Monday, July 11, 2016

Technophobia covers 'One Hundred Years'

From Washington City Paper:
Premiere: Technophobia Covers The Cure's 'One Hundred Years'
We're premiering a track from the darkwave electronic duo's debut LP, "Flicker Out." (Thanks Perfect.Murder)


  1. I like the music ..that voice is too generic for this song..their original stuff sounds better Cuz there's nothing to compare it against...verdict? Nope!!!!

  2. Their name reminds me of the Duran Duran song "Danceaphobia".

  3. sounds like every other cover

  4. It's actually not too an instrumental song. If they removed the vocals it would be more palatable. Electronic music and Cure doesn't seem to mesh well together. Remixes, except in rare instances, are also difficult to pull off. It's one of the reasons I wasn't too fond of Hypnagogic States. Oh my goodness, it just "dawned" on me (pardon the pun!) that "hypnagogic" represents yet another sleep related reference. Couldn't believe it took me this long. LOL. In the case of this cover, it had a hypnagogic or soporific effect?

  5. Howdy aLL,

    here is a link to my Soundcloud page - and a link to me Kyoto Cover.

    this song (and most ov mY other tracks currently upload on Soundcloud) were written while travelling on a train. - hence the Tempo.