Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Simon visited Miss Lizzie's Coffee in Massachusetts

From Fun107:

Fall River’s Miss Lizzie’s Coffee Gets Visit From The Cure’s Bassist Simon Gallup

On Wednesday, April 3, Fall River experienced a special visit from Simon Gallup, the acclaimed bassist of the legendary 1980s English rock band The Cure.

His stop at Miss Lizzie’s Coffee on Second Street made a lasting impression on the local community, especially General Manager Olivia Pereira, who was delighted to welcome the music icon.

Pereira, already acquainted with a family member of Gallup, had previously discussed his interest in visiting the cozy coffee shop.

Gallup called ahead to ensure a quiet visit after closing hours, and got to sit down with the Pereira family over a hot cup of cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso as they shared laughter over spooky stories.

Joe Pereira, owner of Miss Lizzie’s and a Fall River native, enjoyed Gallup's friendly demeanor and down-to-earth personality, as he shared stories about Fall River's infamous figure, Lizzie Borden.