Monday, December 27, 2010

Huge Church US tour news

Update: They've added a show in Atlanta, GA on Feb. 22nd at the Variety Playhouse.

I know we have a few Church fans reading CoF, so I just want to make sure you've heard today's big news. The Church will be playing Untitled #23, Priest=Aura, and Starfish in their entirety, each night on their US Winter 2011 tour!


  1. *swoon* The Church was my first concert!!

  2. I just really wish they would come to Colorado. Hopefully the cure will do a tour like this in the near future!

  3. I could kind of see the cure going this route in the future honestly. I can't see robert or the rest of the band being too keen on doing extensive tours for much longer. Detroit was already a casualty on the last tour so it seems like traveling for special gigs will be a reality.

  4. Best News ever!!!!!! The Church are the only band not declining in creativity over the years ( no disrespect to The cure ). Oh man, I wish the last Cure album would have sounded just half as amazing as the Church's last brilliant album 'Untitled #23'. I'm so excited to hear some of my favorite albums in their entirety!!

  5. Best News ever!!!!!! The Church are the only band not declining in creativity over the years ( no disrespect to The cure ). Oh man, I wish the last Cure album would have sounded just half as amazing as the Church's last brilliant album 'Untitled #23'. I'm so excited to hear some of my favorite albums in their entirety!!

  6. jimhb: YES. The Cure REALLY need to come to CO!

  7. Kate - When was that? Which tour?

    Really wish they would add a show or two down south. But I expect I'll be traveling if I want to see this show. No way I can miss this. P=A is one of my favorite albums of all-time.

  8. seeing them next week in Oz!! hopefully they bring the 3lps things back here...they are on FIRE at the moment...enjoy!

  9. I'm with ML68 - I really hope this format comes to Oz.

    *waves at Craig* - you know what you did :)

  10. Yep, the Church are one of THE great bands at the moment.

    They are making music without ANY thought to commercial gain and, as a result, are making the best music of their career.

    I saw the "Intimate Space" show (playing a song from every album played in reverse chronological order in acoustic format) in Brisbane a couple of weeks back, and it was magical. What really came across was how much enjoyment they seem to get out of playing such a rich catalogue of music.

    I have always said that the Cure are my fave all time band.... but its very hard to go past The Church's output since 1998's Hologram Of Baal - consistently brilliant music!

    Am I rambling here...? Who cares! It criminal that they are still overlooked - its perplexing to me that someone like Nick Cave (all due respect) is so internationally lauded, yet The Church still languish in semi obscurity.

    Anyway.. fingers crossed that they bring the U23/P=A/Starfish tour to Aus - the odds would have to be favourable :)

  11. As a curefan this is probably a good place to ask, given matching music taste...the only Church album I have is Sometime Anywhere, it impresses me as a sustained piece of atmosphere but I am wondering where it stands in regard, compared to the rest of their stuff...any suggestions for a next album to get? thanks

  12. There are classics that you MUST have;

    STARFISH (88)
    PRIEST=AURA (92)

    In my opinion though, my favorite albums all came out in the last decade. They are more of darker progressive rock character. Think Pink Floyd meets The Cure. I think ' SEA CHANGE' and their latest 'UNTITLED#23' are two of the greatest albums in the last 10 years..

  13. Hey Marc,

    Re: "Sea Change" - do you mean "After Everything Now This"? It has a very sea change-like cover :)

    I agree with Marc on the "early classics" and the current ouput - "After Everything Now This" (Seachange?) & "Untitled #23", and also add 2003's "Forget Yourself"as a must have.

    But you couldn't go wrong with anything from last 12 years - '98 "Hologram Of Baal", '03 "Beside Yourself" (rare - was a kind left over album to "Forget Yourself", but its very very good in its own right), '05 "Back With Two Beasts", and '06 "Uninvited Like The Clouds". + they have 2 acoustic albums in there as well - "El Momento Descuidado" and "El Momento Siguiente" where they reinterpret old stuff as well as add new songs specifically for these acoustic albums. And... there is also a remix/reconstruct album in there too - its called "Parallel Universe" and its a remix of the "After Everything..." album, but comes with a 2nd disc of left over material from the "After Everything" sessions and there is some great stuff on that too. Almost forgot the '99 covers album - "A Box Of Birds" includes covers of Beatles, Television, Bowie, Neil Young, Ultravox, even the Monkees.

    You could say they have been prolific.

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  15. HAHA..sorry I meant to say ' Forget yourself'. was thinking of the first song of that album, which of course is called ' Sealine'. Don't know where Sea Change came from in my brain;) I do like ' After Evrything..' but think 'Forget Yourself', along with their recent album, is their strongest album to date..

  16. sometimes anywhere is very average by church standard...this was their low point, half the band had left....stay away from magician among the spirits too...apart from that, you cant go wrong...heyday, blurred crusade, seance for their early years (and I guess of skins & heart, although it has a debut album feel to it, unsurprisingly), then anything post forget yourself is brilliant...

  17. You know something Craig...

    You could probably start a "Chain of Flowers" style blog on The Church.

    Unfortunately (and no disrepect to The Cure), you would probably find it to have a little more action :)

  18. i have a soft spot in my heart for 'gold afternoon fix' as it's the album i got into them with. 'metropolis' is still my favorite song by them. and YAY for L.A. at the El Rey! heeeee...

  19. I only want to hear "To Be In Your Eyes", "You Took", of course..."Under the Milky Way"!

  20. Wow thanks for the heads up Craig.
    Starfish live, wow... Can't wait.....

    Was getting really sick of that trent of records in their entirety being played but this is going to be epic..

  21. @Craig ~ If I remember correctly, the tour was for Starfish (don't hold it against me!) The lineup was Tom Verlaine, Peter Murphy and The Church. It was pretty amazing for young me. :)

    I am very excited to have tickets to this tour!

  22. If you haven't checked, many of the shows went on sale this weekend. Hope everyone got their tickets.

    Hi Jo. And yes I do. Happy to help with that. : ) Going to any of the Church shows? What about any of the Interpol shows there? Are any close to you?

    Kate - Yes, that was one of many legs of the never-ending Starfish tour. I saw that show, too. Well not that exact show, but the one here in New Orleans. Fantastic show! It was my 2nd time seeing them. The Church and Peter were excellent.

    tssnht - Thanks, but I have my hands full with my Cure & Interpol blogs/Twitters. Not planning to add any others right now. : )

    And glad to see a couple of mentions recommending Heyday and Gold Afternoon Fix. Two excellent albums. If I had to pick only 3 Church albums to keep, it would probably be Priest=Aura, Heyday, and GAF.

  23. @Craig - Unfortunately, the Church are not heading my way at all. I have included the details of their Oz shows in the post below.

    And, sadly, there is no Interpol for me either. They are heading to Western Australia, playing at Southbound festival (about 3 hours from Perth). I keep hoping they will announce a sideshow, as I really don't want to head to the festival (I'm not a festival-girl).

  24. Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and Marty Willson-Piper celebrate the 30 years and 23 albums of The Church with a tour that promises top be a “journey from the past to the present”.

    The band will be performing one song from each album over the last 30 years in reverse chronological order. Starting with a track from their critically acclaimed most recent album untitled #23, and working back to the first album Of Skins And Heart.

    Every punter at the shows will receive a 28 page colour programme with discographies and reviews as well as short overviews of each album written by Marty Willson-Piperand a copy of the Deadman’s Hand EP with the title track from untitled #23 and four brand new tracks recorded specifically for this release.

    The band will be doing two sets with a short intermission and no support.

    The Church 30th anniversary tour:

    Thursday 16th December – The Gov, Adelaide
    Friday 17th December – Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne
    Saturday 18th December – Blakiston Theatre, Geelong

  25. Jo, Skilbey does occasional solo shows in Perth...shame the whole band not making it tho...but yeah, keep an eye out for Kilbey solo shows...he was there quite a bit a couple of years ago, also with Rick Maymi doing Painkiller shows...then there's the Sydney gig coming up in April with the orchestra thing....almost worth spending non existent money for... but Kilbey does do a fair bit of solo low key stuff...I saw him last year in Adelaide playing at a vegan festival with less then ten people there! (and it was brilliant!!)


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