Friday, January 29, 2010

Close To Me in Hot Tub Time Machine

"Hot Tub Time Machine is set in 1986 and features many great songs from that year. Among them is 'Close to Me' in the scene when John Cusack breaks into a house with this girl he met and they hang out 'Sixteen Candles' style. You'll understand more once the film gets released in March. Hilarious, definitely recommend it. Saw an advance screening tonight."
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)


  1. This film looks really funny. I always love it when a Cure song pops up in a movie. Jersey Girl springs to mind when they played High in it's entirety, Director Kevin Smith is a big fan of the band.

  2. John Cusack and The Cure.... does it get any better than that?

  3. andrew, look into 'career girls' nothing BUT cure songs.

  4. Thanks Sofia. I might have to pick that up. I love Mike Leigh films.

  5. Andrew, "Starter for 10" has great Cure songs too

  6. Yeah I have starter for 10 on DVD. It always cracks me up that the film is set in 1985 yet has songs from Disintegration.

    Oh, and in my imaginary Cure biopic, Dominic Cooper (who is Spencer in Starter for 10) would play Lol.

  7. This movie sounds like Hollywood sinking to new depths, almost completely unfathomable. Boobs giggle giggle bums giggle giggle boobs bums smutty jokes giggle giggle giggle...

    Cannot. Wait.

  8. C'mon Swifty old chum, this isn't new depths for Hollywood. You telling me you have never seen Porky's?

    At least this one seems to have it's tongue placed firmly in its cheek.

  9. Swifty, lost your (legendary) sense of humour?

    Surely. Not.

    Not even a little teeny-weeny cut n' paste?

    ...For old times's sake?