Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lol on Part Time Punks

Update 2 (from Lol): "Just realized looking thru my recent emails from Robert he tells me that he's working on the Cure at the BBC and mixed up remaster..oops! Not Cure In Orange as previously reported! But anyway the dvd of it should be out soon enough...."

Michael hopes to post the audio from the show soon, but until then, here are a few highlights - Lol said that Robert told him that work continues on The Cure @ the BBC box set and that it should be out next year. Same goes for the deuxe edition of Mixed Up. He also emailed Robert recently about the possibility of playing some shows together next year for the 30th anniversary of 'Faith', with the original lineup, and says the ball is now in Robert's court.

A reminder about Lol being on Part Time Punks today: "Lol Tolhurst will be on my Part Time Punks radio show today from 3-6pm P.S.T. on KXLU 88.9FM in Los Angeles. He promises to bring rare tracks by The Cure, Levinhurst, The Presence as well as some weird and rare tracks from his extensive collection of electronic music (which dates back to 1930)." (Thanks Michael)


  1. Whens he on, 4 random tunes so far? XD

  2. Poor Lol, stuck in the LA traffic.

  3. aha yeah, im listening! Awesome. Love the internet.

  4. Bob working on the BBC boxset eh!

  5. Robert promised Lol that In Orange will be out on DVD in 2011. : )

  6. yeah I listened to the whole thing

    Lol and Roger have both been mysterious in their radio appearances!!!!

  7. Missed it. Anyone been awesome enough to get a recording or have a link to the archives?

    Oh and Robert working on the BBC box set for 2011? I'll put my pre-order in for 2013 :D

  8. Just emailed Michael about a recording of it, and I'll let you know what he says.

  9. You're the man Craig (but you already knew that didn't ya)


  10. Lol has just said in Twitter that it's not the in Orange DVD that is being discussed (in the emails at least) but BBC and Mixed Up remaster (ugh!).
    Also... would an original line-up mean the original line-up that recorded Faith or that Simon will be replaced by Dempsey? >:)

  11. Oh well. But like he says, it should be out soon enough.

  12. I do not mind, I am sure it will be great when it comes out. Mixed up, and BBC will be a treat for now or when it comes out.

    I took this from "cure concert guide" I hope we get a few DVD extras out of it. I remember a few years back on "COF" reading about Robert working with Tim on a cure project, maybe this is it. anyway here you go.

    from 'A Visual Documentary':
    AUGUST 1986
    The Cure play a string of festivals in Spain and France. The last, on August 9, at the Roman Amphitheatre in Provence, is filmed in it's entirety by Tim Pope, the first rock concert at the venue since Dire Straits two years previous.

    "We wanted to film it ... because every concert we do now reaches a point that has seemed unattainable in the past and I wanted it captured for ever, before we move on or give up. I don't think it's a risk working with Pap because he isn't really a director. We could have got in some proper director to make a film of any old concert but he wouldn't know what the band was about and I want this to be a Cure film about The Cure." ...

    Tim Pope: "This one's absolute psychedelic madness." To heighten the obvious comparsions with Pink Floyd's Live At Pompeii, the band play 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' at soundcheck. And, reports Melody Maker, they play it perfectly.

    "The risks, of course, are many. Because of the limited budget, all the live filming had to be done on Saturday, at the concert, with close-ups following during Sunday's mock up. Rain on one or both days would have scuppered the whole thing - £150,000 literally down the rain because they couldn't comprehend their cheapest insurance quote: £50,000. I didn't rain until Monday."

    I sure would like to see that "PF" cover of "STC".

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  14. I liked the new Levinhurst song too!

  15. Heard back from Michael, and here's what he said about a recording of the show: "My web guy recorded the as soon as he trims the ends, he'll send me a link &
    i'll be very happy to forward it to you to share with the fans."

  16. I have BIG doubts Robert would accept to do a 'Faith' concert with the trio line-up that recorded it.

    I have BIG hopes that the 'remastered' dvd for 'In orange' will not have that awful 'Entreat Plus' sound but will keep it sharp and crisp!

    (Talking about that, one question springs to my mind, Craig. You who have some sort of relation with people around the band, whatever they are, don't you think it would sort of be possible to ask Robert, one day, to make available on the internet Cure website, the 4 songs missings from the original Entreat, with the original sound?)

    I remember reading that Robert regretted that during the Pleasure Trip '90, they never played a concert with the 'remix' versions of the singles. I have BIG wishes they do at least a one-off show of that kind when they release the 'deluxe' cd set.

    Robert working on the box sets, maybe In orange on dvd as well... I have BIG questions about the following of 4:13 Dreams!

    Finally, I have BIG hopes to see Levinhurst live soon!

    And that's all I have BIG for today XD

  17. @Fabien G

    my thought is those four songs were never originally mixed; that's what he was trying to do with entreat plus. i doubt those songs would just be released and remixed a second time just because fans didn't like the sound after the his first try.

  18. There's no point even discussing the possibility of that Faith performance.

    That just ain't going to happen.

  19. Hopefully they'll hold off on Orange until it can be properly transferred to BD. It would be silly to put it out on dvd at this point, that format has 3 years max before the studios start pulling out.

  20. god i hope not. if i have to get rid of my DVD player to replace it with a bluray i am seriously gonna lose my mind. format switching just drives me crazy. thank god i was born after the record to CD switch.

    i am perfectly happy with the quality of my DVDs, thank you. to be honest, i have no problem with the quality of my VHS tapes either. as long as i can watch a movie, tell what's going on, and enjoy it, i'm happy.

  21. I agree with Lindsey... new technology is cool and all but stickinf with CDs and DVDs for a while yet would be nice

  22. I would assume if it is going to be released it would be done for BD and DVD simultaneously.

    As for Blu vs DVD there was little difference for me in terms of picture quality. I updated a HDMI DVD player (which upscales DVD's) to a mid-range Blu-Ray player. I don't have a massive home cinema set-up or anything, but I was expecting more than what I got. That being said, one of the things that grabbed my attention instantly was the improvement in sound quality. So I hope In Orange is coming to Blu for that reason.

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  24. Every BD offers a different level of quality, some look outstanding while others don't look that great. For example, the Donnie Darko BD doesn't look that much better than the DVD but sounds a lot better. But Hellboy on BD looks totally fanstastic and superior to the dvd, as well as sounding better. It just depends on the studio putting the disc out.

    I picked up the Cure's Trilogy on BD and wow. The audio is a lot better, the video quality.. outstanding. You can see every split end on Robs head, and the whole performance is on one disc rather than two. Of course to get the most out of BD one has to have a true 1080 display and a decent sound system.

    No one is saying people have to keep up, but those who do shouldn't be penalized because of those who don't.

  25. BD is incredible most of the time. But to enjoy it's full potential, you need to own a great home-theatre system, no doubt.
    It depends on individual people. I found it to be a great investment.

    And please, more music on blu. CDs are old as hell; compressed sound and 2 channels are obsolete by today's standard. It's time to move forward to HD sound but instead most people are going the other way by adopting easy quick fix like mp3, a lossy sound format.
    Sad. ;_;

  26. Hi Peeps!

    Lots of good Cure news about, hmm?

    I'm wondering about the idea of putting Orange out on BD. Wouldn't the limitation of having it originally recorded in analog format kind of kill any supposed benefit you could get from BD? I mean it was not recorded in HD / 1080, so what's the point? Even Trilogy, as recently recorded as it was still didn't have quite as much data as BD needed. Maybe someone with more audiovisual background can explain it better.

  27. Rev, it doesn't matter if it was shot on HD or not.

    It comes down to compression. BD can hold several times more data than a standard DVD therefore the image and audio does not need to be compressed as much.

    If my memory serves me well In orange was shot on 35mm meaning as long as the footage isn't too grainy and in dire need of a tidy up - BluRay would naturally present a crisper, cleaner, less compressed image than DVD.

  28. Cool Andrew, thank you for explaining that. I wondered since the footage was so old, but having it be less compressed makes sense!

    Cheers! **clinks cider glass with Andrew**

  29. Yes, In Orange was shot on film, not video, so it could look amazing on Blu-ray or any other HD format. But as Andrew said, it has to be restored (if necessary) and transferred properly.
    That's why stuff like Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, etc. look amazing in HD.

    In fact, current home HD products still display at a much lower resolution than what film can provide. I think, and I'm no expert, that film can provide 2k - 4k in resolution, and the best we have for home right now is 1080.

  30. I know there's a better article on this topic somewhere, but I can't find it. But here's one that talks about the mistaken assumption that older films aren't worth upgrading to Blu-ray/HD.

    And I didn't even get into the sound issue, which is probably even better than the picture upgrade. Trilogy on Blu-ray in DTS-HD is amazing.

    Oh, and yes, I am very pro Blu/HD. And I still have my HD-DVD player and a ton of films in the format, too. : )

  31. Sorry to go all Blu/HD nerd on you guys. : )

  32. Craig is right. The resolution of 35mm film is somewhere between 2k - 4k. The HD camera's used for filming the trilogy shows would most likely shot at 1080p (had the shows been filmed on Vipers or Red One's the story would be different).

    Basically what that means is, In Orange has the potential to look even better on Blu than Trilogy.

    Again, this all depends on Clean-up/Restoration. I have several films on BD (Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Dirty Harry) which are so grainy you wouldn't know if it was HD or not.

  33. It can look outstanding if it's restored and transferred properly. It can sound dynamic if they go with a lossless audio track, which shouldn't be an issue since it's not a horribly performance and bd's hold 50 gigs. And if the band does expect many of their older fans to double dip, it would be a good call to go bd.

    Some act like going bd means tossing out their dvd's. But remember boys and girls, bd players are backwards compatible.

  34. And it depends what kind of grain one is referring to.

    Some films are intentionally grainy. So when they restore them to bd, they intentionally leave the grain because that's the "artistic" thing to do. For example, u2's Rattle and Hum was intentionally grainy, so the BD makes the grain even more detailed.

    Not every BD film is meant to look crystal clean like the Transformers.

    I can't remember if Orange had intentional grain, but if it did, I'd expect them to stick with it on the BD version, if there is a bd version. For me it's all about having a copy of the film that's as close to the original as possible.

  35. I was going to try and explain bits of how In Orange or any movies could look really good on BD, superior if mastered properly, but you guys already did the work for me, and most likely in better words too.

    Good job at summing it up, guys. You are spot on.