Friday, November 11, 2011

Fan meetups for Reflections NYC

Pre-show Nov. 25th, 26th 27th around 5ish (or earlier even)
The Columbus Tavern (in the lounge area)
269 Columbus ave Between 72nd & 73rd
All ages welcome

Post show Sat 11/26
The Pyramid Club in the east village Ave A and 7th
Upstairs is 80's and downstairs is industrial goth
(Thanks to Roger @ The Cure For MFC)


  1. Thanks!

    Anything on Friday night?

  2. Want to put something together, Kate?

  3. Yes Craig lets do a meet up Friday evening at 5:30 or 6. I want to beat Autumn in buying you a drink for your awesome website!

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  5. I'm really hoping to stop in for a drink before the show on Saturday and meet all you lovely Cure fans.

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  7. Roger here. Just a reminder that the gathering will be in the lounge area as opposed to the bar, this is for 2 reasons: size of group and to allow for those under 21.

    Having said that, I will probably be there early to grab a bite to eat at the bar, waiting for people to arrive.

    I'll be wearing a red sandalwood seed necklace, should not be hard to miss.

    See you all there

  8. Just so everyone knows, the Columbus Tavern is about a .3 mile 5 min walk from the venue.

  9. Sweet. Can't wait to hang with so many peeps I haven't met before!

  10. Pardon my confusion, everyone. As far as I can tell, these are the meet-up scheduled:

    Friday preshow (COF) Columbus Tavern

    Saturday preshow (COF) Columbus Tavern

    Saturday preshow (CCC) O'Hurley's

    Saturday postshow (COF) Pyramid Club

    Sunday preshow (COF) Columbus Tavern

    It looks like there are 2 Saturday preshows, conflicting?

  11. Kate - Just to be clear, I (CoF) have nothing to do with any of the meetups in LA or NYC. Roger and Cure for MFC are organizing the Columbus Tavern & Pyramid Club events. They were just kind enough to invite us over to join them.

  12. I understand, Craig. Thank you.

  13. Kate, the O'Hurley's meet-up was put together by Cure Connections (or something like that).


  14. And for what it's worth, the Columbus Tavern Saturday meet-up is looking to be quite a nice sized gathering between Cure for MFC and COF.

    I'm not trying to detract from the O'Hurley's meet-up, it's too bad we couldn't have organized it for all to meet at the same place.

  15. I did not know about the CoF meetup until after I'd arranged to go to O'Hurley's. However, if I can get to the Friday or Sunday meets, I will do.
    Would like to meet more people than I managed to in London, (especially Craig!)

  16. Hi. Flying up from Orlando and look forward to meet all if you there. See you in a few days.

  17. @Paul - the meetups are a block apart - do both!

  18. Awesome! We are here now and will be back before the show!!!

  19. Giovanni (with Adrian and Maria, etc.)- sorry about the whole leaving thing last night. Meet me tonight out front before the show, where we were last night. I'll leave my hair down (it's nearly to my knees). -Missy

  20. I'm coming to tonight's show (Sunday) by myself. Hope to meet and hang out with you @ the columbus tavern. What time are you folks planning on getting there?

  21. Thank you everyone who has come out to these meet-ups, Cure fans have taken over the WHOLE lounge Fri and Sat. I met of really nice people (most of which I cannot remember your names).

    I was really impressed by the turn outs and it looks like everyone had a great time.

    For those going tonight (Sun), the festivities usually kick off around 4-5, but here's a hint....if you go to the side entrance of the Beacon (around 4:30 ish) you'll have a good chance of meeting the band. I would get there early though as we got there around 3:30 and there was already a bit of a line and the band wasn't going too far down the line (but Christie was able to get her Doing the Hansa sign signed and the request in).

    I knew I should have requested Forever, somebody please do it tonight.