Friday, May 6, 2011

'Reflections' pages

Just a note to say I've created 2 new pages for the 'Reflections' shows. This one is a sort of a FAQ about the shows, and this one is for specific info & tips about getting tickets and SOH info. Hope you find them useful. Once ticket sales are over, we can use it for selling extra tickets, planning fan meet ups/parties/events, requests for help with room & ride sharing, or anything else you guys need help with.

Update: And Grinderman has kindly offered to help with any questions you have about the Sydney Opera House. Just post a question in the comments. Thanks, Grinderman!


  1. Hey Craig, thanks for all the info and updates. I am in Australia and will do all I can to get tickets. I have been saving my "Nightmare before Curemas" Tee Shirt by Rev. Heron for a special occasion :-)

    There is a competition on Triple J next week for flights and tickets. I also noticed on the Vivid page a link to listen to broadcasts on Triple J. Maybe they will stream???

  2. Thank you, Frodsham. Heron is going, and I'm sure she'll be happy to see fans wearing her shirt. : )

    Yeah, I saw the Triple J broadcast thing. Fingers crossed on that! Maybe at least a few songs? Hope so.

    Do you have more info on that contest? I assume it's for Australians only? Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!

  3. I may have missed this in another thread so my apologies if I am asking something that has been addressed but how are the seats in the opera house? Is it better to be up front or a little further back for the full experience?

  4. Thanks for the info.

    Will it be all seated, or can they remove the seats in the Stalls section?

    Anyone know the difference between Premium, Class A and B tickets?

    *Interested in the difference in seat not price of ticket.

  5. xchrissyx: There's around 2000 seats in total, but if you can, aim to get a seat in the stalls right in front of the stage. In regards to experiencing it best; personally, I went to a show there a few months ago and sat in the 5th row from the stage, dead centre, and it was way too low. Try to aim for at least the 8th row back, and it's pretty phenomenal both visually and aurally up until about Row T. Having said that, every seat in the house will have perfect sound; it's just that viewing angles may be a little tricky depending on if you're sitting in the boxes or in the Circle up the back. But honestly, don't risk mucking around; just get the first tickets you can get and enjoy the show, otherwise you'll be kicking yourself for taking that 30 seconds to find a better seat, and in the meantime all the tickets will be gone!

    Hummer: In regards to the seating configuration, the seats are fixed, so the whole show is seating only. However, the seating plan that will be used is slightly different, as the first 3 rows of seats have been removed in order to extend the stage. Therefore, the seating starts at Row D. Premium tickets are basically everything in the front Stalls section. Except possibly the first 3 rows, which usually are discounted because it's a difficult viewing angle from below. So basically (and obviously), the best seats are going to be the highest priced.

  6. Thank you for posting that, Grinderman. Great info!

  7. They have just said to tune in during what I think will be the daytime show next week.

    I presume that because flights are included that it will be open to Aussies only.

  8. No problems, Craig. If you or anyone else wants more info on the the venue itself, I'm there all the time, so feel free to post any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

  9. grinderman: Thanks so much for all the info. I hope to see you there all the way from Cali. :)

  10. Thanks again for the help, Grinderman. I put a note about asking you questions on the front page.

    One thing I'm wondering about is security at the venue. How strict are they? I read on their website that they do not allow any sort of photography, not even with cell phones. Is that true? Have you ever seen them confiscate cameras or ask someone to stop taking photos?

    What about signs and banners and such. I know some fans want to make birthday signs for Simon, and bring them in to the show. Is that sort of thing usually allowed?

    And what about security when entering the venue? Frisking? Metal detectors?

    Oh, and is there any sort of age restrictions at the SOH? Someone had asked that earlier.

  11. Thank you, Frodsham. Please let us know if you hear any more about the contest.

  12. Grinderman is having trouble signing in, so I'm posting this for him. Again, lots of good info here. Thanks again!

    "Craig: In regards to security, they are particularly strict about enforcing a no-photography policy, especially when the shows are being filmed. I was at a concert last month for The Church which was being professionally filmed, and was told while walking to my seat that there was a zero tolerance for photography. While I've never seen them confiscate cameras, I have seen many times ushers going up to people taking photographs and telling them to put them away. It's ridiculously distracting to see both the ushers walking around going up to people, and its just as distracting seeing flashes go off in the audience, so I personally think it's a wonderful policy. I mean it's being filmed, you'll see it professionally shot. I do suggest taking pictures though before and after they play, just ask the ushers politely if you can grab a few snaps while the lights are on; all you internationals need to play the tourist-card! If you can, maybe sneak a few snaps in now and then, but do so at your own risk. It's also worth taking some pictures while exploring the foyer etc. before the show (when you show the ushers your ticket and they tell you which door to enter, keep walking to the top of the stairs and make your way to the bar at the back; it has the city's best view of the Harbour Bridge!) It's also worth noting that if you've got something like a bag that you'll be bringing, they have a coat-check, where anything bigger than a standard handbag (or an A4 sheet of paper) must be surrendered for the duration of the show (it's a free service).

    Personally, I've never been to a show where people have put banners up, but I suggest if you do, be very sneaky about bringing them in; roll/fold it up and stick it down your shirt, and wear a jacket. But be prepared for them to be taken away; remember, because it's seating-only, and a sign you put up affects the show for everybody sitting behind you. If you paid $180 a ticket to sit in the front section, the last thing you'd want is for someone to throw an obstruction in front of you, so if the security guards don't take it, the people around you will (or you'll get stuff thrown at you. Sydney crowds are pretty tame by most standards, but when you're ruining the show for them, they'll let you know it!) Maybe just try to start a "Happy Birthday" song during an intermission or encore on the 2nd night instead of bringing a banner.

    I've never encounted metal detectors or frisking while going there, but there is definitely a security presence (they are particularly careful about not letting glass into the theatre). Just be responsible, folks.

    The Sydney Opera House has no restrictions on age limits for their live music; I've seen people there aged 9 months to 90 years.

    Oh, and for people flying to Australia from abroad who might need domestic flights to link to Sydney: avoid Tiger airlines. They're the riskiest airline to fly with due to their constant cancellations and delays (so too are Jetstar, to a lesser extent). Play it safe and pay the extra $50-$80 to fly with Virgin/QANTAS etc and aim to arrive well before the show if you can; there's plenty to do here. In particular, for the Vivid festival the buildings surrounding Circular Quay (where the Opera House is), as well as select buildings in the city, will be illuminated as part of an art installation. Check out the festival's webpage at to see everything that's taking place at the festival (the music part that The Cure are playing, called 'Vivid Live', is just a small part of it!)"

  13. I am so excited! My husband and I have already booked our flight and hotel. He made me a Cure mixed tape when we first started dating (mixed tape...that tells how long ago that was).

    We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary the week before the show.

    Us, The Cure, Sydney....what a way to celebrate!

  14. Jennifer: That sounds wonderful! Happy anniversary, and hope you guys have a fantastic time in Sydney!

  15. Triple J havent really supported The Cure since the Wild Mood Swings era when it was album of the week. Apart from Out Of This World getting the odd airplay in early 2000 the band have had little broadcast. I'd be surprised if JJJ ran a Cure competition.

  16. Encore
    Michael Dempsey : bass
    Lol : Drums
    Robert Smith : guitar, vocals

    Boys don’t cry
    Jumping Someone Else´s train
    Killing an arab

    Is it impossible? ;-)

  17. a general question. i've never been to australia(been to nz but never oz). how quickly can i get a tourist visa? is it online thing like the ESTA?

  18. Craig, apologies if this comes through multiple times - just had some browser issues.

    Questions for grinderman [thanks for answering all our questions by the way] The last time I was in the SOH concert hall, ushers kept telling people to sit down everytime we stood up during the show. Is this likely to be an issue? I can't imagine us all remaing seated all night, especially considering it's being professionally filmed, wouldn't they get better audience shots if we're allowed to stand?