Friday, May 10, 2013

Miniature Cure Schecter guitars

"Did you know? There are 2 miniature Schecter Cure guitars out there. The UltraCure and the one Porl used during the 4Tour. They are about 24 cm high and nicely made.
I found them on a French ebay shop called cultura-one for about 21 Euros each. It seems he hasn't got any in stock now, but maybe they can be found somewhere else on the web?" (Thanks Sylvain)

2 Porls & 1 Robert up on ebay right now. (Thanks Burton_)


  1. three of them on Ebay

  2. Hi, I am Sylvain, who sent this info to COF.
    I own the ultraCure, and Porl's is on the way to my mailbox :o) If you like them, go ahead! They are nice. Body is made of wood, they have 'almost real strings', I mean they are like nylon strings. Of course, they don't produce any sound, they're just decorating guitars.
    Overall quality is good I think.

  3. The ones on eBay don't match the pictures here.

  4. It's kind of annoying that these are listed on ebay under the "Musical Instruments" section when they are not.

    They always turn up in my searches for the actual guitar.

  5. For anyone interested, there are 5 Roberts and 5 Porls available on ebay :

    This is where I got mine. Note that the Porl's guitar I received doesn't have the white cross on the neck as it's shown on the photo.