Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'The Bernard Suite' by Roger & Adam Donen

"The Bernhard Suite, composed by Adam Donen & Roger O'Donnell, premieres Saturday 26 October 2013, in Heilbronn, Germany. Performed by the Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra of Heilbronn, conducted by Ruben Gazarian. The suite is inspired by the work of Austrian novelist Thomas Bernhard.
This preview is electronic, and does not represent 1/100th of what is to be expected from the orchestra."
For more info and a link to buy tickets, check here.

Update (Oct. 27th, 2013): Mars posted a photo and 2 video clips (1 - 2) from the show, here's a photo from @AdamDonen, and a few photos of fans with Roger & Adam.

Update (Oct. 28th, 2013): Here's a review.

Update (Nov. 13th, 2013): Adam has posted a video from the show.


  1. wow thats so amazing never thought of reading bout a posting with thomas bernhard as subject. thanks for sharing this information : ) hope roger will come to Vienna as well with this project

  2. This sounds great. Would it be released as a CD ?

  3. some Pictures on FB: