I'll certainly be complaining a lot less this year.

  10. Robert still looks amazing even after turning 50 a couple of years ago... love, love, love them all!!

  11. People moan about anything and everything to do with the band, JUST ENJOY THE FACT THEY ARE STILL PLAYING!

  12. Carlos - As Nico said, this is not a new development. Only two people can answer your questions, Robert & Porl, and neither have made any official statements about it to this point. Anything else is just rumor & speculation from fans, and as was pointed out to me a while ago, that is seriously unfair to Porl and to Robert.

    Give it time. I'm sure Robert will say something if he wants to.

    And remember, Roger asked Robert if he was going to make any official announcement about Roger rejoining the band, and Robert told him no. I guess Robert figures we're all smart enough to figure out who is and isn't in the band. : )

  13. Halo Eighteen - Welcome to the world of Cure fandom. : )

    "They're always wanting more. Anything they haven't got. Everything. They want it all. They just can't stop."

    I'm telling you, if the Jason haters got their way, and he was fired tomorrow, within a year they would be same ones saying, "the new drummer sucks, bring back Jason!"

    We're an odd lot. : )

  14. And to all the Porl fans, just because he's not in this version of the band, doesn't mean he's never going to play with them again. Who knows? As last year should show you, Robert always has a trick up his sleeve these days.

    I find the mystery, and not knowing what's around the next corner, very exciting.

  15. Also, who says we won't have a 2nd guitar on stage at the festivals? As we saw on the Dream Tour, Roger can play some of 'Open' on guitar. : )

  16. The band looks great! So cool to see Roger back in the line-up (although I'm sad Porl is gone again).

    Now for the real question: what's the status of the new album? Are our boys back in the studio yet?

    The last 5 studio albums have each come out 4 years apart (Wish in 92, WMS in 96, Bloodflowers in 2000, self-titled in 2004, and 4:13 Dream in 2008). Based on that pattern, we should be getting a new album this year!

  17. To be honest I thought the sound at Bestival was brilliant. Seriously, I dare anyone to compare the live Bestival CD to say, the 4tour Hollywood bowl show and tell me there isn't an improvement on 90% of the songs.

  18. This has me so excited! Sure I would love the second guitar, but hopefully on tour they will add a second person. I'm excited about having keyboards back, it'll add a lot of depth to the band. Personally having only seen the band with Jason as the drummer, I think he does an amazing job, and on cd he sounds great too. Of course this excitement is tentative because they haven't announced any US dates yet. Personally i'm crossing my fingers for September/Oct/Nov shows.

  19. Me, too, Jon. I held out last year, skipping Sydney and Bestival, hoping they would play a show or 2 in the US, and that worked out pretty well for me. So I'm going to do the same this year, and just see what happens. Have to keep the faith and be patient, I guess. And finger crossing works, too. : )

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  22. Robert has got grey hair now... I'd prefer him to black them, don't you think ? It's gonna be difficult to get a new member if he's not a former one. So if no Porl, guess no one else...

  23. porl maybe dont come back becose roger i thing? or robert what only 4 member of the band ( roger tell to me on facebook if you dont like juste listen radiohead and cold play ) craig dont block me please!!!:)

  24. @eric: Porl was gone long before Roger came back, so those two events are completely unrelated as far as I know. Supposedly Porl lost his interest in the band and wanted to do his own thing, but it's all speculation really.

  25. Nico is correct. No connection between Porl leaving and Roger rejoining.

  26. I'm betting on a new album before the festivals. I don't mind losing the bet and I like having that dream. Didn't Robert say nothing else was happening until the album was completed/released? If no promises are made, then none are broken, but SOMETHING big is coming our way - because I like having that hope.

    And to the Jason complaining, it seems that it should have ended with Bloodflowers. I never understood why it never ends.

  27. Hi Craig, have read your comment about moaning for Jason haha.. really, I can't imagine myself crying for his return. I won't happen 'cause Robert will hire a better musician this time. I hope.
    Anyway, I conccur with you that is great to have The Cure still around.

  28. to Marc70

    It never ends because Jason is the weakest and worst sounding drummer this band has ever had..

    that is just my opinion...but as a drummer of 29 years myself I feel somewhat qualified to comment

  29. @craig Roger Are there any videos of roger on guitar? I can't find any. I seen from pictures that he always has one or two in his studio but that's a differen't story I guess. :P

  30. Yes! Here's a video from the West Palm Beach, Florida Dream Tour show -
    http://youtu.be/qy7jkrqNkps .

  31. Why must eople complain? Porl is a family man and that will take center stage at this point in his life, we all want "The Cure " era 1989-1992 because we feel younger listening to it. We will not see The Cure with Robert, Simon, Porl, Roger, Perry, Or Boris again, so let us all move on. I like Jason as a drummer and get disgusted evrytime people bitch about him, the backing tapes are not him, that is Roberts decision, can't we all just like The Cure?

  32. And you can see a photo of him playing it in 2002 here.

  33. But Roger did not play it during Open at Bestival, so I wouldn't expect him to play any guitar at the upcoming festivals. I was just making a joke.

  34. I think the people who want the music to sound like the CD really enjoy Roger/Keyboards being back.

    Those who go to a show to hear some fantastic musicianship and new interpretations of the songs probably preferred the sound of 4tour.

    The performances were amazing, and with Porl it was exciting to see several shows in a row as he always played the songs differently night to night.

    I never heard anyone complain about the lack of keyboards until I saw this page. However, I've heard from fans and non-fans alike nothing but praise for the performances when Porl was in the band.

    This site is such a small sampling of the public, it's hard to regard this as a valid sampling of the opinion of the populace.

  35. Also, it's worth adding that Boris and Andy never had to play to a click. Those who may find Jason boring should realize that backing tapes can be quite confining to a drummer.

  36. 'This site is such a small sampling of the public, it's hard to regard this as a valid sampling of the opinion of the populace.'

    No, but The Cure's Bestival performance was regarded as one of the standout headline performances of last year and the whole show was met with universal praise which is why the band is now headlining all of the major European festivals.
    Clearly the opinion of the populace thinks that this lineup of the cure is doing something better than the previous...

    I don't agree with that view yet...but its certainly out there.

  37. how is everyone just noticing this now, after all those reflections shows

  38. how is everyone just noticing this now, after all those reflections shows

  39. these photos are a lot more flattering than the last round of cure promo photos that i remember (as in those ones where they're kind of floating in white nothing and look awkward)

  40. also, is it weird that i'm almost as excited for a new website as i am for a new album?

  41. I agree with entreat's comment about "wishing" from another era. Some of us have been following the band 25+ years and get nostalgic about that line up in the later 80's and mid 90's. i get nostalgic for the way robert's voice was then. But the fact that this band continues to make music and still manage to put on incredible shows is a testament to something special- no matter who is in it this year. My goodness- they are in their 50's- and look at al the shows they are playing! As long as they keep going, I have more memories and music to add to my life's soundtrack- and that makes me grateful. i can't imagine them stopping, and I don't want to..

  42. I have to totally agree with you, Craig..
    One of the major things I find appealing about this group is the fact you can wake up on any given morning and think "What could the boys possibly come up with next?!??"
    We should make the most of these moments before they maybe decide to go back into hibernation again.. :p

  43. Ah, Cure fans bashing their favourite band. I'll never understand it.

    See, surely we trust Robert. He knows what he's doing. He's been doing this for 35 years.

    If he thinks Jason is right for the band, then Jason is right for the band. If he thinks Schecter guitars sound great and are the best for him, then they are.

    Cure fans seem to have a very weird sense of entitlement and some enjoy nothing more than sticking the knife into what is supposed to be their favourite band.

    As for second guitar/tapes/samples thing, I've listened carefully to Bestival (including Push), and I'm not sure there are tapes being used. To me - and I'm a guitarist - Push sounds like a single guitar line, with a little delay and reverb. Watching Robert play it (Push was broadcast on Sky Arts HD here in the UK), it looks about right to me. Once the song takes off, Roger's keyboard takes over some of the lead guitar (but it's very obvious, because it sounds like a piano rather than a guitar).

    The Cure do play live to a click track, but then a lot of bands of their stature do.

  44. I thought Jason's drumming at Bestival was sensational, why pepole keep going on about Boris is tad sad. As for Robert looking good... I'm not sure about that - Simon does though.

    I'm still paying off Bestival & Reflections, so hoping they do a one off UK show (like Hyde Park) rather than a festival, Reading or Leeds would be awful.

  45. Read the 'people' magazine.

    If their forthcoming music sounds as good as these pictures look, I can't wait.

  46. Hum, i didn' want to sound rude.

  47. 1. It's a good thing to have The Cure doing shows and releasing new albums.

    2. It's a little sad how The Cure can't be "complete" again. In every line up there is an instrument missing.

    3. I don't like Jason either but if he is all we've got and Robert doesn't want to change him, then we can just quit listening to the band or just accept it.

    4. I don't understand how there are people who say that the Bestival CDs sound great! that is not truth and only shows that kids are so used to mp3 sound nowadays...

    5. Let's pray for Orange, Play Out, Show, etc. are released soon.

  48. @irishcurefan:

    hey man, give us a link to that photo.

  49. @mundol.....sorry dont have link. I remember seeing it posted somewhere a good long time ago. But could be something completely innocent!

  50. Bestival doesn't sound great - Yawn

    Where's Paul? - Yawn

    Jason's no good - yawn

  51. Stop this speculation about Porl right now!

    Who are we to say what has happened and what hasn't.. Nothing has been officially reported and we need to respect that..

  52. I hope Lawrence plays again with the band in these festivals and also in a new album.

    It was so clear he enhanced and almost covered most of Jason's faults.

  53. Jason is a really good drummer, one thing I noticed is all the songs live the drum set sounds the same, compare Bestival with Paris or Entreat and you'll see.
    Very happy that Roger is back! I hope he will keep working on '20 Imaginary Years'

  54. notherbob@ you are right !and craig to!

  55. notherbob@ you are right !and craig to!

  56. Irishcurefan - Sorry, but I had to delete your posts. No need to post ugly & unfounded rumors like that.

  57. And I don't care what anyone says about him, Jason was fantastic at the NYC Reflections shows. A true highlight of the evening.

  58. I never really got what the fuss with Jason is all about. His drumming is mighty fine to my ear. Not spectacular perhaps, but more than competent. Listening to the Trilogy recordings, I don't really see how the quality of the performance could be improved. Last year at Reflections, the drumming was perfect as well.

    I do agree somewhat that the drums at Bestival are a bit too flat, but that sounds to me more like a general problem with the ambiance or the way the drumkit was set up. Jason hits the notes and never misses a beat, so technique is not the problem.

  59. @Adam Christopher
    I couldn't agree more, I never understood it either, "Jason is a bad drummer" " Robert doesn't look as good" "Schecter sucks"
    Jason is a great drummer, he just isn't on your Head on the Door poster that's in your basement, Schecter guitars are great guitars, if you have ever played guitar. and take a long look in the mirror if you think that we look the same as we did when Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me came out. We as fans should be grateful that we are still getting music from them and we should stop living in the past. we are not going to hear a life changing album again, EVER, we are not teenagers anymore, it's not going to affect us the same way. People are way too critical, to the point where it is all they focus on and they almost convince themselves not to like it because it's not Boris, or it's not a Fender, the guitar argument is the lamest of them because The Cure doesn't play clean tones, they are an effects heavy group, you can get the same sound from a Squire as you can from an American Fender when you run it through effects, if they played clean with no effects, then you would be able to hear tonal qualities of the different guitars. I have Fenders and Schecters and everything in between, you can get the sounds you want from any guitar . Enjoy what you get, unless you can do better. That is my rant, Enjoy the music

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  61. The only thing I want to add is that The Cure was and still is the best band in the whole world. I don't care who's actually in the line-up because I know it's always good stuff. And at the same time I'd love Porl, Boris, Jason, Lol, Matthew... to be there because they all contributed to this FANTASTIC story. And I'd ask for new albums and old dvd and present gigs because you know what ? The dream never ends and is as beautiful as it used to be. We've just aged and how lucky we are to have The Cure keeping us so young !!!

  62. So,as Cure fans we are not allowed criticise the band, is that it ?

    We should be just grateful they are still playing, no matter how crap certain elements of the band sound ?

    Sorry but that's bollocks

    The reason I criticise is because I love this band so much....I'm not longing for 1985 or any other era...I just wish they sounded today as good as we know they can sound...if that means criticising certain band members or the equipment the band use, so be it...

    However it is only a personal opinion and I'm sure Robert Smith or any other band member pays about as much attention to comments on websites as they do to George Michael's lovelife.

    It's great they are still playing...it makes me happy every day...but stop moaning at me and others for expressing an opinion that you see as Cure bashing..

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  64. "...we are not going to hear a life changing album again, EVER, we are not teenagers anymore, it's not going to affect us the same way."

    Sad, but true. If not a whole album, I still hope for a song or two to make me remember how it feels.

    Enjoy today!

  65. Of course we are "allowed" to criticize the band. No one's saying that. Or at least I'm not. I'd be a total hypocrite if I did. I really disliked much of what The Cure did from 04-08, and was pretty vocal about it.

    But the constant bashing of Jason is just so pointless. What do you guys think is going to change? Jason has his own style, he's the drummer of The Cure, Robert obviously thinks his style fits the group, and that's the way it is.

    I mean do you think Robert is deaf or somehow can't hear what he's playing? Do you really think if Robert was unhappy with his drumming that he'd keep him around all of these years? Really? Robert hasn't exactly had a problem with letting band members go in the past, so why would Jason be different?

    And honestly, who's to say that Jason isn't playing EXACTLY as Robert has requested him to? None of us know what Robert thinks or feels about this, other than what he says publicly, and he has said he thinks Jason is an excellent drummer. Case closed. His band, his drummer, and fan opinion isn't going to sway him either way.

    But these horrible comments that people post on YouTube, almost every time a Cure clip gets uploaded, are ridiculous. You'd think Jason had killed their mother or slaughtered their favorite pet.

  66. Keith - What is it that you find most objectionable about Jason's drumming? Are you still able to enjoy the band, despite your feelings towards Jason?

  67. And just to be clear, I have no problem at all with anyone criticizing anything. As long as it doesn't get personal, or become an attack on anyone with a differing opinion.

  68. @Adam

    The tapes are used in the rhythm line, as second and third guitars. It's subtle, but it's there. They aren't used for the lead/melody.

    I'm using the Sky video as a point of reference. They may not have been included in the Bestival CD. (It's the only Cure release that I don't own, and I don't plan to.)

  69. Enjoy The Cure till they exist.. any line-up is ok
    ..there will be a huge void when they no longer exist..

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  71. Moving back to the thread title, i really like new pictures, they always herald something new!

  72. i miss perry! the cure is incomplete without a second guitar player. the cure has no balance at the moment. perry please come home! The cure needs you and a lot of songs doesn´t work with a 4 members band. Robert where is your perfection? Where is your courage to make the right decision. Thanks ck

  73. I've already said that here and elsewhere but I don't understand why some fans spend their time bashing the band, its choices, its members... and pretending to be fans. I mean, what's the point. Don't you hear that something sounds wrong in such statements ? Robert Smith is a pure genius who reinvents his music all the time. The line-up changed, the next album is different from the previous one, Ross Robinson pushed them in a direction that was very interesting and 'The Cure' contains fantastic songs, attending a Reflexions show has been the perfect experience to hear how interesting and various they can't play and sound, creating totally different atmospheres, as a 3 then a 4 and then a 5 piece band. An artist has to be free and mustn't listen to what people say to make his path. It's the case with Robert or he'd have become a marketing machine following fashionable tendencies. They are a kind of exception and still relevant maybe for one and only reason : they've been doing what they want to for 35 years. I can hear that one doesn't like this or that but none of the 20 gigs and none of the albums disappointed me even if it took sometimes a bit more time to please me. Of course there are a few songs I don't appreciate but reading some of the comments/lies/rumors makes me vomit. Jason a bad drummer ? It would make a laugh to death if I wasn't thinking of how this fantastic musician, the coolest I've ever met, feels when he reads this kind of attack. I'd just like to hear how some of the experts do play drums compared to this poor Jason who's just able to play every single line from every single album. Hey, the experts, you should send a tape to Robert so he may replace Jason by a god-like-of-yours.

  74. @craig:

    "And honestly, who's to say that Jason isn't playing EXACTLY as Robert has requested him to?"

    You've mentioned something that the Jason-haters point: that Jason is a yes-man doing all that Robert orders him to do as he gave him the oportunity to be a professional musicial and tour around the world, etc whereas Boris and Andy had a solid previous professional experience and had a say in the band.

  75. @ E N T R E A T

    Effects, that's a problem.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but back in '80 for A Forest, then Disintegration and Wish,

    it were ANALOG effects (on the instruments)

    The nature of the guitar had probably more impact as well but especially the analog effects (probably) sounded better.

    It's my opinion but, even if I really enjoy the Bestival CD,

    I still would dare to say that the sound nowadays sounds very "DIGITAL" and they probably use big processors live. The guitar overdrives do not sound as warm as they probably could (think Pornography, Disintegration, Wish).

    Another thing is the fact that they always use computers (Apple) to mix. I'm not a producer or sound engineer but I think I would trash the Apple computers and digital effect processors

    and get back the old analog vintage recording stuff (and even the DAT machines of the Wish era).

    I remember listening to BRMC's "BABY 81". The mix sounds so good. Great the drum sound.
    It would be quite cool if The Cure had a LedZeppelin drum sound or a Faith drum sound again
    and if guitars could sound like before for Pictures of You or Untitled.

    Next to that, Trilogy has a great sound whatever I said and I realy enjoy the new Bestival interpretations (especially Disintagration, Killing Another and many more).

    Hope it doesn't feel like a knife

    (Yeah, to be even more nostalgic, I like how Robert sang in 92, as if lower, waxed with beer and sleeping pills?? Cool vibe. There was that RockStar aura but also the way of signing seemed slightly different. That said, Robert sings very well on Bestival CD and new arangements are great.)

  76. @E N T R E A T

    And how you can get a good acoustic guitar sound in a Schecter electric guitar? If you know how to, please write Robert ASAP as he is currently playing what "acoustic guitar" in his Schecter and it really isn't the same.

    Also you say "you can get the same sound from a Squire as you can from an American Fender when you run it through effects"... well, that's correct if you don't mind to get a sound without body.

    "I have Fenders and Schecters and everything in between, you can get the sounds you want from any guitar"

    Wow, The Cure or any other band should hire you as a guitar tech. Really! Make a Humbucker sound like a single coil would be wonderful and will make you rich.

    "we are not teenagers anymore, it's not going to affect us the same way"

    Probably. But I know Robert can do a lot better and make all of us spike our hairs again and see them perform in stadiums again.

  77. Why did Porl kick Simon out of the band! Bring Simon back! Things haven't sounded the same ever since 1992 when they stopped using Sphincter guitars and replaced them with backing vocals. Why can't Perry play lead guitar on Fascination Streets just because he got into an argument with Robert during the Kiss Me sessions and demo rehearsals.

  78. Paul K is crazy!
    it wasn't Perry who got into an argument with Robert during the KMx3 sessions... it was Matthieu Hartley!

  79. @schorbut
    I am referring to processing effects with recording software and digital effects, you can get any sound

  80. I was attempting humorous satire. After martinis.

  81. A ridiculous rant after martinis - love it!

  82. Craig, I also don't like the personal attacks on Jason, there's no need for it and I feel sorry for the guy if he ever bothers to read them...

    But to answer your questions..what is it that I do not like about his drumming...

    As soon as I heard him live in his first outing with the band at Glastonbury 95, three things were very obvious to me and have remained unchanged to this day ;

    1. He seems to lack pace, because everything slowed down since he became drummer...check primary with Andy, Lol or Boris on drums on youtube and you'll see what I mean.

    2. When he plays "eighths" on his hit hat, he emphasises every fourth beat, which meakes it sound like he's only playing four beats instead of eight..this gives the impression of the song being slower than it is. It sounds terrible (to a drummers ear at least)

    3. But the worst thing is the sound of the snare drum that he uses. It is so horribly flat, dull and lifeless, it sounds like a metal tin stuffed with a cushion. And its been like that from day one. I don't believe this is Roberts choice, I believe it's Jasons (but Robert is obvisouly not too unhappy with it). Every musician in a band chooses the instrument brands etc that they want to use, and the sound of the instrument that they prefer. Compared to any of The Cure's previous drummers, his snare drum sounds appaling.

    The only one thing that makes me think Robert does also influence this however, is the remix job he did on Entreat plus. The beautiful deep crisp reverbed signature Boris snare sound was flatted to oblivion in the remix by Robert. To me it destroyed a potentially superb release.

    To answer your second question..of course I can still enjoy The Cure despite my frustration and dislike of Jason's sound and playing style. As with many others this band mean the world to me and still have the capacity to send shivers down my spine...Refections was the last example of that.

    Onwards as he would say himself...

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  84. This demonstrates if perfectly


    (and I didnt create this before anyone thinks I did)

  85. Oh my god give it a rest already. Jason is a fine drummer. And I really don't see him stopping what he is doing in order to come around to put YOUR job under a microscope to see what's missing. Because if he did I'm sure he'd find several things wrong. You try drumming for a popular band in arenas and venues throughout the world and then get back to me, I'll have my list of complaints waiting, K?

  86. And how is the slower tempo of Primary entirely to blame on Jason? It's a stylistic choice by the band. Not one that I'm a fan of, but I'm pretty sure you can't blindly attribute it to a single person, and certainly not on the perceived "incompetence" of one member. That's a bit too easy.

  87. @keith: it was a very good video.

    Maybe Jason is a superb drummer but his musical background is not like Robert's and Simon's... that's why he plays beats that doesn't match the music style, and his feeling is so different when playing songs from the back catalog too.

    You also forgot to mention the cymbal bashing that has made Jason famous too.


    And have you noticed that he always plays the same drumfill? Those 16ths where he plays all the subdivisions except the "e" is annoying (1-silence-&-a)... and it's not a triplet as others say in forums and videos in YouTube.

    Anyway I think that someday Robert will wake up from this relaxed dream and will make something gorgeous as in the past.

  88. I love Jason's drumming since 1995 and no complaints for me.It was much worse to listen to Porl when he came back having mistakes all the time and his horrible guitar sound.
    Now it would be better if perry would be in the band but he isn't and I will enjoy the festivals cos we have keyboards again and if the Bestival being their first concert sounds fantastic I can imagine the improvement this summer.
    I will enjoy The cure cos we don't know if next gig could be their last one.

  89. "...we are not going to hear a life changing album again, EVER, we are not teenagers anymore, it's not going to affect us the same way."

    This is teh most depressing thing I've read in a long time.

  90. Okay, I'm going to dip my toe in these murky waters. I hate to add my voice to the popular complaint; the negativity about Jason seems like the kind of stuck-in-the-past recalcitrance that is the tedious side of fandom. If anything, it makes me more open to the guy! But honestly, I'm not a drummer by any means, and I know I don't like Jason's playing.

    What I love about Boris' playing is his instinctive judgment. He tosses in these little offhand irregularities that make the rhythms so interesting. And yet he can deviate without sacrificing tension. Again, I don't really know how to talk technically about drumming, but his patterns sound very tight, every snare hit attacking with precision. His work on the high hats on The Same Deep Water As You totally hold the song together — that light "tick, tick tick tick, tick tick" that provides structure to an otherwise spacious composition. So he has the precision, but also the ability to deviate and stay in control. Again, judgment.

    With Jason, I don't sense that he has any judgment! He tries to do too much at once. His playing sounds busy and unfocused. The frequently-criticized use of high hats is a big part of it. It fills up at the songs with wheezing, tired eighth notes.

    Sometimes he'll do well. A lot of the combustive, claustrophobic fun of Freakshow can be credited to the drumming. And It's Over is a song that you might say belongs partly to Jason. But most of the time when I notice the drums, its like, "I'm not a drummer, but what is that guy thinking?"

  91. I must admit that compilation video of Jason and his cymbals made me laugh my ass off.

    Holy crap, stop the press! Jason plays the songs differently to the studio recordings and is ruining classic cure songs!!! Not like Robert ever changes lyrics or anything. Hahaha

    I don't really like contributing to this whole Boris vs Jason thing (in fact I do believe Boris is the far superior drummer). But people seem to conveniently forget that Boris played Disintegration too fast live.

  92. @AndrewV127 "Boris played Disintegration too fast live"

    There is an interview where Robert says that for the Disintegration album he imposed himself that no song should be faster than 100bpm or something, because he wanted the album to have a certain mood and eveness. But live, some of the songs should be played faster and the song Disintegration and Lullaby were examples of this.

    I can't help but to draw a smile in my face whenever I remember -back in 1998- that one of the arguments against Boris was: "he was like a drum machine and Jason plays like a real human drummer". But in the end, who is now playing like a drum machine? who plays to the same bpm (beats per minute) every night? who is tied to a metronome and a backing tape and sounds like a robot?

  93. Yeah, these promo photos are pretty cool, especially the top one, oh and Jason sucks, Robert is fat, Schecter sounds like crap......Fuck Robert Palmer.....Fuck rock and and roll

  94. All of you can live in the past until 1992 era but stop everyday with the same song...stop listening to the cure.That's all!!

  95. Up to 1993 The Cure was a mega band playing in stadiums... then everything changed...

  96. @ pastillaparadormir
    Then you should listen U2. Norhing ever change and they don't take any risk that could dissapoint their fans, releasing the same albums again and again. Mainstream Vs Having bollocks.

  97. @AmiJenn I too believe that some songs sound better at a different speed, slower or faster. I just find it ironic that the same people bashing Jason for his alterations to the studio recordings seem to conveniently overlook Boris' live tempo changes.

  98. "Up to 1993 The Cure was a mega band playing in stadiums... then everything changed..."

    I always thought Robert jinxed himself by ending Wish with "...please stop loving me." And then took (not by choice) a 4-year break where grunge came forward. The multiple drummers used on WMS made a unfocused record and an unfortunate follow-up.

  99. AH, I think I NEED to have a t-shirt with this picture on it!!!! Maybe this summer. ;0)

  100. To me Primary has never sounded quite right since around 1986. I'm not exactly sure why. They

    should play it with drums and two four-string basses like in the promo video. Anything else screws

    it up. Now that's not the way they played it from '83 - '86, but somehow it has never quite worked

    for me since then.

    I have mixed feelings on Jason. I have not a single thing against him personally and I like that he

    was able to get the job coming straight from fandom. Like others I have a strong suspicion he is a

    yes-man whereas Boris and Andy most certainly were not. Boris made every single Cure song under his

    watch get couched perfectly in his percussion. Laurence is not a great technical drummer by any

    means but he picked up the skill fairly well and every single one of his drum lines composition-

    wise (and I know there was some influence by others during his drummer tenure) has been more

    interesting than Jason's. I think Jason has had two drum lines that make me take any sort of notice

    (The 13th and Bloodflowers). I don't know how much of the lame post-Wish drum lines come from

    Robert and how much come from Jason but something has been wrong since that point in time. To

    generalize Boris was all finesse with some power while Jason is solid and powerful but with zero

    finesse. He simply cannot play the fill in The Walk correctly. Boris and Andy would laugh at his

    attempt. He can't do the drum fill at the end of The Weedy Burton at all. At least he completely

    left it out when I saw them in LA in November. And good luck EVER hearing Push again correctly with

    him on the stool. I did like his interpretation of Other Voices in the Reflections shows. And when

    he joined I like that he was more subdued and dropped some of the mega stadium arena rock drum

    rolls that Boris had been adding into songs like Boy's Don't Cry. I know Boris and Andy are

    unlikely to rejoin (although I hope they show up on some future Reflections-style tours) but Robert

    has to consider a replacement. Somebody who would be great and who has worked with Robert before to

    great effect and who would not be a yes-man would be Budgie. How I would love to hear him interpret

    the songs of all previous Cure drummers including Jason's.

  101. And this new lineup is a travesty for numerous reasons. It is the WMS/Bloodflowers/TC lineup all
    over again with the sad fact of Perry being left out. This lineup was perfectly fine. It isn't anything against any one member. But it went on too long for what it was but now the band is
    veering right back towards it. I am very open to hearing different interpretations and instrumentations of Cure songs. I love that. I don't mind hearing a keyboard playing a guitar part
    some time or vice versa. But what people are forgetting is that there are members like Porl and
    Perry who can do both (although admittedly Porl is better at both but we all still like Perry no
    matter what). When Porl rejoined I was excited to see another guitar-driven phase but dismayed that
    Porl refused to play any keyboards live even if it was only on four songs a night: A Forest,
    InBetween Days, Play for Today, stuff like that. And I've always thought of Porl inviting himself
    into the band when he wanted to be in it and slipping back out when he wanted some time off. Here's
    to seeing him back at some future time. Roger is not a guitarist even if he can pick out a few
    things here and there and play a simple third guitar part on Open if they ask him to. I also like
    that Roger will play percussion (tambourines, shakers, etc.) on songs that don't need a keyboard.
    It's also a travesty that Laurence is not back as a permanent member. If that is his choice then I
    can come to grips with it better. If it is Robert's then he will keep the band still great but still at an unnecessarily low point. Would love to see Laurence back on an album doing keyboards AND percussion. I'll still like The Cure for what it is but la ment over what it could have been.

    As far as The Cure never putting out a Head on the Door or a Disintegration again, that is not just our "no longer teenagers anymore" perspective, it IS the fault of the band. From 3IB to Wish every single album had several songs with the type of quality where it is was totally addictive yet totally simple and it made teenagers want to pick up guitars and emulate it. That is an important quality for a band to maintain. Since Wish there has been next to nothing like it, even if there are admittedly great songs post-Wish. And a lot of that comes from Robert not surrounding himself with the right people and allowing them the proper amount of input.

  102. "As far as The Cure never putting out a Head on the Door or a Disintegration again, that is not just our "no longer teenagers anymore" perspective, it IS the fault of the band." You are in a state of arrested development.

  103. The post-Wish material is the type of stuff that longtime fans, including me, listen to but that doesn't garner any appreciable amount of new fans. Anybody that got into The Cure post-Wish goes to the concerts to hear Just Like Heaven, Pictures of You, Let's Go To Bed, A Forest, Friday I'm In Love, etc., not to hear alt.end, The Only One, Mint Car, or Maybe Someday. And I like all those songs, don't get me wrong, but they don't have the same captivating effect that the 3IB - Wish material had on people. How many people who were teenagers when their eponymous album came out marked that release as the thing that made them want to pursue music as a career? Would the South Park kids say 4:13 Dream was the best album ever?

  104. Production aside and referring to the live sets, the 4:13 album was, to me their most inspired and renewed effort since Wish, lyrically and musically, the studio album only suffered from production, but listen to the lyrics and passion in the playing, include the B-Sides, beacause as with every Cure release, the B-sides are usually some of the strongest tracks. Freakshow should have been a B-Side as well as Perfect Boy

  105. "From 3IB to Wish every single album had several songs with the type of quality where it is was totally addictive yet totally simple and it made teenagers want to pick up guitars and emulate it."

    Exactly! this is just one of the things that The Cure can't provide now.

    Just do a search in YouTube and find how many guys are covering songs from WMS - 4:13 Dream.

    99% of them are playing pre-Jason songs for sure.

  106. Entreat, About 3 years after 4:13 Dream came out and having listened to it numerous times on CD and streaming as well as its singles and Hypnagogic States I listened to it on vinyl and it sounded even better. I do think it was a step up from the prior album and I like most of WMS (by virtue of its name it was supposed to seem disjointed) and all of Bloodflowers.

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  108. Richard, I don't know if the band can't provide it now so much as they haven't very much for a while. Can you believe the onslaught of creativity they had from '79 - 83? And then from '84 - '92? I don't know if it's one of those things where the first years were the best and then they lost songwriting ability or what. I know they haven't lost performing ability. That's why you have this huge contingent that go to the shows to hear all the 80's hits and have a great experience. I try to be fair and balanced so will say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this youngster doing their own almost ethereal version of Cut Here:


  109. Richard, I'd like you to seach the sophism concept. Covering songs which are older and simplier is more obvious and common. Sophism, that's what you wrote. Stop listening to The Cure would be the best thing to do, I guess.

  110. @davidaftertherain
    I will answer you with something that musicians know well (... mmm... some of them):

    "Simple is beauty and less is often more"

  111. @ Richard
    I'm not talking about the interest of simplicity (even if I could also tell that it's not that interesting to keep writting always the same little catchy pop simple songs ; a real passionating artist is the one who reinvent himself and try to explore different fiels, taking the risk to make mistakes...) but I'm trying to tell you that it's not because lots of bands cover older songs that it means they are obviously better than recent/present ones. Nostalgia and simplicity make them stay on top of the pile...

  112. @david: hi. i've noticed that not only rock bands but young boys and girls also cover old songs like just like heaven, boys dont cry and others.
    i enjoy watching them playing their guitars or drums or basses :)
    maybe the only one ,perfect boy, end of the world and the other 'happy'songs are not good to play?

  113. It's not if a song is happy that it gets covered more. It's if it's simple, like the earlier material.

    I also don't think "nostalgia" is the only factor because the newer, post-Wish material hasn't captivated people in the same way, no matter what age they are. The post-Wish material has not received as much airplay because not as many people are requesting it.

  114. i dont'feel Robert comfortable with his new material either... i can tell cause his is not playing those songs live.

  115. Here's what's going on.
    Robert is still persuing "pop" for the past couple albums and what is now a decade long. But there's no audience for it.
    There's two main groups of Cure fans. One is the Greatest Hits crowd. They are huge they show up by the masses for concerts and probably really pay the band's rent. They want hits of the 80's. They're not interested in "new pop".
    The second group is the smaller more hardcore faction. They'll eat up anything new the Cure puts out but what they really want is the heavy stuff, the slow trippy depressed numbers that made us oh so miserable slash happy. Back in 1989.
    Therefor, albums of "new pop" are not logical. Me and Spock figured it out (Spock loves The Cure). The greatest hits fans don't care and the hardcore fans are waiting for the weird pretty manic stuff to come back.
    As far as I can tell there's 2 reasons why Robert has been chasing pop. One is the mistaken belief the Cure can return to the heyday of the 80's. The other more likely possibilty is simply that he's putting out the kind of music he wants to put out right now, to heck with what YOU want.
    I can respect that. I mean if I was a rock star I'd probably be balancing popularity against what makes ME excited, right? I'd want to be real, and he's afforded himself some leeway in that regard, yes, even if it's not what you want?

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. I know Robert a bit and all I can say is that he really doesn't care what people want and think. It can be dissapointing or frustrating or whatever but that's the way he is. And it's the only reason he's so amazing because The Cure records are always different : some with pop songs, some with no happy ones, some with a heavy guitar driven, some with a bass sound pushed ahead, some with screams, some whispering, some folky, some funcky, some catchy... And of course that nostalgia is involved in covering a song and in what the public is eager to listen. Robert himself is perfectly conscious about that and explained that a song which is heard for 20 years will always touch people more than a brand new one. It's the same with every artist and that's why I'd never wish a band to have a mega huge hit single. That's what happened to Nirvana and it killed them in a way. For example I attended a Breeders concert a long time ago and it was terrible for them because people were craving for hearing 'Cannonball' but didn't give a fuck to the rest of the show. The Cure are different and their public is much much more diverse than just 2 seperated groups of fans. Their public is smart but at the same time a bit narrow-minded, thinking they are members of the band and know better than Robert what's right of wrong. I can be like that too but decided not to. I love 99 % of what The Cure did but sometimes it's not immediatly. And one have to remember that even hard core fans didn't appreciate 'Pornography' (and some still don't) when it came out. Lots of Cure stuff have been rehabilited years after their release. THEY'RE FREE and it's the really only way to keep being relevant, changing the line-up, revisiting old songs, creating new sounds, deleting every single during the 2005 festivals, playing a Greatest Hits set in Miami... Why do you think so many musicians, more than ever, are so impressed by The Cure ? Because they do fantastic music the way they want to. Doubts, success, poor sales, critics, devotion... all have a certain impact on Robert (yes he's human !) but he has an incredible ability to keep the distance. Who is writing amazing songs like 'The Scream' or 'The Hungry Ghost' nowadays ? The Cure, no one else.

  118. @davidaftertherain
    I agree, I will add that an artisit also, cannot rely on radio anymore to promote music, I live in Chicage and the last "Alternative" station just changed format to become an all news station, a group like the Cure has no chance on the radio here, also the days of the pop rock song are sadly over as far as the masses are concerned, the artist has to rely on live shows and lets face it The Cure has had no choice but to play a greatest hits set or nostalgic "Reflections" sets, this festival tour is all about greatest hits. You brought up the new music "Hungry Ghost" and "Scream" I love the 4:13 album and think it has some of their best work on it, but just think if someone like Dave Allen produced it, stripped the effects a bit, imagine Underneath the Stars with an honest clean vulnerable vocal, this album to me is their most inspired and creative album in years. I think the 2004 release is one of their weakest, the lyrics are very uninspired, some of the songs feel forced. 4:13 Dream is an album by The Cure that I grew up with, it feels at home with Wish, Head on the Door and KMKMKM, it's just sad that it wasn't give a chance

  119. Hmm, thanks for your thoughts, which were thoughtful. Because it's obviously not as simple as the way I was describing it. There's a possibilty I was wrong. That happened to me one other time, I think, in 1986. So, there should be a like button here, like on facebook.