Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Curezum covers 'A Forest'

Update (Sept. 13th, 2016): And here's the video from Bloody-Disgusting.

From Metal Injection:

Curezum made a big splash last year when they burst onto the scene with their cover of The Cure's "100 Years" Now the project is back with a cover of "A Forest" featuring the almighty Matron Thorn of Aevangelist. While "A Forest" is probably a kind of obvious song to black metalify, the band do it admirably. It captures all of the droning magic that the original whilst adding some wondrous black metal fury. Still – the overall delivery of this particular cover is rather artful and in a similar vein to the second or even third wave of black metal style compositions that defined the previous two songs that this band has put out.

What I love about Curezum is the fact that they are unironically showing their love for The Cure. As stupid as the general idea of a black metal The Cure cover band might sound – the dudes in Curezum pull it off with aplomb, showcasing their burning passion for this type of music and reminding us why we all fell in love with The Cure in the first place. Surprisingly vicious and deliciously executed I'm sitting here hankering for a full length. As is – rumor has it that the B side of this single is going to be "Siamese Twins" and feature Christopher Van Huffel, so it might be time to start getting hyped.

Listen to their cover at Metal Injection.


  1. I never knew I needed a black metal cover of a cure song in my life, turns out I did.

  2. Completely aside from the music, I suspect Robert would be repulsed by the idea of even jokingly connecting him to a person like Varg Vikernes when you just want to do a black metal Cure cover. I mean, why? Just ugh.

  3. I was buying it up until Satan started screaming. Sounded like vomit.

  4. Agreed,Paul K.
    I know nothing about black metal but i am not surprised by the way of "singing"...instrumentally though i think it's very good..

  5. I love this video! Hope Simon and Eden get to see it. :)

  6. Siamese Twins, 100 Years and The Top can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/curezum