Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paraguay on sale today

Tickets for the Cure's show in Asunción, Paraguay are scheduled to go on sale at 10 AM today (check local time here). Good luck!

Also, a tip from Jay for any international fans still having trouble getting tickets - ask your hotel's concierge to buy them for you. Worked for him with the Bogota and Rio tickets.

Update (March 10th, 2013): From now until March 21st, if you buy 2 tickets in the same section, you get another 1 for free. (Thanks Maggie)


  1. Got my ticket without any problem. I needed only 1 minute to order. Maybe because I know the website by head now, since I've been looking everyday since the 18th... :)

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  3. RIO DE JANEIRO : 16,922 (previous Maroon 5 gig)
    SAO PAULO : 40,000 (announced by promoter)
    ASUNCION : 32,000 (previous Aerosmith gig)
    BUENOS AIRES : 66,386 (previous Justin Bieber gig)
    SANTIAGO : 47,438 (previous Justin Bieber gig)
    LIMA : 38,712 (previous Justin Bieber gig)
    BOGOTA : 22,000 (announced by promoter)
    MEXICO : 54,617 (previous Radiohead gig)
    TOTAL CAPACITIES : 318,075

  4. seems that the tickets aren't selling like hotcakes.

  5. @craig : any idea how the ticket selling are going?