Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cure in Martin House Hospice auction

From Facebook: "Some of the biggest names in music donate to charity auction for Martin House Children's Hospice. Bidding commences after the festival."
(Thanks @AaronLaw92)

Update (Oct. 4th): The Cure have donated a signed Leeds setlist and vinyl to the auction. Bidding starts on Oct. 5th. More info here, here and here. (Thanks David)

Here's the link to the auction, which runs until Oct. 12th.


  1. Clan Of Xymox is out today with a new cover album, incl bands like The Cure with A Forest, Siouxsie ATB, New Order, Sisters Of Mercy . .
    On ITunes . .:-)

  2. srcret 7 " friday im in love signed vinyl!

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  4. There is a new unofficial DVD called Never Enough Live in Paris that is available for pre-order on Discogs:

    Let me know if anyone gets it and whether it's worth the time.

    1. The Cure didn't play Paris in 2005. And they didn't play Us Or Them at Bercy 2008 (the "Official-DVD-To-Be-Released").

      Don't know what this is about ????

    2. im sure its the 2005 la route du rock show. same songs same country, and it was recorded.

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