Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pleasure of being a Cure fan

"I would just like to let you know that this morning I was interviewed by Finnish national radio YLE about being a Cure fan. This weeks program was about pleasures and I was interviewed about the pleasures of seeing the Cure live all around the world. The interview is obviously in Finnish but maybe someone who understands the language would like to hear it." (Thanks Antti)


  1. I shared pizza with Antti and a few others outside the stage door exit at Reflections.. Good night, that!

  2. Same here, the pizza was superb, and the pizzadriver had a good laugh ! Actually i diddent mind not getting backstage, we had a great time until late morning, good fun sitting and sharing cure memories with germans, french, finnish, english, americans & australians (problaby more countrys) in sydney !! , and myself from norway . .talking about what a historic nights we had shared . strange enough me and Antti stayed on the same hotel.
    Mabye next time in Tokyo for a trilogy of The Glove feat S Severin, Japanese Whispers & The Top ?
    Again thanx to Olivier & Craig for helping me with tickets & eveything !!
    I love you all :)

  3. the pizza was good! probably better than what they were having inside. :D

    memorable night which i mentioned at the interview.

  4. Those 2 nights in Sydney rocked...meeting people from across the world(Autumn,Mike, Darren,Maggie, Debbi, and so many others) was a real treat....

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  6. hey I was there too that night, casually leaning against a pole for five minutes...didn't have the stamina you boys and girls there was cheap beer elsewhere...

  7. Off topic:

    Official site update:

    Robert posted about Bestival merchandise selling here:

    I want one !!


    P.S. I felt "something", i took a look at and found this.

  8. @ml68 you should have brought us some cheap beer! :D

  9. "Mabye next time in Tokyo for a trilogy of The Glove feat S Severin, Japanese Whispers & The Top ?"

    i DESPISE flying but i would go anywhere to see that trilogy!