Monday, October 3, 2011

Reflections London tickets update

"I've just spoken to the RAH ticket desk to ask about what date the tickets will be sent out, I was told they are ready to go and should be in hand 3 weeks before the concert." (Thanks anonymous)

And please check the comments for statements from the RAH about the ticket situation. (Thanks Sunny and Paul)


  1. From Sunny:

    for info: reply from royal albert hall to my query about ticket distribution process.

    Many thanks for your enquiry.

    For this particular concerts, tickets were available to purchase either through the Royal Albert Hall or through the following list of official ticket agencies who were selling tickets at face value, plus their own booking fee, which should put them roughly in line with our own ticket prices:

    The Ticket Factory - 0844 338 0000
    SEE Tickets - 020 7403 3331
    Ticketline - 0161 832 1111
    Gigantic - (On-line box office only)
    Stargreen - 020 7734 8932

    Unfortunatley for many events as popular as this, tickets that have been purchased from official sources will then be re-sold almost immediately by touts who are trying to take advantage of people who have been unsuccessful in buying tickets. Whilst we are aware of this activity, it is very difficult for us to police as it isn't technically illegal to re-sell tickets via third party websites. We do try and cancel any tickets that we see being sold for an extortionate rate online, but this isn't always possible if the seat details or customer's information is unclear.

    I completley understand your frustration with this and would like to assure you that we are trying to combat this more frequently occurring issue.

    Best wishes,

    Alice Green
    Box Office Assistant
    Royal Albert Hall
    Kensington Gore

  2. From Paul:

    not sure if anyone else is interested in this, but this is the response I got from RAH regarding the online ticket system, and my complaint that I was held in the queue even though it was already sold out...feel free to share

    Customer Services wrote:

    Dear Mr West,

    Thank you for your email, and I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment surrounding tickets for The Cure in November.

    As you may be aware, the Royal Albert Hall is a receiving house, i.e. a venue which hosts events that are promoted by a third party; The Cure presented by 3a Entertainment in this instance. The promoter is responsible for the creative and administrative arrangements surrounding their event and makes all decisions concerning the date and time the event goes on sale and how tickets are distributed between different sales origins. For this event, tickets went on sale at 9am on the 30th of September through two Box Office sales outlets (online and over the telephone) and due to the many thousands of people interested in attending this very popular event, the supply of tickets was exhausted very quickly. I am sure that you will appreciate that a one night residency in a venue of around five thousand seats will be quickly exhausted under these circumstances. The online queue capacity was set at 5000 to avoid the website crashing, and the queue both online and over the phone moved steadily throughout the morning until all tickets were sold out, which is when the sold out message was displayed.

    I understand that not being able to obtain tickets for this performance is a disappointing outcome. The promoter did decide to sell a selection of tickets directly through select ticket agencies other than the Royal Albert Hall Box Office. The ‘primary’ ticket agents, including the Hall’s own Box Office, sell tickets on behalf of the promoter directly and, as such, should sell tickets at their face value; although fee structures work differently from company to company. I can assure you that any primary ticket agency will aim to sell tickets fairly and will guarantee your booking at the event. For you reference, the official agencies for The Cure tickets are as follows:

    The Ticket Factory 0844 338 0000

    SEE Tickets 020 7403 3331

    Ticketline 0161 832 1111

    Gigantic (online box office only)

    Stargreen 020 7734 8932

    I can only apologise that you were unsuccessful in purchasing tickets on this occasion and that I can offer you no advice other than to check back with the Royal Albert Hall Box Office or alternative agencies intermittently for return tickets. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further comments or queries; however, in the meantime, I look forward to being able to welcome you to the Royal Albert Hall in the not too distant future.

    Best regards,
    Harriet Alexander
    Customer Relations Team
    Royal Albert Hall
    Kensington Gore
    London SW7 2AP
    Tel: 020 7589 3203 ext 2327

  3. I can't believe there's only a date for "Reflections" in Europe and¡it's a tuesday! I would fly anywhere on saturday... :(