Friday, November 18, 2016

The Cure in Montpellier (Nov. 18th, 2016)

L'Arena Montpellier in Montpellier, France
Doors at 6 / Twilight Sad 8 - 8:45 / The Cure 9:12 -
US start times for The Cure are 3 PM Eastern, 2 PM Central, 1 PM Mountain, and Noon Pacific
Please arrive early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Setlist: Shake Dog Shake, Fascination Street, A Night Like This, The Walk, Push, In Between Days, Sinking, Pictures of You, High, Charlotte Sometimes, Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, One Hundred Years, Give Me It

1st encore: It Can Never Be the Same, Burn, Play for Today, A Forest

2nd encore: Step into the Light, Want, Never Enough,Wrong Number

3rd encore: The Lovecats, Lullaby, Friday I'm in Love, Boys Don't Cry, Why Can't I Be You?

Photos: Sound of Violence

Reviews: Midi Libre

Videos: Push / Sinking 1 - 2 / Charlotte Sometimes / One Hundred Years / Friday I'm in Love / Why Can't I Be You? / Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken the Memory

Periscopes: 1 / Sinking & Pictures of You / High & Charlotte Sometimes / It Can Never Be the Same / Wrong Number /

Thank you so much to & for the setlist reports tonight!


  1. the cure came in Montpellier - le Rockstore for the 1982 Picture Tour

  2. Poor Robert and his voice. He is so amazing that he keeps the shows the same length even though his voice is shot, he wants to give everything to his fans. Rest Well Bob. We love you!!!

  3. Does anyone know what is wrong with Robert's voice? Is it an illness (a lot of ill people around) or has he overworked it? It seems to me that it gets worse by the second/third encore.

    I'm surprised they haven't changed the sets to include songs that would put less stress on his voice.

    1. I think it,s Amsterdam he was also coughing...

  4. His voice is hoarse from all the shows, he has had a nonstop schedule this year and very little time off to rest his voice. Singing 3 hour shows every other night is quite the strain on the vocal chords. It can cause all sorts of problems such as nodules developing on the vocal chords.

  5. Plus he really gave every show in N America 150% every night. Let's see what he sounds like in Madrid & Lisbon.

  6. I worry about his voice. He did an excellent job in the States. I hope he's going to be okay. I will be cheering him on in Manchester and London.

  7. Yes, of course, all that you want about his voice... but Robert on the stage is simply... non plus ultra! I was in Milan first show and they went on 2 hours 50': who the fuck cares about vocal performance when Robert breathes... the same air as you?

  8. I went to the 3 french shows and yesterday night in Montpellier was a great and surprising change : Robert had his REAL voice back, powerfull and he felt secure with, he REALLY sang the songs close to the former melodies (great sinking !) and it was just "like before" even if we know I cant get as high as before.. Really great night, great show (give me it !!...) and great crowd too like in Lyon far better than in Paris. Enjoy the next shows everybody !