Saturday, May 24, 2008

Only One chart update

The Only One chart positions:
Spain: #1
Australia: #35
France: #42
UK: #48
Netherlands: #99
(Thanks Jo, Pietro, Ivan @ HispaCure, Lallo and Matteo)

"The Only One is titled as the Single of the week on Otvoreni radio in Croatia, aired 4 or 5 times daily. More info on"
(Thanks Bane)


  1. Should have released a Perfect Boy first. Will that even be a single? It's the best poppish tune so far, with Freakshow second. Anyway, it shouldn't be #1 anywhere if anyone had any sense. I have a love/hate - mostly hate - relationship with this song. ;-)

  2. yupi.....#1 in spain.......
    as a always the people who speak spanish support the cure more than the poeple who speak english does....and eveytime that the cure play in south america or spain the people are more passionate than north america and the rest of europe.why? think about it....
    anyways i don't wanna a controversial fight but you know that it's the truth.
    never the cure had a #1 in north america but that had a lot #1 in spain and south america.for example:
    in between days
    close to me
    why can't i be you
    just like heaven
    pictures of you
    the blood(was realized as a single in venezuela)was another #1 (1990)
    fryday i'm in love
    mint car
    cut here
    the end of the world
    and now the only one
    so i am a lier?
    i love the cure and see you on 13th june.....

  3. yes, that's great that the spanish-speakers love the cure. a mi me encantan Espana y Mexico - mis paises favoritos en todo el mundo. a mi me gustaria ver the cure en mexico - quizas algun dia... ;-)

  4. and i forget another #1 were:
    maybe someday
    boys don't cry

    i know the cure had #1 in north america but in some chart
    for example:
    pictures of you
    fascination street
    fryday i'm in love
    tha's it

  5. ram, i am mexican-american and speak spanish (and obviously english) and i don't see what speaking spanish has to do with anything, frankly.

    there are more people in south america and europe than north america. if you couldn't figure that one out.

  6. hi sofia. i desagree with you in south america there are 350 millon of habitan and 150 millon of them speak portuguese so there so there are 150 who speak spanish, in north america there are 300 millon and everybody speak english...

  7. it's not is a spanish or english question...the case is that in south america the fans of the cure are more passionate tahn in north america.

  8. in south america the fans of the cure calls to radios and sends a comments to t.v stations to support the cure even they has the album or the music video, but the american fans never do it...

  9. i don't get the whole "we're bigger fans than you" thing you're trying to create here. i just don't get the point.

    if you want to break every country down by what they speak then 88% of brazil speaks portuguese. the rest speak other things but mostly indigenous languages and indigenous languages are spoken all over south america.

    who cares?

  10. i live in united states and never i listen a the cure song on the radio..believe me never. once the end of the world in 2004.

  11. the point is i want #1 hit of the cure in north america. so guys support the new song, it's the only what i want

  12. theyll always play here before thet play anywhere else.
    i don't want to hear the cure on the radio. a) i dont listen to the radio anymore because it's shit b) there aren't any music stations that show videos anymore let alone cure videos. the cure are never going to be huge in america ever again. best we treat them like the cult band they once were. rabid and fanatical but not expecting anyone else to get it or care.

    i appreciate the sentiment though, ram. to each his own.

  13. well.. they 're number one in spain, but no too many people buy cingles here.

    and here you cant listen the song at the radio too

  14. i agree 1000% with sofia. i will not "support the single" because i don't like it and i don't care if they get to be #1, esp with such a shit single. i like the cure for MYSELF. i like what songs i like and hate what songs i hate. if the cure made an album full of the only one type songs i would vomit all over it, frankly. i would continue to love past cure stuff and certainly not bash the band relentlessly like i see some people do. i think that's petty, as though the cure OWES us anything. they don't owe us anything - if they want to make shit music then by all means go for it.

    not that most of their recent stuff is shit by any means - i am honestly blown away by most of it, barring the only one.

    and of course i'll die of distress if robert excludes the best songs like UTS/BRDB/PB/SWID from the album.

    but he doesn't OWE it to me to make a good album, and therefore I don't owe anything to him.

    i will not call radio stations to support this single. even if i liked it i wouldn't because as sofia said, most radio these days sucks huge ass.

  15. thank you sofia for understand me...i love you....

  16. ram, goddammit i love you too, man. lets not fight anymore. christ.

    you are right about passionate. chicanos: #1 in moz ass-kissing!

  17. and no, the cure will never be #1 here EVER. the cure's gigantic success in 1989-1992 was a fluke. disint and wish had some catchy singles that happened to get massive airplay, and the forces were cosmically aligned in order for the cure to achieve such huge success. but the cure is and always has been too quirky of a band to be as persistently popular as the rolling stones or u2. and that's a good thing, and i cherish them for it.

  18. clockwise, 489765968964% agreed.

  19. no problems clokkwise cat it's only a dream of mine and never gonna happen
    another dream of mine it's the cure play sometime
    2 late
    a lleter to elise
    bird mad girl
    sugar girl
    the upstars room
    in a same concert
    but it's impossible

  20. ram, the cure is not a football team. they are a band. i don't "root" for the cure and attend shows with my face painted like the wish album cover.

  21. but i agree it would be cool to hear some of those songs live. :-)

  22. clockwise, you should try it sometime. i myself enjoy painting my face blue and getting drunk on pbr at cure concerts, shouting 'yeah!' and 'woooooo!' and pretending i'm at a football game. you're missing out.

  23. guys you always meke me laugh....

  24. once upon a time (from 1986 to 2007)i hated the cure on radio,t.v. and magazine cause a love the cure as a cult band,in fact, i disliked every song that the cure chosed as a single,for example, i remember that i hated frayday i'm in love beacuse everybody like it. but this time a don't know waht happen with me maybe i'm getting old i am very sensitive...maybe i gonna died soon..or maybe someday always come again...

  25. or maybe robert drive me crazy and cofused with the new album...i have been waiting for long time...

  26. this time i feel it's been a long time...

  27. so i lost my control....
    and know i say thins that it doesn't make sense......

    i gonna shot me by myself....

    i can't stand more time.....

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  29. HA! The Cure are beating the crap out of Madonna.

    Now thats what I like to hear!

  30. i'm happy to report that i'm sitting with my actual, physical cd single in my hands. i strolled down to amoeba and got it. of course, being the cure, it wasn't easy. there were none on the shelves. i asked some guy and he said 'yeah, we just got it domestic. it's not out there?' he had to have somebody else run to the back and get them out of boxes- nobody had put them on the shelves yet. itunes doesn't even recognize it when i tried to import it. pretty odd. but to my ears, it sounds great. WAY better than the download.

  31. i also feel obligated to tell everyone that you'll be doing yourself a great service if you buy the other album i bought, called 'saturdays = youth' by m83. total nostalgic 80s trip- every song is a tribute to john hughes films, but not in a pandering, offensive way. the songs are beautiful and sweet and have my head spinning like i'm 15 again, in a good way. sort of like how i feel when i listen to 'underneath the stars.'

  32. ram is right.

    and i only speak english and i agree with him.

    if you have seen the cure in mexico or spain, you'd understand too.

    people get it there.
    unlike the us (FOR THE MOST PART)

  33. no one is really denying that more people "get it" more in Mexico or Spain than they do elsewhere; it's just that none of it matters in the scheme of things. sure, if the whole world embraced the cure the way they embrace u2 or the stones it would in some ways be a great thing, because you'd have that many more people to share the passion with. but in other ways it would diminish the cure's charm for me if they were massively huge. i LIKE them being a kind of semi-commercialized cult band. i LIKE that they make goofy pop songs that the masses enjoy but that their best material is ultimately the gloomy lush ballads or heavy sullen songs that mostly the diehards embrace. it does actually annoy me at cure concerts that the majority of people there only know the "hits" - i would rather that the cure audiences consist of rabid hardcore freak-fans who want them to play cold instead of high and to dig into their massive b-side repertoire and play those songs as opposed to the the more well-known, over-trodden stuff. i could really do without poy, as much as i love that song. i'd rather hear chain of flowers or breath or hell, even coming up!

    all the same, i love the goofy pop stuff for the most part and get just as giddy as the next gal when they play just like heaven. that's the beauty of the cure - their polarized styles.

    so i "get it" that mexican fans are a rabid lot and are more abundant in numbers than fans elsewhere, but that doesn't really impact my opinion of either mexico or the cure. i love both and am not sure why we're having this conversation and why i'm rambling on so. :-)

  34. i hate the cure. silly gothy pompy fussbuckets they are. i'd rather listen to nickelback.

  35. yeah, nickleback alllllllllll the way! screw the cure, damn transvestite-lookin' freaks.

  36. This might be the most ridiculous argument I've ever seen in my life.

  37. hi guys...the cure is #35 u.s. modern rock.....yupi....

  38. The Cure was and will always be a band that means a lot to a (relatively) few - rather than mean a little to many people.

    Btw. didn't know "charts" still existed in this day and age - do they also count downloads and such?

  39. #35 is impressive, considering the fact one cannot find the CD's anywhere!

  40. I have a chart update for "the only one":

    Second week in "Soundportal charts" (Alternative radio in Austria):
    #2 (from #11)

    Here's the link: