Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roger is giving away old Cure shirts

Roger has a sort of promotion/competition on his Facebook. Do what he says and maybe he'll send you an old Cure shirt from 87-89:

"Look what I found in my cupboard! Amazing Australian artist and mate https://www.facebook.com/pages/JODEE-KNOWLES/176390952444187?fref=ts

These are all original and classic Cure shirts. I do have some doubles and if you go to Jodee's page and like it and then tell us who her favourite artist is I will send you one..."


  1. I would love to get an old Lullaby tshirt. I bought one at the Prayer Tour, and wore it until it had holes. Then I cut it up and sewed it to the back of my required 80's goth kid trench coat.

    Still have the coat, my son wore it for a while when he was in high school. He graduated in 2013.

  2. There was a time when simply being in the band was enough to them into your flat.

  3. Dies sind alles originelle und klassische Heilungshemden. Ich habe einige Doppelzimmer und wenn Sie gehen, um Jodee-Seite und mag es, und dann sagen Sie uns, die ihre Lieblings-Künstler will ich euch ein zu schicken ... "

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