Saturday, May 4, 2019

Robert curated festival around Los Angeles to be announced soon!

One of the biggest surprises that came up in Robert's Debatable interview on Friday, was Robert announcing that he will be curating a festival near L.A. later this year. The official announcement is still a few weeks away, but he did give some info on it (from Slicing Up Eyeballs' article):

Smith dropped the news of the festival when the hosts asked him about the band’s just-announced headlining slot at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October.

“We’ll be announcing another one later this month, which will be a really special one, actually, because we’re curating it,” Smith said. “So it’s going to be on the West Coast. There’s going to be about 10 other acts, all hand-picked. I just wanted to do something a bit like (last summer’s 40th anniversary concert at London’s) Hyde Park. Something a bit celebratory.

“It isn’t going to be a Disintegration show, I’ll be very clear about that. It’s going to be just a celebratory show with a load of artists who all in their own right deserve to headline festivals.”

Smith said the festival “will be in and around L.A.,” and he wasn’t yet sure whether it’ll be a single- or multiple-day event. He added that they tried to stage the event in New York, but it will be held “slightly too late in the year” and the outdoor location they’d been eyeing fell through.

“I can’t wait to announce it,” he said. “It’s such a great bill.”