Friday, December 6, 2013

Uncut reviews The Cure at Voodoo

Cure at Voodoo review in the new issue of Uncut magazine. Bigger image here. "With its mystical airs & gothic tendencies, you'd be hard pressed to find a more fitting town than New Orleans for The Cure to grace." (Thanks Benj)


  1. I like Uncut magazine. The writers always strike me more as enthusiasts than mere journalists. You'll be hard pushed to find them ever being genuinely negative about an act. Worst case scenario is they'll say someone is
    at least giving it a go, rather than just say they don't like it.

    That is a nice little review.

  2. when did they assert in 2012 that their recording career was "on hold" ?

    1. Not sure I'm aware of any specific interview/s to be fair, perhaps a 'throw-away' comment missed by us but that has stuck with this writer?

      We're splitting hairs though, 2014 brings it to 6 years since they recorded as The Cure. They are undoubtedly 'on hold' as a minimum...

  3. yea, sadly in some respects 2009

  4. Thinning hair? Take it from one who knows, that's not thinning hair.

  5. seriously, Roberts hair is not thinning, my hair on the other hand ...

  6. I feel your pain, Jeff. I'm more Porl than Robert these days.