Monday, April 6, 2009

New Roger interview

There's a new interview with Roger at Cureconnections.
(Thanks Ceho)


  1. Well... what I mostly read from this interview is that Roger is still very upset about the way he was sacked. But when I read how he talks about the band now then I find it was time for Robert to kick him out. Look on what he says about the albums he worked on. The only one he seems to like is Disintegration. WMS is disappointing, Bloodflowers Cure ny numbers and The Cure aweful? And then he was unhappy being with the band? Oh well... so if he didn't like all the three albums that were made since he rejoined in 1996 and he felt so unhappy with the band, why the hell did he stay for so long and didn't leave it earlier on his own? Can't understand that. And he isn't in contact with any former Cure member. Not with Boris, not Perry not the others. Shows to me that he never really was part of what is an important thing of The Cure. Friendship. God, even Robert is in contact with Lol again. He seems to take the part he had with The Cure much too important and that's something I find pretty unappealing about him. And then Robert says Porl did play on some songs in 2004, Roger says he didn't. Maybe Porl did but Roger doesn't know, cause he wasn't around much in the studio cause he felt so unhappy with being with the others??? Oh weeeeeeeell... not offense against the Roger adorers but I can't really stand him.

  2. Moontear - WELL SAID!

    It is so refreshing to see someone on here not afraid to make honest comments about those 2 former 'members'. R O'D & Perry were passengers IMO. I basically left The Cure fold for the lost decade (1994-2004), and came back when I heard 'The Cure' (which RO'D also hated.

    Looks like Robert called it bang on about the former miserable members hanging around because they wanted a "safe job" (given R O'Ds stated long-term unhappiness of being in The Cure, yet unwilling to do "The Walk"). Why else do you stay in a band whose music/records you don't even like???? I sure hope nobody on here comes out to this guy's defense. Man I feel sorry for Robert having to put up with that kind of cr@p.

    R O'D also claimed that Simon REFUSED to work with Porl (Paul) on TC. I find that VERY hard to believe. I'd like to hear Simon or Robert's response to that!

    BTW, neither of R O'Ds songs were on Disintegration ....

    Rant over LOL!

  3. Everyone has their own subjective views on Cure albums, I don't think anyone's right or wrong, except for when it comes to Disintegration... that album will always be a musical masterpiece.

    I think Roger, as much as he likes to deny it, still feels some bitterness over being let go... Perhaps there was a feeling of betrayal somewhere. If he wasn't bitter or didn't feel resentmentful, he wouldn't have said some of the 'not-so-nice' things he's said about the band members, that and he's contradicted himself quite a bit on this issue.

    It's funny to me that you mention friendship, Moontear. Apparently, he was always very 'friendly' with the fans... I think Roger and Robert just butted heads too much, that and I think there was conflict between him and one or two of the other band members towards the end. Who knows what kind of conflicts were going on behind the scenes that we will never be privy to. Hopefully, Roger, for his own sake, will let go of his negative/hurt feelings...

  4. resentmentful?? wtf.


  5. well, i'm appalled at Roger's attitude toward his time with The Cure. As to why he kept the job he apparently hated for so long, I've got a theory: tens of thousands of screaming fans and lots and lots of money.

  6. interesting interview, i dont know where, but a few years ago i read somewhere that one of the songs that Porl participated in 'The Cure Sessions' was Why Can't I Be Me. but mabye it was just a rumor.

    and yeah maybe he is still resenting getting kicked out. although there was this other rumor, i believed i read it here at COF that he was planning to leave even before the Curiousa Tour, sadly we will never know the truth about these rumors.

    i wonder what Perry is up to, is he even alive? im surprised that these two didn't keep in touch.

  7. ooh now that i remember! even Porl addmited to have played on some songs in those Sessions from 04'
    Hispacure interviewed Porl in 07' i think and there was a question about, i quote:
    - QUESTION: Is it true that you played some guitar parts in songs that
    were left out of the album The Cure in 2004 (i.e. A boy I
    never knew)? If true, was this collaboration one of the
    reasons that prompted you to return to the band?
    ANSWER: Yes this is true although at the time I didn't know what was
    happening within the band and none of the songs had proper
    titles. -

    full translated interview here:

    there is also one with Roger and Lol from around the same time.

  8. Thanks, that was a great interview Carlos! Nice pics of him too… he seems like a lovely person.

    I like his "let the work speak for itself" comment... and I think it sucks that he doesn't want to pick up the Sax again! X(
    Oh wells. *shrug*

    I too, hope Perry is alright. Last I heard, he was globetrotting with his girlfriend...

  9. 2004 songs were re-recorded after Porl played some stuff.
    NOTHING from 2004 Porl played on has been released.

  10. I'm sure Roger is a nice enough guy but c'mon man! So this guy pretty much hated everything The Cure did from 1994-04 but still turned up to the sessions, gigs and collected the pay-slips?

    Roger makes Robert out to be the villain here but my God I would have fired his arse years ago. Robert is a saint for keeping him on for that long. I used to hold a lot of respect for Roger as a person not just a musician, not so much now.

  11. There no way in the world that's not Porl playing in Why can't I be me? and Your god is fear. Perry would have never played like this.

  12. It's Robert playing guitar in Why Can't I Be Me?, it is NOT Porl.

  13. There are two guitar in Your god is fear of which is one definitely by Porl. No way in the world Robert or Perry would play like this.