Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New projects from Roger

From Roger on Facebook: "Nine years ago Erin Lang and I started a very small record label called 99 Times Out of 10. We have released a few selected albums over the years the last being my Piano Formations collection of piano pieces. We are proud to announce our next release which will be the next album of our friend Hannah Curwood. I have been helping Hannah in a kind of executive producer role over the last couple of years and Paul Corkett mixed it. It will be released next April and Hannah will be on tour to promote it in Europe and Australasia. Her band and project is called Hannah in the Wars and you can check her page for more information.

It would be very nice of you and I would be eternally grateful if you could click LIKE on Hannah's page...."

"Et aussi ma ami Marie Flore elle a un nouvelle album BUY IT!
Marie Flore and I are also making an album together, should be out in Spring..

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