Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cure play Bestival Toronto on June 12th

From the official site:

"The Cure will be headlining at Bestival, Woodbine Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - June 11th / 12th 2016 (Can you guess which night?!!)

Ticket pre-sale starts Friday 10am EST / 3pm GMT via
Pre-sale access code is: increasethepeacein2016
(No, code is increasethepeace)
Tickets on general sale 10am EST, Monday March 14th
Direct ticket link:"

Note from Bestival about ticket prices - "Tickets will be tiered in price, so the quicker you buy the better price you get".

The access code Bestival emailed this morning is increasethepeace.

Also, there will probably be a limit on the # of tickets they sell in each tier, so if they sell out today or this weekend, don't worry. General on sale starts Monday March 14th at 10 am, when more acts will be announced. 

Update (March 31st, 2016): Presale for single day tickets today. Code is Sundaybest. Public on sale April 1st at 10 am eastern. Also, the daily lineups have been announced.

And as Paul points out, Robert has also added this to the original announcement


IF?!?! Seriously? Now that you've posted that, if the band plays even a 149 minute set, some will be chasing you out of Toronto with pitchforks and torches! :)


  1. Well there is the answer to the months long mystery. Sadly last year they had two big acts and the rest I had never heard of. I just don'tb know if investing in this festival is worth it or not, or wait g for nyc tickets to drop on stubhub and bussing it down.

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  3. Well, there we have it.. only two headliners announced before this morning's presale and as I said before, I don't anticipate an impressive enough lineup to justify spending the money on a festival ticket to see the Cure. I know I'm not the only Toronto fan who is disappointed (yet again... fucking Riot Fest!) and will miss seeing them this time around.

    1. Yeah its kind of dissapointing thst their only announcing two bands, I feel as if they may be the only 2 big names there. It may be enough for some but not enough for me to justify showing up at a festival that has a "get help designing your costume" section on the website.

  4. Thank you, Robert, for once again screwing Toronto. I will not be getting a two day ticket and will patiently wait for single day tickets to go on sale.

  5. Well...what else are they up to on the 13th?!

  6. what a bunch of grumpy gusses in here.

    I love summertime and The Cure. I love diverse festivals with friends that give me the chance to experience new artists and discover or learn more about what's going on in the musical climate.

    This is still a win. And if you guys don't go, cool, because I'd rather not see a bunch of jaded, entitled & closed-off fans who prefer the intimacy of a hockey arena in my periphery, during a beautiful day with my favourite band and favourite people. This is gonna be killer, and just because they're playing like 9 songs less and it's not some deep-cut jackoff hour, oh damn it all to hell? Ah. Your loss. I'm gonna chill in the grass with some $6 bottled water and know I'm exactly where I want to be.

    1. It wouldn't be a big deal if this were a one time thing, but it's not. The Cure haven't played a regular album tour show in Toronto since 2000. In 2004 they did Curiosa, and played for about two hours. In 2008 they did a full-length show, but performed just three new songs in Toronto off of an album that wasn't released until well after the entire tour was over. They again did a festival show when they did Riot Fest in 2014.

      Toronto deserves better treatment than this.

    2. but there's nothing to indicate this is an album tour. no news yet, and they've only put out one record the past decade so it's not like that's a thing we're missing out on. I was at those Toronto shows, and Osheaga, Coachella and Reflections. In 2014 they weren't even touring North America but TO got a show, and somehow deserves more..? kinda whiny and silly, and really hard to enjoy something with those expectations

    3. I'm with you here C. I'm looking forward to this!

  7. With so many people bitching about the upcoming Toronto show it really makes me cringe and shake my head at the fan base.

    The Riotfest set (26 songs) was much more enjoyable than the 2008 ACC show (35 songs) as there was younger, new fans enjoying a band that was newer to them. That ACC show had the worst crowd ever. No one moved, nobody seemed interested and everyone seemed bored.
    Typical Toronto crowd.

    Toronto Set Stats - Average is 25.8 songs
    26 - Riotfest (September 2014)
    35 - 4Tour (May 2008)
    21 - Curiosa (July 2004)
    26 - The Dream Tour (June 2000)
    36 - The Swing Tour (September 1996)
    19 - EdenFest - The Swing Tour (July 1996)
    24 - The Wish Tour (July 1992)
    28 - The Prayer Tour (August 1989)
    21 - The Kissing Tour (August 1987)
    22 - Beach Party Tour (July 1986)

    Only twice in the past 25 years has the Cure played over 30 songs.

    Bestival will give the Cure a full set. However, these 3 hour plus shows are nice but are an exception and don't happen as often as people think. Be happy with the 2 + hours that is the norm.

    Bestival or bust!!!!

    Plus, go check out some new bands. You might actually enjoy them!!!!

    1. Why in the hell are you making so much sense??? Don't you know this is the Internet? ;)

    2. I agree that Toronto audiences are more often than not, a total drag. Dunno wtf you were seated but the ACC show had an awesome crowd from where I was standing and a much better crowd than any of their Molson Amphitheatre gigs! A lot of it had to do with Pearl's return and the possibility of airing still unreleased material from the upcoming "4:13 Dream" album. There was tons of excitement at the ACC that day, it's just unfortunate a fellow Cure fan didn't experience any.
      I would spend the VIP Festival Ticket price on seeing the Cure alone but I will totally pass on the opportunity if this is the line-up (yawn)...

      Anywho, I'm glad some hipster Cure fans are going to support our boys. Should you need help designing your costume, you know where to go and how much it will cost ya. ta.

    3. Apparently that lineup is lit. Other than twilight sad and Jaime xx I don't recognize anyone on there.

    4. yeah. lit with shit.
      huge disappointment but not at all a surprise.
      Clicking through the Facebook page's photo album and judging by the lineup announced, it's predominantly EDM and a glorified rave that may only appeal to Cure fans into Robert's solo output (like his guest vocalist collaborations with Crystal Castles, Japanese Popstars, Junxie XL,Blank & Jones, etc.).
      It's interesting to see the conversation regarding this festival unfold on various public forums.
      "Bestival or bust!!!" indeed, it seems for a number of reasons. Either way, a lot of Cure fans will not be attending this event.
      I think Robert and co. should consider announcing a gig at Ricoh Coliseum or the General Motors Centre in Oshawa on June 13th and do a real "deep-cut jackoff hour".

    5. You'll be lucky to see 105 minutes at Bestival which is NOWHERE near what a normal "evening with" is.

      Keeping in mind that Curiosa was a "Festival" show (AGAIN), it's only ONE TIME that Toronto's gotten "an evening" with since that show was capped at 2 hours.

      Glad I saw then at the Dome in '92. Despite _only_ 24 songs, that show was a long one as well. Also saw them at Varsity Arena in '96 (three hour show as well). Glad I got those.

      I'm not interested in a festival with a bunch of artists I have no interest in, either. At least with Curiosa, I got to see both Muse and Interpol.

    6. I'd be into seeing Grimes and The Twilight Sad, but I'm honestly completely unfamiliar with most of the other bands.

    7. Daughter are really great, too.

  8. Reeves is not in the article. Is this an old photo or does this mean something?

  9. jesus be happy the cure is touring and you get to see one of the greatest bands ever. we saw them at riot in denver and voodoo year before the fest shows are so go robert cramps so much into a 3 hour show.

  10. Craig, look up the bio section on official site. Albums covers are missed. Maybe they are updating it?

  11. Wow...
    The Cure plus 60 opening acts...
    What the fuck's the point?

  12. I went ahead and bought a single day pass for Sunday, June 12. Just over $80 all total in US dollars for a general admission pass, which isn't too bad.