Monday, March 5, 2018

Record Store Day rumors

Update (03/05/18):  According to the list posted at The Future Heart, 'Mixed Up' is limited to 7,000 copies, and 'Torn Down' is a picture disc and also limited to 7,000 copies.

As Chris White pointed out over the weekend, Universal UK has a 'Torn Down' vinyl listed for release on June 8th. Cat no - 6743092 UPC 00602567430926.
Would think that's the regular non-picture disc release. No word on a CD release yet, but maybe that would be a bonus disc with a remastered 'Mixed Up' CD? Should know something very soon.

Original post (03/03/18): The Record Store Day rumors have started, and there are hints of 2 Cure releases this year (both listed on Amazon France) - Mixed Up and Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras.

The track listing for 'Torn Down':

Side 1
1. Three Imaginary Boys
2. M
3. The Drowning Man
4. A Strange Day

Side 2
1. Just One Kiss
2. Shake Dog Shake
3. A Night Like This
4. Like Cockatoos

Side 3
1. Plainsong
2. Never Enough
3. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
4. Want

Side 4
1. The Last Day Of Summer
2. Cut Here
3. Lost
4. It's Over

The official list comes out March 6th, so not long to wait to see if this is true or not. Record Store Day is April 21st this year. Thanks Alastair and James.