Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Splintered In Her Head NZ tribute band

A new tribute band has formed in New Zealand - Splintered In Her Head. Their first show will be on April 5th, opening for Permanence, a Joy Division tribute band. And later in the year, they plan to play 'Seventeen Seconds', 'Faith', and 'Pornography', in their entirety. More info here. (Thanks Michel)


  1. Thanks Craig. We should probably correct our earlier press release by pointing out that we're not a "tribute band" in the strictest sense (and nor are Permanence) - we don't adopt personas or pretend to be The Cure, and we don't attempt to mimic The Cure. We are a band who play live versions of The Cure's 1980-1982 repertoire.

  2. as stiff as toys and tall as men...