Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just Like Heaven on soundtrack

'Just Like Heaven' will be on the soundtrack CD (out on Aug. 24th) for the new movie 'Going the Distance' (opening on Aug. 27th). (Thanks Friend of CoF)


  1. Thanks... Just Like Heaven is one of the most perfect pop songs ever... ;)

  2. hi
    I don't know if you ever posted something about this version if Friday I'm in love:

    it's the same chorus that features in the trailer of the social network movie
    just to let you know,
    see you

  3. This is the third (off the top of my head) Drew Barrymore movie with a Cure reference - maybe she's a fan, too

  4. altr2elise, I think you're right - or at least Adam Sandler is (who was in a lot of those flicks with her).

    If you haven't seen Donnie Darko, go see it. No Cure tunes, but one would have fit right in the Echo and the Bunnymen, Church, and Gary Jules' classic remake of Mad World.

  5. Yeah with Adam Sandler x] like in Wedding Singer when he says "I was listening to a lot of Cure when I wrote this..." hehe

  6. @smcclenaghan - love the donnie darko soundtrack