Friday, September 12, 2008

Hypnagogic on iTunes Japan/UK/Australia

Hypnagogic States is now available on iTunes in Japan, the UK, and Australia. (Thanks Brad and Jo)


  1. Up in the UK store now, too. Still no bonus track.

  2. I tell myself that the patience will be worth it.


    I dont like it :(
    Hopefully other are better

  4. Yeah typical UK..0.79p a song, but the whole album for £7.99...what a rip off..

  5. In the official website, Robert is mad at iTunes for their pricing of the whole EP, not including 65 DOS's "The Only One" remix as a bonus track and not selling "Exploding Head Syndrome" separately. He sent an e-mail of complaint to them.

  6. Keff: That's my favorite of the remixes on this album. My least favorite is the Freakshow mix.

  7. Spot on Craig..I am still waiting for the cd to come via the post, but when i read your thread that it was out on Itunes UK i decided to buy it(cos i didn't wanna wait..)but ended up buying just the 4 remixes, not the 65DOS , as £4.83 is indeed a rip off, (as i wrote above yesterday)...They are not the most memorable of remixes but i have to admit they are better than expected...I, too, think Freakshow is the worst one there by far......

  8. I got hypnagogic from the main HMV in Manchester today (Monday 15th Sep) - CD of course.

    It was difficult to spot as they keep moving the singles around the store. I don't think they do much business in the way of singles these days.

    The price was only £2.99. Much cheaper than iTunes and of course I can rip the tracks to my iPod in lossless format from the CD if I wish...

    My fave track is not surprisingly "the perfect boy" remix.

    Roll on the album for Underneath the Stars, Baby Rag Dog book and more