Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tickets on sale Dec. 5th

May 14th - Houston, TX at Toyota Center
On sale: Dec. 5th at noon Central
Tickets are  $25, $40, $55, $70, $85
Ticket link


  1. It would appear that there is a "repress" of Pornography on 2 LP vinyl from Vinyl Lovers that is hitting the streets soon:'!+New+Vinyl+(Nirvana,Cure,GnR,Green+Day)+&utm_campaign=Saturday+December+5

    1. Vinyl Lovers is sketchy. I have their reissue of 3IB and it doesn't sound horrible but it's missing "The Weedy Burton". Once I was able to obtain an original UK Fiction press last! Completely different experience! STICK WITH THE OFFICIAL RELEASES!! I think the last official reissue of Pornography was the RSD (2012?) Red "Back To Black".

      I bet Vinyl Lovers is CD sourced especially with the second LP containing a demo and live tracks that seem to mimick the Deluxe CD reissue. All of the Deluxe CDs are excellent (aside from The Top's "Shake Dog Shake" which has the opening drums slightly cut off). Just stick with the CDs if you want the extra tracks. I bought an original UK Fiction of Pornography for about $30 and it is amazing. The late 80s Elektra reissues are very good too. Just don't pay too much for the older pressings...patience.

  2. Actually, it would appear that this is just old stock that SoundStage promoted through their email list that I'm on. Everything about it (including bar code, catalogue number) is the same, so I'm guessing it's just old stock that SoundStage is trying to get rid of.