Monday, October 27, 2014

Lol & Lisa Loeb at the library


  1. Ok, I guess I have to be the one to supply a comment. Here goes...

    'You say, Stay (away from the keyboard, Lol, because your wrong note during Reflections has kept RSx from releasing it to the fans that are have been clammmering for it for more years now than I care to remember).

    'You say, I talk so all the time. So... (Stay away from the drums too. Except maybe it might actually be an improvement as far as some Cure fans are concerned, but not me because I don't want to cause trouble, I'm just ready for something new to be released by The Cure).'

    1. You know that's not why Robert hasn't yet released it. :P

    2. Say what you will, but at least the band made great albums with him drumming, two of which are 80s classics (Faith and Pornography).

      That's more than can be said of... a current drummer.

  2. I love Lol on drums. Think the only real limits put on him were the ones from substance abuse. I don't see him not being able to do anything that the current drummer can. Boris is my fav. though. Was hoping he would tour with Tom Bailey this past fall...

  3. Somehow Lol being in the band just made everything better. Not that anyone can explain why... (and that last comment is nothing at against him; it's just that his contribution was something unquantifiable that had nothing to do with technical precision).