Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Cure in Cologne (Nov. 10th, 2016)

Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany
Doors at 6 / Twilight Sad 7:15 - 8:03 / The Cure 8:38 - 11:14
US start times for The Cure are 2:30 PM Eastern, 1:30 PM Central, 12:30 PM Mountain, and 11:30 AM Pacific
Please arrive early for The Twilight Sad! They are excellent!

Setlist: Tape / Open, alt.end, The Walk, Push, In Between Days, Pictures of You, Before Three, High, A Night Like This, The End of the World, Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Trust, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, One Hundred Years, End

1st encore: Step Into the Light, Want, Burn, A Forest

2nd encore: Fascination Street, Never Enough, The Hungry Ghost, Wrong Number

3rd encore: Lullaby, Friday I'm in Love, Doing the Unstuck, Boys Don't Cry, Close to Me, Why Can't I Be You?

Reviews & Articles: Der Westen / Koeln / Koelner Stadt Anzeiger / RP / MediaBiz / WDR / Express

Photos: Intro / Ruhrnachrichten

Cure Facebook Live Stream from The Cure A Pink Dream.

Videos: Before Three

Periscopes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Twilight Sad setlist: Reflection of the Television, Last January, Don't Move, Seven Years of Letters, Nil, I Became a Prostitute, It Never Was the Same, There's a Girl in the Corner, And She Would Darken the Memory

Twilight Sad Facebook Live stream from The Cure A Pink Dream.

Thank you to & for setlist help, for photos, and to for the great Facebook Live stream! And thanks to Petr @thecureCZ for review & photo links!

"Hello? Yeah, I'd like to speak to President Trump. No, of course I'm fucking joking!"

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  1. 1 Seat ticket for sale for tonight at face value 81 Euro.
    Block: 212, Row: 17, Seat: 1
    Contact: sascha.rueger(at)

  2. Replies
    1. Speaking of Kisses, I wish they would come out with a raging The Kiss to open the show, Shiver & Shake in the middle, and Fight to close the set.

      Won't happen, and wouldn't change anything, but damn it would be cathartic!

    2. thought the i read your fight snippets...anyway it will be a great to it in a few minutes....

    3. Have a great time! Hope you get lots of rare tracks and just a fantastic performance!

    4. I'd love them to open with A Hundred Years and booked it with Pornography..

      That would be awesome.. :)

  3. If only tonight we could sleep torture and the snakepit would be cool. Hope y'all have fun

  4. I havent heard 'i became a prostitute' not once in europe. I hope tts plays it at gigs im still going to see. The first tts song i ever heard and that made me fall in love with them in 2009.

    1. I've only just discovered them. Brilliant back catalogue. Brilliant current sounds and cracking live. A MUST SEE (full set) for 2017. Just as RS intended. For me The Twilight Sad have provided the un-released & rare tracks that I thought the cure were going to provide. In some ways I guess RS did serve up as advertised.

  5. Oh,Roberts Voice was down from the beginning! But always Great to See them playing, audience was superb! Highlight was One Hundred Years and A Forest...

  6. love the trump it like it is...a joke. remember, he speaks from a place where he was/is considered a 'subject' much like trump's vision. love you Robbie. always, d

  7. I thought it to be a little bit to poppy. My sister was having a blast. Taking it was here Birthday present she got all the hits she loved :D
    (and a seat that matched her birthdate, funny enough that was a coincidence:D)

    I was hoping for the Bloodflowers set, but got wish ;) Anyway first time ever to hear "Open", finally!!!

    Great night, great crowd!
    Robert's voice was off, last he said was he will be back soon with a new voice ;) -- yeah Rob, see you in 8 years :D