Thursday, December 26, 2013

'In Orange' 35mm screenings in L.A.

Cinefamily & Part Time Punks are presenting a 35mm screening of  'In Orange' in Los Angeles on Dec. 27th at 9:45pm and Dec. 28th at 9:15pm. (Thanks Scott and AndyTheCureFan)

Update (Dec. 29th, 2013): 2 more screenings have been added. Jan. 6th at 9:45pm and Jan. 9th at 10:30pm.


  1. Just say Orange. The Cure in Orange is my all time favourite movie.

  2. Oh sure I'll be in LA on the 1st.


  4. Any news on Mixed Up 2 - would have been a lovely Christmas present but nothing since July 12.

    Is it still happening?

    1. They reportedly have already recorded several mixes for Mixed Up 2, including one with the Cranes. But no word yet on a release.

    2. Mixed Up 2 is a Cure project that I'd , for once, be pleased to see abandoned. Assuming some mixes are already finished then they're already dated before they've even been released. Such is the way of dance music and remixes in general. They are so technology driven and non-organic that they instantly become stuck in the moment they were created. A perfect example is Inbetween Days from Mixed Up, it's hilarious how dated it sounds now.

      I'd happily wait with no new Cure product at all until NEXT Christmas if it meant they recorded and released the absolutely unbelievable 'accousticy with strings' record Robert suggested in Cure News 20 years ago that sadly was abandoned in concept and morphed into WMS. They're flat out of ideas as a 'rock' band and 'okay' albums just become more and more annoying. I'm confident they have a great middle-aged blokes album in them. They won't even need Reeves, Robert could soothe away on his 12 string accoustic and drop a tiny bit of Fender Bass VI here and there and keep Roger to piano, a REAL organ and yes a Moog on at least one song. Some nice soft bass, a mix of drum styles and slap some string sections here and there.

      Oh man, if only...

      What was that about oranges or something?

  5. Just a heads up, it looks like they're gonna be playing "In Orange" again on January 6th. Keep an eye on this website for confirmation:

    Also, thanks to Andythecurefan for transferring his tickets to me tonight so I didn't get stuck outside. :)

  6. Question re: In Orange. I have the VHS and used to watch it daily. Haven't watched it in probably 20 years though. Saw the first night in L.A. and it was SO great, so nice to see this concert film again, with some definitive versions of their songs (the version of 'A Forest' is exemplary), and seeing Porl and Boris in their prime was AWESOME. However, my question is this, if anyone knows. 'Push' was missing from the 35 mm print they screened! Anyone know what's up with that? I have no doubt it's part of the In Orange setlist; in fact I remember Robert's intro right after 'A Night Like This': he said something like 'This is staying new, unintelligible RS patter, etc, this is called "Push."' And yet, the print totally skipped it over. Anyone know any info about that?

    1. I have a rip of the LaserDisc version of In Orange, and Push is definitely in there. Strange that it is missing from the 35mm print.

  7. It was the same last night. My friend and I were just talking about this on facebook earlier. There were a few more songs missing. BDC, 3IB and 6DW. We're assuming the film was damaged or something so maybe they just cut those out to make it playable. Some of the songs skipped a few beats at times too. BTW, I don't know it word-for-word, but on that part you're talking about, Robert says something like "This is a song about when I traveled on a train and it's called Push". At least I've always heard something like that. :-)

    1. That's right! I remember 6DW and thought the BDC version was great too. Thanks for corroborating. :)

  8. So the question is "will take these songs off from the dvd as well?' They'd better not!!! Better have them and have the full live set even if they differ in quality of the rest of the images, than missings some songs!!! That would be a big mistake! Taking down 6dw, push, bdc, tib from Orange would be... terrible mistake!!!

  9. If anything is omitted it will be a crime.

    This is what he says: "This one's about when I used to wear a dress and travel on a train... and it's called 'Push'."

    This is the setlist according to my iTunes rip:
    Shake Dog Shake
    Piggy in the Mirror
    Play for Today
    A Strange Day
    Kyoto Song
    Charlotte Sometimes
    In Between Days
    The Walk
    A Night Like This
    One Hundred Years
    A Forest
    Close To Me
    Let's Go To Bed
    Six Different Ways
    Three Imaginary Boys
    Boys Don't Cry
    Give Me It
    10.15 Saturday Night
    Killing An Arab
    Sweet Talking Guy

  10. I got this response from Cinefamily: "

    We did a check and the reels seem to match the running time of the film as listed, so either the print we have is the "theater" run of an "extended" VHS or something bizarre happened with the reels! Sorry about the confusion, because right now we don't know for sure, but will keep an eye on it for the next screenings!"

  11. strange IMDB shows it as a 1 hour 53 minutes

    and wikipedia shows it as 94 minutes and 43 seconds:

    very possible the theatrical was different than the home video.

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  13. Saw the 9:45.last night. Push, 6DW, 3IB and BDC were for sure ommited
    However,.to be fair to the cinema, it did seem like there was a really bad rough cut in the reels at one point. As if the 35mm had been damaged, and the splicing was the best done to recover.
    There is also noticeable editing, as the part where Robert introduces Faith is missing.

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