Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cure in 'Best of Chorus' DVD boxset

"INA, the french TV archives company, will release in October a 3 DVD boxset with the best moments of the "Chorus" (a famous music TV program from the late 70's-early 80's). This DVD will include the Cure performing in the Theatre de l'Empire in Paris (november 79). You can also watch the show online from the INA website." (Thanks Jerome C.)

Update: You can see the full clip at Slicing Up Eyeballs (ignore the venue and date listed, they're incorrect). You can also see that "Cure in bed" clip mentioned earlier, here.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)


  1. And in direct reference to a post a couple of weeks ago, you can also watch a couple of minutes of that 1985"bed interview"there.

  2. Cheers P.M!

    I have some crazy cure spotting for y'all. In the T.V series This is England '86 - one of the supporting characters can be seen wearing a Bloodflowers T shirt. It's in the second episode of the series at the 10 minute mark.

    Just thought it was pretty funny to pass along as the show is obviously set in 1986.

  3. Thanks for the bed bit perfect.murder!

  4. Funny detail: The Cure plays A forest, but the subtitles says "At Night"...

  5. Stef - At the time, they didn't know what they were playing. While the music is A Forest, the lyrics are neither A Forest or At Night.