Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Help start an East Coast Cure Tribute band

"I'm frustrated that there are no cover bands dedicated to the cure on the East coast! Love the Curse out in LA and others...soooo I want to start my own :-) I can't sing anywhere close to Robert but I have 80% of all of Simon's tabs, and many other guitar chords/tabs down solid. Can you help by posting all interested parties in NYC, CT, Mass area contact me at curecoverbandeastcoast(at)gmail(dot)com? We'll see what happens..." (Thanks Mario)


  1. Hey, I play guitar and sing kind of Robert-esque. I've wanted to do a Cure cover band for AGES. From the Jersey shore.

  2. That's great, Steve. Please email Mario. Good luck!

  3. There WAS Disintegration in Rochester, NY, but they technically broke up about six years ago, though I occasionally tell the keyboardist, who's the resident Saturday night DJ at a Rochester goth club, that they should do a reunion show.

    1. word to rochester, ny...i'd go to a reunion show here!! or even better, get the cure to come out to CMAC or something out in western ny...NOT just toronto.

  4. i'd help out in promotions and maybe could find some musicians in the western ny area.