Monday, November 21, 2011

Cure Reflections LA - Night 1

Reviews: CoolHunting Project / Noozhawk
Audio: Dime Source 1 / Dime Source 2 / T.U.B.E.
Photos: CoolHunting Project / Debi / April / Darrell / Wontoncruelty / Sad Giraffe / Soundspike / Paul R. Giunta / Olivier
Video: 10:15 Saturday Night 1 - 2 - 3 / Another Day / Fire in Cairo 1 - 2/ Subway Song / Foxy Lady / Three Imaginary Boys & Weedy Burton / Weedy Burton / A Reflection - Play For Today / A Reflection / Play For Today / Secrets / Three 1 - 2 / In Your House / Final Sound - A Forest / A Forest 1 - 2 / At Night / Holy Hour / Primary / All Cats Are Grey / Funeral Party / Faith / Killing An Arab / Jumping Someone Else's Train & Another Journey by Train / The Lovecats

11:09 PM - - And Lovecats closes out an amazing first night!!!!

11:04 PM -: Best encore ever! - tony

10:35 PM - : Jumping some one else's train

9:43 PM - : The Cure continue to impress. Love those guys.

9:16 PM - : This is so fun to watch the cure doing a special set. Adrian

9:07 PM - : The Forest! No better way to spend a Monday night in LA - tony

8:43 PM - Olivier: Sound of rain, thunder rumbling - on tape.

8:25 PM - Olivier: In Sydney it was a well-rehearsed filmed performance. Here this is a full-fledged Cure show! The energy is amazing, great crowd.

8:24 PM - Jeff reports that Trent Reznor is also at the show tonight.

8:24 PM - : THE CURE rt now! ReflectionsTour

8:03 PM - Olivier: The entire theatre is standing up and screaming. "This is 1979."

8:01 PM - Olivier reports that the show has started right on time.

7:54 PM - HaloCure13: New tour poster and giant robert banner

7:53 PM - HaloCure13: very fun meetup tonight!! Total Cure fan madness

7:09 PM - Olivier: Small cameras are allowed - no flash photography - no recording nor filming of any kind.

7:06 PM - Olivier: Interior doors just opened. Birds chirping in the speakers. Photo of the merchandise.

5:28 PM - - We are having the OFFICIAL Cure AfterParty TONITE here at Boardners!

3:13 PM - - So excited to see The Cure play tonight in Hollywood!!! I can't wait!! One of my favorite photo-ops EVER. Starstruck!
(Note: I'm pretty sure that isn't a current photo, just one from the Curiosa era in 04.)

(Thanks Olivier)

Hope everyone has a great time at the show! Not sure how much I'll be around tonight, I have a big NY Trip to prepare for, but will update as much as I can. I think you already know the setlist, right? : ) And be sure to check Olivier's Reflections page for updates, too.


  1. I hope that you can update Craig.

    We all know the setlist but following the events at CoF is always a fan pleasure to me.

    Thanks and good luck at preparing your NY trip i suppose.


  2. Remain in the moment. Enjoy the shows, everyone.

  3. So excited for everyone there : )

  4. I'm excited & I'm not even there! Well I'm excited for everyone at the show & for the The Cure too. Have a great show tonight Cure peeps! Looking forward to all the pics & videos tomorrow! Good night!

  5.!/nodoubt are on the cure and posted few pic

  6. So, why does Robert play the three different colored Jaguars? (Sunburst, white, black) I don't get it. Do they have different pickups? I get that the colors seem to generally follow the "feel" of the albums. But is it just color/feel, or can anyone tell a difference in sound between the guitars? So curious!

  7. Hey, I have a question! Which version of I'm Cold are they playing? The slow or fast? Because the actual version is really slow but the studio demo off the TIB deluxe is really fast and the latter is just about my favourite (think top 40 :P) Cure song! thanks :D


  9. I'm super confused, what's with the exclamation on the word ARAB?

  10. For the last few years, Robert had changed the lyrics to Killing Another, but at the London show, and now LA, he's gone back to the original lyrics.

  11. Lia, the version of I'm Cold that they played was more like the demo version but still almost more like a 3rd version.

    I haven't been to as many shows as some of you have but I have been to a number of them since 1984. This was a great "coming full circle" experience. The crowd was good and well-behaved but very excited and they seemed to know a lot of the obscure stuff although there were a couple points where there was a bit of a "Huh?" from the crowd but even still songs like Descent (this one actually came across pretty good) and Splintered in Her Head were well received (Robert introduced these as "instrumental B-sides" and really rocked out and got kind of zydeco-folksy with the harmonica on the latter in stark contrast to his more subdued playing that I saw on one of the Sydney YouTube videos).

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  13. My cousin said he thought he heard Robert singing some lyrics from The Empty World during one of his improvisational moments, possibly on Splintered in Her Head. The whole audio mix seemed kind of strange with the keyboards and guitar down kind of low and the bass in higher (for the most part) and the drums overpowering everything. This was very much a rhythmic night, especially when some of the songs had three percussionists. Very good to see Laurence back and doing both percussion and keyboards (sometimes both on the same song - likewise with Roger). A minor complaint is that they don't arrange the drums the way they used to with Laurence doing the tribal pounding on the toms and Andy (or Vince, as in my first live Cure experience) or Boris adding percussive accents from their standard drum kit. However, I was still impressed with Jason powering through on this one and was glad to hear it live for my first time since 1985.

  14. Since they played The Caterpillar at Bestival I was hoping they would go one further past The LoveCats tonight and add The Caterpillar but, yeah, I kind of knew they wouldn't. I was waiting to hear what he said about "next year" and was expecting him to say something along the lines of "see you next year for the next three" but to me it sounded like he said, "see you next year for The Top." Then everybody cheered. And I might've heard wrong but that's what it sounded like to me . . . although I admit I can only ever make out about 1/10th of what Robert says. Anyways, please let Andy play that set next year.

    Other thoughts: this was the most rockin' version of Other Voices drumwise that I have ever heard. I didn't even recognize it at first because it almost started to sound like the thunderous drums on Icing Sugar (I know, totally different song). After they ended The Weedy Burton Robert said something about how they were forced to play that song. Well, I like it and I like all those quirky little nooks and crannies in their catalog. Also liked the 1980-style "Jumping Someone Else's Train/Another Journey By Train." What a treat to hear the medley played live and properly and I was pleasantly surprised when AJBT got a big cheer from the audience right when it started. Oh, and sorry but I like World War (and Jason's versions of the drums on it), just like I like Club America.

    Might post more random thoughts after I wake up.

  15. great! enjoy the nights in l.a. and nyc as we did in london!!!!



  18. Don't think I can manage to put into words what I felt about last nights show! So I will keep it simple. Simply amazing! Robert and the boys just nailed it last night! Sounded fantastic, and felt fantastic! Going again tonight and am really looking forward to it. My only complaint about last night, the whole of the Center to Left Balcony; or as I refered to it last night, the Xanax section. They sat on their asses the entire time, until the very end. Now granted, yes there are songs that do well with taking in sitting down, but come on, TIB is a post-punk, rocking experience! And then, to be surrounded by everyone glued to their chairs during Play For Today, A Forest, Primary, The Holy Hour, Other Voices..., etc..., was a first for me! Unheard of! Hey, I understand to each his own, but don't start bitching at someone for wanting to get up and move at a rock concert, screw it, I was going to do it regardless. In my opinion, those guys on stage are STANDING for 3+ hours rocking us out, and deserve some reverence!

  19. So yeah, that will be my last Cure show ever sitting in the balcony! Floor all the way, until I cannot stand anymore! So looking forward to tonight!

  20. What time did the show start? It isn't 7:30 as shown on the tickets right?

  21. Your right christianz the opening line Robert sings during Splitered in her head is "As stiff as toys and tall as men"

  22. Started about 750, but that was only because so many people were not at their seats. Robert even mentioned it when they took the stage. Said something to the effect of waiting for people to come to their seats!

  23. So stoked right now, FRONT ROW for tonights show!

  24. One show down 5 more to go! Woot! I really hope everyone is having a great time at the shows this week! I'd love to be there too and I'm very thankful for the Cure Fans who share all this news with us peeps who can't make it to some or all of the shows. Much appreciated! :)

    Thanks for the Videos & Pics Cure Peeps! Great stuff as usual! Looking forward for some more from tonight's & tomorrow nights show!

    @ChristianZ & MojoJackson808 - Cool reviews! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hello all! It was a great show last night, unfortunately I could not make it to the meet up as my flight was delayed coming into LAX.

    Can you imagine getting to the airport for a 4pm flight that says 'delayed'? Fortunately it was only an hour and I arrived with about 1.5 hours to spare!

    Took a cab from LAX to the W hotel where I was staying ($40!!). Got my room, crashed for 20 minutes, and walked across the street to the show.

    The line for t-shirts was ridiculous, so I skipped that and went right to my seat. What a beautiful, intimate venue. I had a great line of sight and was a lot closer than I thought.

    Show was fantastic. It was surreal to see them play songs off 3IM and stuff like 'Three', '17 Seconds', etc.

    What I did find funny was the huge response that 'Boys Don't Cry', and the three 1983 singles got, lol.

    It was great to see both Roger and Lol back in the band. Once Lol hit the stage it really felt like THE CURE again. He really seemed to be enjoying himself.

    I am glad I stayed at the W, it was really expensive, but it was very nice to just walk across the street and crash. The parking lots near the venue were a disaster from what I saw.

    Woke up, got an early cab to LAX and made it back home safe.

    Have to say, it was a great Cure experience and I hope those of you attending the next shows enjoy it!

  26. My extra ticket is no longer available. Giving it to a friend who is going to drive up from San Diego.

  27. @MojoJackson:


    I was in the Xanax section! We were in the front, though, so I decided not to stand because, well, I was in the front. Danced in the chair. The people around me really pissed me off. The couple two seats down came in late and left early. They sulked the whole time and the girl even took a little nap on her guy's shoulder. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Fantastic concert.

  28. @andythecurefan

    Great website, that guys photos of the show are awesome & so is his other work. Thanks for the link!

    @ghanisbuli Why do these people even go if they are not going to get into the show and come in late and then leave early? Too bad you had to sit down for the entire show, that must have sucked ass big time but I'm still glad you had a good time despite the xanax people sitting around you.

  29. I am very happy to have met ghanisbuli! I've admired her from afar for years only to realize we are so close in age. Great times! Let's do it all over tonight!

  30. @ghanisbuli, yeah, I just paid extra for it on Stubhub! But a very good price for row AAA! After my experience in the Xanax section last night, I said what the hell and went for it! You only live once!

  31. @MojoJackson:
    Totally. That's why we are here! I am being a terrible grad student. If I had the money, I would spend it on this. We're already spending money that we don't have...

    It's funny that you say that, because I've always respected you and how you're really in the heart of all of The Cure madness. I'll be there at 2:00!

  32. Great shots, thank you for the links.

  33. Here are some pix I took at Mondays show...

  34. @ghanisbuli LOL! That's something I can not even think about, so strange! I mean c'mon, there are thousand of people (like me!) dying to be there and you're sleeping (wtf!?!?!) while THE CURE is playing right in front of you? LOL, SO funny

  35. Two different audio recordings of night 1 in LA are up on Dime...



  36. It won't let me register on Dime... Can I snag it from someone another way?

  37. For those interested, I'm uploading some more photos from night 1. this is the flckr link.

  38. MojoJackson808 said...
    So stoked right now, FRONT ROW for tonights show!

    I was in the front row for the monday Pantages concert as well. Center section first seat on the right. Where were your seats???