Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What the RAH shows were all about

Wonderful post from Reeves on Facebook:
"last weekend, thanks to the teenage cancer trust (tct), roger daltrey and royal albert hall – where i played two benefit shows for great audiences with my bandmates in the cure -- i had the wonderful opportunity to visit with two groups of teenagers from all over the u.k. who are at different stages in their fight with cancer. some are just beginning the fight... others are victorious and already giving back energy to their brothers and sisters in battle.
on saturday afternoon, i was invited to watch the tct gang perform 2 songs they had written about their time with the disease. it was an incredibly moving experience, made more powerful by their joy, bravery and determination in the face of the big C.
that is why we were performing... that is what put the fire and heart in our performances.
we played for all those that were there, all those we met and those we may never meet.
thank you teenage cancer trust for the honour and opportunity to help in some small way.
TCT's website"


  1. Amen to that Reeves.
    Shortly before The Cure came on stage on the Saturday night this video was played on the big screen:
    Puts all the talk about the reviews of the gig, and to be honest everything else, truly into perspective.

  2. Holy crap...I have a Google Alert emailed to me everyday about The Cure (yeah..I'm a dork), but it seems like everyone is writing about the plans for either a new, double, or three new records. Probably 15 or so articles were written about the show, the updated plans, etc. Most are also coming to their aid and telling people to NOT MESS WITH ROBERT SMITH!

    All around good stuff!

  3. Way to go Roger! Very classy as always!

  4. The surname "gabriel" is fitting

  5. I never know where to send a curespotting (even though i know you don't care too much about them nowadays, this one may be interesting if not shown in your country)

  6. Great post from Reeves. I think we should all feel a little embarrassed about the fuss we've made about a stupid review within the context of what the shows were for.

  7. In 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer. I got a total of 8 chemotherapy , high-dose Chemotherapy, and in conclusion irradiation . In some worse time helped me The Cure´s music very much to continue fighting . The worst moment was in Febraury 2008, when The cure played in Vienna, and I just had the worst of the high-dose chemotherapy. As I helped the other fans very , the Posts were what your currently playing on ChainofFlowers , and I listened to the songs on the hospital . at full volume .
    2012 as The Cure gave a concert in Austria , I have completed my promise to see The Cure live again . This was one of the main motivations in the struggle against my personal cancer.
    No matter what the critics say , The Cure are a best band , and the concerts in London were great. They were concerts for fans. I thanked Robert in Munich in 2000 for more than 20 years of great music , and would like to thank the course for your support against my cancer. Hopefully I can soon admire The Cure live again , and float in my own world ....

  8. I like Reeves :)

  9. Great post by Reeves. It really puts the bilge water spewed by knuckle-dragging trolls posing as legitimate critics in its proper perspective.