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The Cure at Le Bataclan (Paris Nov. 6th, 1996)

The Cure at Le Bataclan in Paris (Nov. 6th, 1996 complete show)

From Sven (Curevideo): "Complex plan..aehhh plan complex"

16 years ago I attended my first The Cure club gig at the "le bataclan" in Paris. I still remember the call of my friend, telling me that there will be a "special" show in the city, which had hosted  a great concert in the Palais d`Omnissports just 2-3 weeks ago. Without any hesitation we decided to get there again by car, which is quite a distance from Northern Germany. Arriving there was pretty surreal: By luck it took us only 5min!! to get tickets for the show - thanks to the help of some special friends:) After that we then went to the backstage entrance listening to the soundcheck. A truly moving moment with lots of chicken skin as the band rehearsed "Funeral Party" and "Hanging Garden".  Songs I haven´t heard before live.

Needless to say that the gig itself was a very special one. However next to the unusual venue, fan(t)a(s)tic Cure fans ("Roberrrrt, Roberrrt. Roberrrt") and many rare songs played there the gig had also its downs :It was incredible hot in there with water running down the walls. Indeed the humidity destroyed the video camera of my friend attending the show with me. Thank goodness he was somehow able to capture that special show, which you now can watch on youtube.
The conditions in the venue apparently also had an impact on the band - especially Robert, getting tired, or nearly exhausted to the end of the show. A friend of mine told me that there was not enough water served to the band.
However, despite that it was a unique experience and definitely worth the trip. Hope you enjoy the videos?" (Thanks Sven)


  1. btw, aside from the encore - interesting, strictly "chronological" setlist:

  2. Amazing setlist! I remember hearing this but didn't remember that was the date! Thanks for share you're experience :)

  3. Robert on the show:


    ...I hated Bataclan. Horrible. That was the worst concert actually. Lots worst than Stuttgart.
    I thought it was much too hot. We didn't have any fans on stage. I asked for fans and there wasn't a single fan in the building. That was incredible. Even if I was like 21, I would need a fan!!! It was so hot I was gonna die, and I kept running out of water on stage because they forget to give me some. That is a minor point, but when it turned out you have five seconds to get a drink and there's nothing there... I was really angry. It just didn't work for me. Just I really hated ever second of it from the moment we started to the moment we finished. There was a foul mood when we got back to the hotel.

    But every fan enjoyed this show!!!
    Do you reckon? I think it's one of the things there's kind of a nostalgia or like "I was there" ...

    No I think they enjoyed it because you played unusual songs. You we're wondering before if the people cared about "Subway Song" and I can tell you yes. The people there were real fans.
    Yes I suppose that's what made the difference, but as a concert it was rubbish.

    Do you really think that?
    Yeah. If you compare that as a performance, and everything about it to the Bercy show, I think the Bercy show was infinitely better. I was really angry the next day because Bill phoned up and said "oh people said it was the best show you've done in France in ten years" I thought "It's fucking bollocks, it is."

    That's not the same thing. I don't think we can compare
    I thought doing "Funeral Party" was good. But even "Subway Song" was really fucked because they got me the wrong harmonica, in the wrong key.

    Nobody noticed that!
    I did. It's supposed to be B flat, and they gave me B. They just said don't blow as hard and it'll sound the same. And also I think because there was so many things going on that day that I didn't really enjoy it. There was too much, and I think going back through Paris, when I got on stage my head was just spinning. If I had gone for a beer for a couple of hours and got into the mood I would have enjoyed the concert. But I felt like I was just part of the side show.

    You got stressed?
    I didn't get into the atmosphere at all. That would have been the kind of show if we'd have been up in the dressing room for an hour before we went on, everyone would have been really excited. It would have been really good, but we just kind of arrived, and went on stage. It wasn't really that much fun. I don't know about the others, but I don't think Simon enjoyed it. They said the reason it wasn't really good, is because it was too long, and because I was too pedantic about having two songs from every album. I should just have one song from every album.

    That's why you skipped "Never Enough"
    Yeah. I mean I could see that point actually. If we had done one song from every album it would only have been a thirteen song set.

  4. Maybe to give some advice in terms of video highlights:

    - Subway Song: Robert playing the harmonica
    - Play 4 Today: very loud audience
    - Funeral Party: fantastic sound and voice
    - Figurehead: audience clapping along at the end
    - Hanging Garden --> Roger playing drums
    - Push: Robert playing football on stage!
    - as of Inbetween Days: Camera position much better, better zoom:)
    - ...

  5. Thanks for that. I really enjoy the original setlist.