Monday, June 11, 2012

The 50 best Cure songs

As picked by Musikexpress. (Thanks Andi)


  1. Wow, a pretty eclectic list! Nice to see some love for Harold and Joe, but...I didn't see Burn anywhere? The list is a lie!

  2. I didn't see anything from the last two albums. So no Underneath the Stars? Fuck this list.

  3. Songs from the last two albums in Cure's Top 50? Are you kidding? The Cure have so much beautiful songs, but they are definitely not on the last two albums! UTS is good, but not Top 50. I like the list.

    1. I'm not kidding. Yes, The Cure have many beautiful songs, and I believe several of those can be found in their last two albums.

  4. My list:

    01. Underneath the stars
    02. Watching me fall
    03. From the edge of the deep green sea
    04. The Same Deep Water As You
    05. Want
    06. Pictures Of You
    07. The Kiss
    08. Bloodflowers
    09. Disintegration
    10. Plainsong
    11. Burn
    12. A Forest
    13. The Figurehead
    14. A Strange Day
    15. End
    16. Your God Is Fear
    17. The Hungry Ghost
    18. Fascination Street
    19. The Snakepit
    20. A Chain of Flowers
    21. It Used To Be Me
    22. The Last Day Of Summer
    23. The Hanging Garden
    24. A Letter To Elise
    25. The Big Hand
    26. Primary
    27. If only tonight we could sleep
    28. Untitled
    29. Adonais
    30. Charlotte Sometimes
    31. Apart
    32. It's Over
    33. The Promise
    34. Going Nowhere
    35. A Boy I Never Knew
    37. Wrong Number
    38. There is no if...
    39. Just Like Heaven
    40. Club America
    41. This Twilight Garden
    42. Sinking
    43. Like Cockatoos
    44. Shake Dog Shake
    45. Icing Sugar
    46. At Night
    47. Uyea Sound
    48. Cut Here
    49. Truth Goodness And Beauty
    50. Cloudberry

    Not the most popular list probably, but in the end more easy for me than I thought. ;)

  5. no '2 late' or 'a chain of flowers' equals totally subjective list that i don't agree with.

  6. That list would almost be not laughable if it went backwards... even then, to quote namepa "useless"

  7. My list:

    1. The Same Deep Water as You
    2. Homesick
    3. The Big Hand
    4. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    5. This Twilight Garden
    6. Play
    7. Open
    8. Plainsong
    9. Last Dance
    10. The Drowning Man
    11. Watching Me Fall
    12. Fascination Street
    13. Prayers for Rain
    14. Faith
    15. The Figurehead
    16. To Wish Impossible Things
    17. Other Voices
    18. Lovesong
    19. The Hanging Garden
    20. 10:15 Saturday Night
    21. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    22. The Holy Hour
    23. Siamese Twins
    24. Want
    25. Where the Birds Always Sing
    26. Disintegration
    27. Inbetween Days
    28. Bloodflowers
    29. Waiting
    30. A Forest
    31. Out of This World
    32. One Hundred Years
    33. Pictures of You
    34. Cut
    35. Play for Today
    36. A Chain of Flowers
    37. Underneath the Stars
    38. Maybe Someday
    39. Just Like Heaven
    40. Push
    41. Pornography
    42. The Blood
    43. Doing the Unstuck
    44. All Cats Are Grey
    45. 39
    46. The Kiss
    47. As Night
    48. Jupiter Crash
    49. Scared as You
    50. High

  8. If you can't tell, I love the "Wish" era b-sides. :)

  9. My list:

    3.A night like this
    4.Pictures of you
    5.Just like heaven
    6.Friday I'm in love
    8.The perfect girl
    9.This twilight garden
    10.How beautiful you are!
    12.A letter to Elise
    13.A thousand hours
    14.In between days
    15.Boys don't cry
    18.Jupiter crash
    21.The loudest sound
    22.Before three
    23.The last day of summer
    25.Prayers for rain
    26.The funeral party
    27.To wish impossible things
    31.The exploding boy
    33.Dressing up
    34.All I want
    35.It used to be me
    36.The Lovecats
    37.The same deep water as you
    40.Siamese twins
    41.Fear of ghosts
    43.This is a lie
    44.Charlotthe sometimes
    45.The drowning man
    46.One hundred years
    47.The big hand
    48.From the edge of the deep green sea

  10. A Forest would be at the top of my list followed by Just Like Heaven and Pictures Of You. Kinda ridiculous to put Harold and Joe ahead of Just Like Heaven.

  11. My List. (In no particular order)

    01. The Last Day of Summer
    02. Plainsong
    02. The Big Hand
    04. Going Nowhere
    05. Just Like Heaven
    06. The Same Deep Water as You
    07. Faith
    08. Play for Today
    09. This Twilight Garden
    10. Birdmad Girl
    11. Bloodflowers
    12. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    13. Three Imaginary Boys
    14. Disintegration
    15. Want
    16. To Wish Impossible Things
    17. Numb
    18. Chain of Flowers
    19. Untitled
    20. Happy The Man
    21. Please Come Home
    22. A Strange Day
    23. Snakepit
    24. From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea
    25. M
    26. Your God is Fear
    27. Sinking
    28. Just One Kiss
    29. New Day
    30. Fascination Street
    31. The Kiss
    32. Fake
    33. The Drowning Man
    34. The Hungry Ghost
    35. More Than This
    36. The Exploding Boy
    37. The Blood
    38. Lullaby
    39. The Loudest Sound
    40. It Used to Be Me
    41. Underneath The Stars
    42. Burn
    43. A Forest
    44. Breath
    45. Lament
    46. A Japanese Dream.
    47. Prayers For Rain
    48. Apart
    49. One Hundred Years
    50. A Night Like This

  12. Much too difficult a task. Impossible to choose. I could do you a top 200...

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  14. This is tough... Here is mine :

    1. Charlotte Sometimes
    2. Just Like Heaven
    3. This Twilight Garden
    4. The Same Deep Water As You
    5. A Strange Day
    6. Lullaby
    7. Push
    8. Going Nowhere
    9. Open
    10. The Kiss
    11. M
    12. A Forest
    13. Play For Today
    14. Piggy In The Mirror
    15. Killing An Arab
    16. Primary
    17. Throw Your Foot
    18. All I Want
    19. Grinding Halt
    20. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
    21. Underneath The Stars
    22. It Used To Be Me
    23. Homesick
    24. Faith
    25. Want
    26. All Cats Are Grey
    27. Plainsong
    28. Cold
    29. Truth Goodness and Beauty
    30. Dressing Up
    31. Sleep When I’m Dead
    32. Just One Kiss
    33. Torture
    34. The Figurehead
    35. In Your House
    36. Three Imaginary Boys
    37. Shake Dog Shake
    38. Bloodflowers
    39. To Wish Impossible Things
    40. It’s Over
    41. Chain Of Flowers
    42. Baby Screams
    43. A Few Hours After This
    44. The Walk
    45. The Snakepit
    46. At Night
    47. Harold and Joe
    48. Six Different Ways
    49. Prayers For Rain
    50. (I Don’t Know What’s Going) On

  15. Except for "The Big Hand" and "Lament", no Cure b-side, no matter how good, deserves to be in the top 50. Similarly, nothing from "Wild Mood Swings" or "Three Imaginary Boys' (except "Boys Don't Cry" or the title track) does, either.

    That said, it's very cool a publication is devoting itself to such thorough fandom. Interesting list, even if I disagree.

    1. Ridiculous. The Cure is one of the best b-side bands I've ever known. "This Twilight Garden" outright owns.

  16. Nothing post-"Wish" is in the Top 50, basically.