Monday, September 12, 2011

Fish & chips for The Cure? False

"For those who absolutely need to know everything about The Cure, please find an article I read in The Sun this morning...totally useless and who cares, but anyway..." (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Hey, I do say "News, rumors, minutiae". : )

No surprise, but Roger says it's not true:
"How can they just make stuff like that up? And why would it have to be taxied there were about 100 F&C stands there! there wasn't even any food in our dressing room, I was starving! Well I was to nervous to eat!"


  1. For the After show a car turned up full of Pizza and Chips and Olives. The Chips were from the Fish and Chip stand at the festival as we had some from there the night before and they were in the same cardboard tray, with trays as lids. There was also lots of Pizza in boxes there was vegetarian, Pepperoni and some gluten free choice. Best of all were the addition of little pots of green and black olives decent ones like you get from the deli counter at the supermarket.

    I may not remember seeing Simon fall over but I knew what food was there :)

  2. Hahahaha...hard to forget free pizza, chips and olives, right? : )

    Thanks for that, Matt. Wonder where on earth The Sun got this story from?

  3. And The Village People had three hits.

    Disgraceful journalism ;0)

  4. The Village People rocked the place, even the security people did the Y>M>C>A>!!