Saturday, September 17, 2011

Upcoming alt NOIR interview with Roger

Roger will be doing an interview with alt NOIR magazine and they would like for you to submit some questions for him. He can't really talk about any future Cure projects/events, but anything else is fine. You can post your question in the comments or email it to me, and I will pass them on. Thanks! Need them by the middle of next week. (Thanks Tracy)

Roger adds: "I will be mostly answering questions on algebra, statistics and pure maths so please make them challenging!" : )


  1. What specific keyboard parts or melodies has Roger contributed to Cure songs? I've read that he wrote the gorgeous "Homesick" with Simon, and I'm curious what else he's done. I wish I could ask this of all band members.


  2. I will be submitting my question in essay format, being that of one of the unsolved problems in the neuroscience universe:

    Consciousness: What is the neuronal basis of subjective experience, cognition, wakefulness, alertness, arousal and attention? How is the "hard problem of consciousness" solved? What is its function?


    But really, who doesn't want to know the answer(s)?

    Roger = Awesome

  3. How many iterations should your favourite fractal formula compute before the bailout is not that important? (or something)

  4. Actually to amend my question, if Roger won't mind answering on others' behalf, to what demos/song melodies, etc did Perry, Simon, Porl, Boris, and Jason as well as himself contribute significantly to Cure songs over the years he was in the band and in what ways?

  5. That's always been something I'm really interested in too - from which band member did each of the demos come from while he was in the band?

  6. Roger wrote Fear of Ghosts. I do know that much.

  7. Re: Roger's comment..

    I didn't expect anything less. Hahaha!!

  8. Hi Roger,
    if R[X] is the ring of real polynomials in one variable, what is the quotient ring R[X]/(X^2 + 1) naturally isomorphic to?

    I'm sorry, but I'm a math graduate and I just couldn't help myself :-D

  9. My question to Roger:

    I know you can't comment on future Cure projects, but could you please push the band into finishing projects that were spoken of but never materialized? There was supposed to be a 30th Anniversary DVD. There was talks about The Cure: In Orange being released on DVD/Blu-Ray. Or at least get 'Reflections' out by Christmas. I know you can't give us a release date or any more info, I just want to know that you will try to make things happen.

    Also, if The Cure were to tour in the USA, could my friend's band open for you guys on tour date for no compensation aside from the fact they got to open for The Cure? They are willing to even play a short 20-30 min set. Thank you.

  10. Thanks to those of you who posted and emailed questions. Just sent them all to Tracy.