Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AATT on how The Cure shows came about

From And Also The Trees on Facebook:

"Hello everyone, Many thanks for all of the comments recently. Lots of people have been asking how the shows with The Cure came about…

Robert (Smith) has always been interested in our evolution and over the years he and Justin (Jones) have kept in touch. His encouragement and critiques have always been valuable to us. After writing to say how much he liked our most recent album 'Hunter not the Hunted' Justin sent a link to our live film 'Missing in Macon'. http://youtu.be/-iOivHqNgpQ
Robert liked it and asked if we'd be interested in playing together again sometime if a good occasion arose. We said we'd like to - and some months later he suggested the Hammersmith Apollo reunion. Simple."


  1. My sentiments exactly, Ronan. Robert's such a cool guy.