Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mogwai's 'CODY' influenced by '17 Seconds'

Stuart Braithwaite tells Uncut that Mogwai's 'Come On Die Young' was influenced by 'Seventeen Seconds'.

Uncut: At the time, Mogwai had developed a reputation as a loud band. But CODY is largely a thing of quiet restraint. Was this a matter of conscious intent – to go against what was expected of you?

Stuart: I think we wanted to show that there was more to our music than radical dynamic shifts, and definitely had that in mind. A lot of very minimal records like Seventeen Seconds by The Cure and Spiderland by Slint were influencing us at the time too. I think it's aged reasonably well. We tend to avoid doing anything gimmicky on our records, which hopefully helps them from sounding too time-specific. As far as our catalogue I think it has its own place. I still like all the songs and I'm pretty proud that such a bleak record made it into the charts – especially as records actually still sold back then. (Thanks Benj)

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