Saturday, October 1, 2011

Win tickets for Reflections London

Only open to residents of the UK. Be careful with this, as it could be a scam. It will definitely get you a lot of spam and soliciting.
"Win an exclusive fan package to see The Cure perform ‘Reflections’ live at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 15th. Tickets incredibly sold out in less than 4 minutes so this could be your last chance to see Robert Smith & co at their very best in our free competition.
Prize Package Includes: Two fantastic seats to see The Cure Live at the Royal Albert Hall on November 15th. One nights’ accommodation in a city centre hotel. £100 spending money." (Thanks honeyinmyveins)


  1. If only the prize included airfares from Australia too!

  2. I defy anyone to go through the whole thing...never been asked some many questions to win 2 tickets and gave up halway....

  3. Think it's a scam, JC? Anyone familiar with the site?

  4. it does seem like a scam but i did it anyhow.
    if i do get a ticket it will be worth all the spam and marketing phone calls evry evening.

  5. Possibly a scam...thing is they certainly want to know a lot about you...these are just a few examples....You might want to scroll down to the end now:)

    I mean i don't mind giving my email address, gender and telephone number, but the questionnaire is asking way too many things...sorry for the long post!!!

    PS:I had to edit this post as it was too long!!

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    Lifestyle Survey

    Please enter the questions below:
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  6. Wow! That is just ridiculous!

  7. And that's only about half the questions!

  8. Well if it isn't a scam, I think it's safe to say they are going to send you tons of spam if you give them your info. Be careful with this, guys.

  9. As much as I want a ticket, I don't want to be fielding spam calls, letters and emails for the next 3 years - and whether you answer yes or no is irrelevant, once they have your info they can sell it onto any of those companies listed and we'd be none the wiser.

  10. I passed it on to Craig but I wouldn't have if I thought it was a scam, i've checked out who runs the site (LBM ) and they seem to be a pretty legit marketing company but I agree, the trade off of appplying is they do want all your info and you will get loads and loads of spam/junk mail.

    It's a bit like all those sites that run alongside the Zynga games on Facebook wehre you can get free items/upgrades etc if you filled in surveys.

    Have to admit I wouldn't do it and if Craig prefers to take it down it makes no difference to me. Really wouldn't want anyone to feel like they've been conned or given to much away.

  11. smellsss like a scam.

    but hey, you never know. i started doing online surveys one time because i was curious, and i legitimately do get amazon gift cards and stuff, although it's a very small amount for the number of surveys you fill out. but hey, it's time i would have spent on the computer anyway.

    anyway, there is a chance this could actually be real, just with a really slight chance of winning, and mostly using the prize as something to lure people into surveys/marketing/spam/etc.

  12. I imagine the prize is real, but at a price...your privacy I guess.

  13. nothing new abote porl thompson craig?

  14. What would be new? He's not a member of The Cure right now. But just as there's been no official announcement (from Robert) of Roger being back, there's been no announcement of Porl leaving. And there may never be one.